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Found 79 results

  1. UberCainWA

    ETA on Upgradeable Stash Size?

    Hi Battlestate, It's getting a bit cramped in my stash these days, between quest and trade items and the weapons and armour I've slowly been collecting, it's getting a bit silly. I don't want a 90 page stash, but the opportunity to upgrade will be well appreciated, considering I cant afford the extra 100USD to get EoD. When can we expect upgradeable stashes? Thanks for your time, keep up the good work! Cain
  2. the coupon site says that this is valid this year.. yet where it's link leads is to a post from last year.. so I am a bit confused I am hopeful !! here is the link https://www.couponbirds.com/codes/escapefromtarkov.com 30% OFF Deal Verified 495 People Used 30% Discount On Escape From Tarkov For Black Friday Save 30% for yourself on Escape from Tarkov for Black Friday. Expire Date: 11/25/2017 and here is where their link takes you.. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/41 2016-11-23 Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages! I hope this is offered again this month as I intend on buying an upgrade and another account for my wife yes, I'm that lucky! Thanks in advance o7 Keep up the good work Devs o7
  3. I love Tarkov, but I'm having issues adapting to the sound of gunshots; yesterday I was on interchange and I was getting shot from behind as I could see the bullets hitting the wall in front of me but it completely sounded like the gunshots were originating from in front of me. Is this how gunshots are projected from the surfaces around you? Footsteps and everything are fine and I can follow those pretty easily, but I just cant place gun shots when they are within 50 yards.

    Map topic

    What map is being developed at the moment and what patch do you think it'll be released in?
  5. canoztrk24

    I need advice

    So, I just spared a guy on factory (hatchling) and he gave me three wallets full of 50K dollars each cell (600K $). Is this duped? Could I be banned for having duped money?
  6. triko

    APB Best ammo?

    I maybe miss it, but in the last Anton video he tried ammo with the helmet but I dont understand which bullets are the best using APB automatic pistol! Anyone can enlight me? Thank you!
  7. PrishIride

    Do scavs hear ads noise?

    I'm agrueing with someone and I need a real answer from someone who is part of the development team. I said, they can hear you aim down sights within 20 feet of them. This other guy said they cant hear that and wont respond to it. Idc if I'm wrong, I just want to know.
  8. 想在朋友的電腦玩塔科夫。但聽說禁止交易帳號,就怕異地登錄會被封鎖,求告知真相阿。。。
  9. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  10. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  11. Hi everybody! This is my first post on the forums. I recently got into the game and have been playing it for quite a bit. The only thing is, I don't seem to be progressing. I've been going on Hatchet runs in Factory. Occasionally I am able to extract with little loot. I've also been going to Shoreline and customs a bit. I also have found the marked key. I have been watching streamers like deadlyslob. I watched one of his strains where he plays the game but sets rules for himself, he can't buy ammo from Traders, etc. Anyways, in that one day of him playing, he was able to get fully modded weapons pretty quickly. His sash had at least 5 decent weapons in it. So my question is, how can I go about getting weapons and money. Also, what's the best way to level up my Traders and who should I level up first. I've watched plenty of beginner's guides so I get the basics of the game. So if someone could tell me the premise of what I should do to get guns and stuff like that , that would be great. Also, if anyone wants to play and help me if they're more experienced and willing to help a noob, that would be amazing. Thank you community!
  12. vic13ious

    Armor Question

    So, I was looking for fort with Skier to trade for gold chains and there is none. Then I looked at paca and it is now 60/60 and a fort that I had purchased and hadn't used is 45/45. Was there some kind of change or something? (btw I checked the trader for fort right after refreshed their inventory)
  13. PhoQ


    Will it be possible in the future to free look more than now? At the very least the character should be able to look 90 degrees, preferably more.. It also needs a sensitivity setting.
  14. DeberDowg

    Contracting Life

    Why did you choose to work for USEC/BEAR before your arrival to Tarkov?
  15. SquidFace


    If I were to upgrade from the standard edition to the next available one, I believe left behind, would i get reset with all my gear or would it just add the extra space in my stash?
  16. I bought the standard edition of the game with my brother, he got it for me. This Christmas I would like to upgrade our accounts and I was wondering if there was a way to.
  17. So I recently bought an upgrade for my version of Tarkov, and I read that to have it available in-game I must reset my game profile, which I am told will wipe my character progress. I am fine with this but I do want to know if after the wipe will I be able to redeem the Christmas Gift again and get the key-ring, box, and guns back?
  18. Hey fellas, I want to upgrade my account from Basic to " Prepare for escape" so I know I have to reset my account but what about the perks that I got in the beginning? The silenced AK74 & M4 and the case that holds 6 weapons, will I get the same as those welcoming perk? or will it be gone since I redeemed it? Thank you in advance
  19. I don't understand why as a single player I cannot spawn in at the start of the raid. I have done almost 200 raids this patch and not seen a single instance where I zoned in earlier than 40m in solo. I used to zone in at 49m consistently. Why is this?
  20. Helgrind64

    Fence Stock??

    How does Fence get his stock? I cant see why people would sell items at such low prices when they can sell them to the other traders.
  21. DrGuy

    I have a question about spawns.

    I have a question about spawning in game, for this example customs. Whenever I spawn at the customs spawn point in Customs, I will hatchet run straight to the apartments, ill be the first one there, yet I hear gunfire at the checkpoint already. Then when I get to the checkpoint, scavs and geared PMC will already be dead there. Do people spawn on both sides of the map in customs or woods or is there something else I'm not getting.
  22. How can I add the Thermal scope to the new Ops Core Helmet ? In the description of the REAP thermal scope it can be integrated as a monocular in a helmet. How ?
  23. DawNoFd3aTh

    Spontaneous Explosion?

    So I'm in the rafters by the hole in the wall on factory and take out a couple scavs. The raid is almost over so there's only me and one other person that I know of (enemy PMC). I saw the PMC run to the 3rd floor across the bridge heard him sprint away; however, right after killing the scavs, maybe 3 seconds later, I explode and die instantly at full health with a PACA and tier 1 helm. It says i was killed by a PMC but i find it hard to believe that they landed a nade right between my toes without it falling or bouncing away and that I would not have heard it. This has happened once before but I just thought I was crazy. Is it a possible sound bug that either doesn't register the grenade pin pulling and impact sounds properly or maybe another type of weapon that sounded like a grenade??? Edit: after looking again I was actually killed by a scav that i had killed 3 seconds before but was at least 50 meters away and on the ground floor, still confused
  24. Strum

    standard edition

    Hi peeps i was wondering if anyone knows if u get any beta keys to give away with standard edition
  25. joshuaEden

    Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    If I choose BEAR and my friend chooses USEC, Can we play together in like a party? Please go into detail.
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