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Found 69 results

  1. Djoao


    All the time i try to go on messenger to claim something, my game freezes and does not respond so i have to close it. It only started after this 12.5 patch..
  2. Not sure if this is the place for it but if not hopefully a mod can put it where it belongs. Prior to the latest 2 hotfixes game ran fine on medium settings on my rig but since then performance has tanked on the bigger, busier maps like reserve and interchange. Smaller maps like customs still ran ok though. Tried every solution on the forums with no luck and after some more investigation and troubleshooting found that my RAM was maxing out where it hadn't been pre-patches. Creating Virtual Memory on my HDD helped out with the issues and hopefully it holds up or a fix is found without having to resort to this. Specs: Intel Core i5 6500 GTX 1060 3GB HyperX Savage DDR4 8GB(2x4 2133) 275GB M.2 SSD(Game installed here) 1TB HDD(Virtual memory created here)
  3. LootGoblin89

    Unable to load into Reserve

    Hello, recently as a new player me and my friend wanted to try out reserve for ourselves, unfortunately every time i tried to load into reserve it did not want to work at all. It either froze while loading and i was forced to ALT F4 or the game loaded me in but i could not see any scavs or PMCs moving ( they could see me moving but on my screen they just stood still). I have the game on a ssd so i doubt its becouse of that. Over the past few days i have suspected that the reasoning for my stuttering freezes and being unable to load into certain maps was becouse i only have 2400mhz 8gb of ram. So i took upon myself and bought a extra 8gb. My specs for those wondering: i5 7400, 1060 6gb, 2x4gb 2400mhz ram, msi bazooka b250m.
  4. poomhcg5441

    I got Blue Screen...

    So I kinda have problem while playing EFT constantly which my PC freeze and got blue screen. The BSOD occurs when in stash, hideout and raid. ( Approx 2-3 raids once) I also have a decent PC that can run COD modern warfare just fine. This issue only occurs in Tarkov btw. I have tried all the following solutions and it still doesn't work: -Run memory check (no problem detected) -Create Virtual Memory (Pagefile) -Close all background app and play the game on low setting ( the FPS goes normally, it seems that it happens randomly out of nowhere) - Update all Graphic card and window driver -Reinstall the game -Reinstall the Window I feel really frustrated rn and without doubt this game has become one of my favorite game that I dont want to quit so I really need the solution!
  5. Podczas próby instalacji wyświetla mi się taki komunikat ja w załączonym obrazku i nie wiem co zrobić. Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.
  6. FireCraftTV

    Probleme mit RTX 2080

    Hallo, ich habe mir vor einiger Zeit eine ASUS Rog Strix 2080 8GB zugelegt. ich habe auf den Maps Shoreline, Interachange und besonders auf Reserve, für die 2080, relativ schlechte FPS von 45-65. Jedoch auf den Maps wie Factory und Labs habe ich 100-120 FPS. Ein Kumpel von mir hat eine 1660 und hat auch so viele FPS wie ich bei den gleichen Grafikeinstellungen. Ich habe nur die Texturen auf medium den Rest komplett auf low und spiele mit 1440p mit einem WQHD Monitor mit 165 Hz. Ich frage mich halt nur woran es liegen kann, dass ich so ziemlich gleich viele FPS erreiche wie eine 1660. Ich ho ffe mir kann jemand bei der Lösung dieses Problems helfen. Grüße
  7. OrcShot

    Weight system.

    There should be no way i get a debuf just by carrying a sniper and a pistol and an extra mag. The first debuf should only come around the weight of 45kg definitely not a measly 25kg.
  8. BigDrewTheBeast

    Technical Issues with Matching

    I am playing with my friends and we played for hours. At one point whenever we would queue up for a match I would be stuck matching forever, my friends would get into a match and go the entire time and finish and I would be stuck matching the whole time and eventually just back out of the matching screen and try again. Same problem... I am the only one who cannot play out of my party. WTF?
  9. So it starts up easy and nice with and update and then into the loading screen but it still leaves me with the trouble of loading and contiues endlessly? any help to get
  10. Mihawkcola


    ja ich liebe dieses Spiel hab, aber immer wieder Verbindungsabbrüche, wahrscheinlich wegen dual stack lite. Problem ist ich kann das nicht ausschalten und ich bitte drum ,das das gefixt wird
  11. giBiLatoR_TTV

    8 bit color issue

    Hey folks. Long time lover of the game have owned EOD for over 3 years now. Just checking if anyone has had this problem a whole heap of googling and asking others hasn't helped. Long story short it looks like I'm running the game in 16 bit colours (or less). Doesn't matter how high or low my settings are. This pic illustrates what it looks like out of game but in game it's same story. Have played prior to this wipe on the same hardware and haven't had this issue. It makes it incredibly hard to spot so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance giBiLatoR
  12. Can you please make an option ,that I can change the location of this folder. And can you please fix the problem that I can install the launcher on an other location. C is in my computer and on the computer of my friend full of windows and stuff that I need to work with, so I can't delete it. Please Fix that <3
  13. Duke1795

    is there a known bug or hack?

    !!! In advance I am not calling out anyone or try to cover my mistakes to call someone else a hacker. It´s just kind of suspicious how often it happened in such a short period of time!!! So i´ve played this game intensively over the last couple weeks and i´ve noticed that i´ve died multiple times due to completely silent shot over what seems large distances (no sounds, tracers, visible muzzle flash). and it´s always right after I spawn in and always non EOD accounts. Last time something like that happened was over 1 or 2 years ago when the old Anti-cheat was still in use(I´m playing since late 2017) . So i am just curious if that´s only my and my squads experience or if anyone else deals with the same.Maybe it´s also just a bug cause it´s beta. So i hope to get your thoughts or information on that topic.Thanks in advance and happy escaping!
  14. DuzeeM

    CefSharp.Core problem

    Hi, i have problem when i want to launch Battlestate Games Lanucher. A bug say: "Could not load file or set 'CefSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138 or one of his dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program in an incorrect format." Has anyone had a problem with this? Any solutions? I installed already vc++ 2015 and 2013..
  15. Ja also vollgendes problem Wenn ich Tarkov starte killt es mir haufenweise meiner anderen programme auf dem rechner (Teamspeake , firefox, opera , usw) Hatte jemand schon mal diesen fehler oder bin ich da mal wieder ein parade beispiel für ?
  16. chiquitita

    Purchased EoD, nothing changed.

    I purchased EoD edition on 5th of January. I can see that I bought it. It shows me on my website profile that I have the EoD edition. Launcher also shows me that I have the EoD edition, but system did not give me my new items and also my stash is the same as the old one. It was Prepare for Escape edition. I upgraded it as I said, but nothing changed. There is neither gift nor the stash got bigger. I also uninstalled the game and re-installed it, nothing changed again. By the way, i don't know why did that happen but I took my christmas gift on 26th December. When I purchased EoD at the night of 5th January, I accidentely clicked on "RECEIVE GIFT" button and it gave me christmas for the second time. Is it the problem that system did not upgrade my game edition? It would be awesome if someone can help me about this. In the screenshot you can see the crown icon next to my nickname, but in the next screenshot you will see that my stash is not EoD edition stash. Thank you for your time.
  17. Hi, as the title says I can not get into my account because every time I tried I did not receive the email with the security code. This problem is driving me nuts, anyone knows how to fix it? I have a gmail account.
  18. So some times when i upgrade my stash my PC shuts off because of my power supply has surged, this happened 3 times in a row then worked, now it has happened again, I have no problems with my PC out of the game, Is this something that is knowing or is happening to others, this is only happening after patch ASUS Motherboard H81M-PLUS Vengeance 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, G7 Power Extreme 780W Power Supply GPU GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Edition 8GB
  19. ReflexxxD

    No email for AUTH code being received

    Hi, I've been trying to log into the launcher and the website for 2 days now, asking for email after email with the AUTH code in, i have not received it. I know my password and email to log in, but the AUTH code is not being sent to me through email, any help?
  20. Maxim93

    PC stürzt seit 0.12 ab

    Moin, seit dem ich auf 0.12 geupdated habe, hängt sich mein PC komplett auf nachdem ich EFT starte. Sobald ich EFT starte, erscheint nur noch der blaue Ladekreis am Mauszeiger und ich kann keinerlei Programme mehr starten. Sogar ALT STRG ENTF funktioniert aber der Task Manager will auch nicht laden. Habe das Spiel schon deinstalliert wieder neu installiert. Vor dem Update lief EFT reibungslos
  21. Mortyras

    Gracze posągi nieśmiertelne scavy

    Czy tylko ja mam problem pod tytułem. Wchodzę w raid postacie graczy stoją w miejscu tak samo jak scavy i są nieśmiertelne, oraz dostaje magiczne dmg z nikąd?
  22. Dan_Man74

    Cant Install the game

    I've been trying to install the game for over 3 hours now and each time it finishes it says something about checksum or something not being right. So i did research and tried a bunch of different things like uninstalling the launcher and unpacking a Zip file and nothing is working, a lot of my friends don't have this problem, i just really want to play the game.
  23. ludimatabk

    Cant start launcher

    So i just bought the game and installed the launcher and it wont start.Restarted the pc mutiple times ,reinstaled the game too and still wont work.I try to run it and nothing happens not even an error pops up. Tried to run it as administrator too please help
  24. So basically as soon as i open the launcher to log in a popup comes up saying 'Youll need a new app to open this about' and it doesnt go away it isnt a virus popup it is one from windows and i dont know what i have to do to make it work. I spent £37 on this game and i kind of want to play it!
  25. Keogre

    Spiel Will nicht laden

    Ich hab ein Problem mit EFT den das spiel bleibt im lade Sequenz Hengen ich hab das spiel schon neu installiert.Das spiel hab ich schon gespielt also kann es nicht am PC liegen.Wenn ihr das auch hattet und repariert habt dann bitte melden. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Keogre
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