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Found 79 results

  1. What are the differences between BEAR & USEC? How does choosing BEAR limit me? How does choosing USEC limit me? Please go into detail. Thank you!
  2. Sidorevich

    Just some questions

    So I just recently bought the game (Yesterday actually) and I have a couple questions and issues. The first is today I've had really bad connection Issues, but my region is set correctly, so I am wondering if its because battle state updated the game or because they do not have servers in the US. Second question is about Scav spawns, is there any pattern to them, because it always seems like I spawn in and get swarmed by them. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work!!
  3. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  4. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  5. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  6. liorp10087

    Stash and container size

    Hello I just bought the standard edition of the game, and I'd like to ask if there's any way to increase the stash and gamma container size... from what I understood (after I bought the original version of the game) you can increase them via upgrading the pre-order pack, but is there any not p2w way? I think it's kinda unfair to make it so only people who pay more for a beta version of a game can test the game to it's fullest and experience the game better then the ones who payed a legitimate price for the game...
  7. UKzKnight


    Will there be a reset (like there was when the game went from alpha to beta) when the game goes to OBT or full release?
  8. So I've been playing for quite some time now and I feel as if when I first got the game as closed beta was released, it was a lot of fun. The hit-reg was great, yeah SCAVS were a little dumb and the PVP was awesome and everything felt really balanced and fair. But as of lately I cant help but feel like this game has just started to get some loose bolts. I know, it's in BETA stage and I understand it's still in development but something that's always picked at me is, how do you go from having something working, to having it just broken and distorted? My main frustration is the hit reg / armour system and how it works. I won't blab on about how many times I shot a guy, but I'm honestly finding my self putting a lot of rounds into a hatchet runner, lets say 14 - 22 rounds as an average with an AK74N, But all I hear is "augh" and then a lovely swoosh sound an I'm dead, despite me having fort / Kiver. I know what you're gonna say "It's just desync". But, to also counter my previous statement there have been times where I've had a Grach and one shotted a fully armoured player, compared to having an M4 and it taking 20 - 30 shots. Here are a few links to support my points, that sometimes the game decides to poo on you. ( They're all pretty short ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fh7H8O7Zho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAYRBh8a4NQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKSKwiCuGjI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMjGL3G8iC8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgUZTS-QjI0 After a lot of trying a testing if figured out that Fort armour and PACA are the only two types of armour that actually stop bleeding only, they don't seem to stop damage actually being done to the limb, as in my stomach can still be blacked out by a 9mm or buckshot despite it being covered by what I assume is KEVLAR armour. Another thing, is that KIVER kills you instantly if it isn't fully repaired. I've tested this many times and if my Kiver is even 1% below the maximum repair state, if I'am to be shot in the head no matter the calibre I will die instantly, basically the KIVER looses all it's armour protective purpose after taking any sort of damage at all. I've done raids with, and without and I've always found that i survive and resist more shots without a KIVER than with. Grenades, are broken. I'm not just being salty here, grenades are generally broken and it's very bad. The amount of times I've been killed by a grenade that either I or my friend threw is uncountable, for instance. My partner and I were in upper offices on factory on single player side, there was another player on the opposite side of the corridor. My friend, threw an M67 grenade down the corridor, and yes it went down there and into the stairwell where we intended it to go, we then ran and hid on our stairs, well away from any blast radius, and we both died from the grenade even though the explosion was through 17 meters of concrete and rooms, how? how is that even a thing, this never used to be a thing and suddenly it's arose. Do excuse me if this is construed as whining or whinging but, at the end of the day we are BETA testers, and I feel it's my duty to report these issues, especially on a place where others can voice their perspectives.

    INFO Panel

    Hello friends, Just need some help here i have no idea how to read these info panels. I don't understand the colors? with the recoil do you want it down or up on the gray bit? Apology's but i cant find any info. Maybe even some arrows with paint or something if you want to be technical would be great Cheers THESHADYBANDIT
  10. Hey, I didn't play for a few days and got on and did some raids tonight and noticed that none of the scavs seem to be yelling out the typical cheeki breekie stuff before they shoot and they seem to also not spawn into the raid untill 6 or 7 min and they can poof out of thin air now (Not they dysynced around a corner, i do very literally mean spawn in in front of you) Is this new or did I just not notice it with the 4.0 update?
  11. DJankovic92


    So week or so back cleanupguy teased us with GPNVG`s and i would love if devs can tell us what kind of layout will they have..current NVG`s have circle shape in middle of the screen. Now i would like to see will GPNVG`s look anything like this? Would love to see what is devs idea and how will they do it ?
  12. Rodger_Rodger

    The Once Percent of Tarkov?

    at the beginning of this video it says 'Press Release Edition', Gets all these guns when you reset your account. I dont know if hes talking about 'Edge of Darkness' or what, because what I spawn with is honestly not enough to be accounted for 150 dollars tbh. I want to reset my account to see if I get the same stuff but honestly I've spent too much time getting a bunch of disfigured ak74u's. bought a game for a 150 dollars > horrible at the game and cant get guns or any decent gear. and if there is so much as something called press release, how can you get it? is this profile reset permanent too? and whats the catch? (infinite guns?) Thank you so much if you are able to answer all the questions listed above.
  13. Hey guys, I was checking the FAQ and looked at the recent threads and found an answer to some of my questions but still, I'd like someone who actually know (rather than think how it is) and who can confirm/deny/explain questions asked below. So here they are: I am from Europe and my friends are from US. We play together daily, mostly on Factory map. What server we are on? US or EU? I think we play on the server in the region of the person who created the group? (just need a confirmation) Second question is about 6 people on the server. So, basically every game there's 5 other people besides me on the same map/server. I guess that's correct but now: If all the other people die and I am alone with AI scavs - do new players join after X time or I will be alone 'til I leave/die? Another question related to staying alive as the last player is AI difficulty. I guess it does not change over time and AIs do not become gods? (Need a confirmation) Now, the last thing is something I do not understand. Whenever I play with my friends (assuming on US server, they invite me) - it seems like we and all the other players started at the same time. What I mean is that scavs are in their places, alive, doors are closed and no dead bodies anywhere yet. Everything is as it should be. Why then, when I decide to go on my own, play one game alone - I end up in the middle of chaos? It happens at the late hours (2-3AM for example). I join Factory and I see doors opened, scavs dead etc. There's no way that I started at the same time as other people. Sometimes I spawn by forklifts and am going through the hallway to the extraction point (gate number 3) I see the door already opened and AI scavs by containers, concrete building dead? Let me add that there's no gunfire or anything when I spawn. Map loads fast, 30-40 secs so it's not me and some delay with spawning. Does it mean that there weren't enough of players so game started with like 3 and I joined them after X minutes or it was the only server with other people so game decided to drop me in on it rather than starting a new one empty with just me? This confuses me so much because sometimes I like to go alone, kill one or two players and then play with AI scavs as long as I want/can (I know about offline mode). So I am never sure if some players won't suddenly join my game and kill me when doing some stupid crap. Also there's one more thing, not related to the things above. Dropping mags when reloading. I hate that crap, got me killed several times. My friend told me that you drop the mag if you hit reload key twice so you do quick reload. I tested that and it's not true. I also have space in my vest, so it's not that either.
  14. XxLuciferxX

    General question's

    Just a few questions, Why is my scav cooldown gone from an hour to only a few minutes, Why are player scavs spawning in 3 minutes after factory match starts, and ofc im talking about player scavs not AI, Why are hackers still ruining the game for most honest players? Why did i get banned for a week on the forum for pointing out a mod was just being plain rude, even tho i put it very politely?
  15. Just wondering for the M16 and the Glock. Will the glock have a full auto mode and will the M16 be limited to a three round burst
  16. ScottishSandman

    Just upgraded to Prepare for Escape!

    So I just upgraded and I have seen people saying you have to reset user profile. Do I have to do this? I have made a fair bit of progress and have a full stash currently with a decent level and I don't want to lose this. Does anyone know if I will receive my upgrades or do I HAVE to reset. Thank you, Scottish.
  17. We would like to present to you the Battlestate Games developers’ replies to questions by Escape from Tarkov players. These questions are based on the feedback of over 50 testers. The questions below are the most frequently asked questions; except questions related to the technical condition of the game (bugs etc). 1. The closed beta testing will start soon and many players are afraid that massive inflow of players may cause game servers to malfunction, resulting in negative impressions of newcomers. Will there be (or have already been) stress tests of game servers? A. Any massive start and/or major inflow of users may result in problems, even if the servers are perfectly optimized. But such a load is only observable at the start and gets more even and smooth in no time. So, as we announced earlier, we will let players into CBT in waves that shall allow us to distribute the load properly. 2. Can we expect the return of weapon malfunction mechanics at the start of closed beta (misfires, stovepipes, jamming etc.)? A. No, this won’t happen at the start, but we will reintroduce this feature over the course of the closed beta. 3. Why was the AK-74 under barrel grenade launcher removed from gameplay in the latest patches? Should we expect it in the beta? A. It hasn’t been entirely implemented and has certain critical bugs related to it, so it will become available later, during the closed beta. 4. Can appearance of the AKM sound moderator in the game be interpreted as a sign that AKM will also be introduced soon? A. Maybe =) 5. Regarding Escape from Tarkov online player base: Not so long ago the game has got a global chat. Now there are 6 "servers" that display the number of players. Can this quantity be used to evaluate the number of players online? (The sum of all players in chats = the total number of players online?) A. No, the chat can’t be used to monitor the number of players online, because there are a lot of players who do not use them and just play constantly. They do not appear in the chat rooms. 6. In this patch, players are noticing that some weapons have become less effective than before. However, the release notes have no mention of any weapon balancing. If there were some balancing edits after all, what is the reason behind them? For example, players never complained about SKS in the previous patch. However, this time the weapon has turned noticeably weak. Roughly the same situation with VAL and VSS. (Feedback based on the opinions of 50 alpha-testers) A. We have previously announced that we have fixed the double damage dealing weapon bug, and that could cause such impression because now the weapon inflicts exactly the same damage from a munition that was specified. 7. Will we get more flexible settings for visual effects, fire, explosions, etc.? Some players believe that disabling the effect of shots smoke will increase fps. Is this true? A. No, disabling the smoke from shots won't give any significant FPS gain. We are constantly working towards optimization and stabilization of the project. 8. Do you plan to introduce a mechanics that allows you to cause a distraction by throwing training grenades, stones, etc? A. So far, we have not even thought of this, but it is possible. 9. Inspired by player Hideout idea. Will there be a clan Hideout, are there any specific ideas on this topic? A. We can’t share this info with you yet. At least not today =) Thank you, everyone and we do plan to potentially release another but very long and informative Q&A topic very soon to answer questions you have within the community, so please, stay tuned for that. Thank you! The Turkish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468 The Polish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @NuclearMessiah The Portuguese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Czech translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel
  18. amastif102

    No money, no gear

    Right to the point - 'What happens when you've run out of money, and gear because of pvp' I ask because from my understanding, as of now we can hop into solo play and pick stuff up, sell it and have a little income. Alright, fine. And later we can hop in as a Scav, which I see being a decent alternative. But what do you do at this point, if you were to NOT use the solo play? Thanks!
  19. MrCagey

    Future feature questions

    Hello Loving the alpha a lot. Impressive for such an early build. I do not regret investing in it at all. Like I told my friend: Basically imagine destiny and dayz had a child, but they were abusive drunks so the child was adopted and raised by stalker Anyways, I had some questions regarding possible future features. These have probably been asked before, but I didn't see them in the FAQ at least. 1. Will there be driving of land, air and sea vehicles at some point? 2. Will there be swimming? 3. Will any of the smaller raids be pure PVE or is PVP always something to consider wherever you are in the game? 4. Will there be any form of manipulation of the game world by players? F.example Set up sandbags, move stationary objects or guns and setup fortifications. 5. Will the skill system be implemented before beta phase? Keep up the great work
  20. Dennis26

    edge of darknes

    i wonder for how long will the edge of darknes pre order be open? i am gonna buy it in july when i get cash but i whant to be sure that it still be there help i rly whant to get in to alpha and i am just way to yped for this game
  21. Hello everyone, I have read a lot on this forums so far and it would be almost impossible if I missed my answer. Anyways I had a question for @Claus and @TarkovEscaper. This is very important question to me and lots others with me (my team) so please take your time and try your best to give me info that you can about this guys. So My first question is when Alpha comes out on August 4th, will the game be 24/7 playable for everyone in Alpha? or will it have a time where it will be closed down for weeks or even months? (a day for maintenance is not a concern) Or anything related planned? By the way its not part of my question if unexpectedly the servers go down and all blackout for a week or so since that is not anything planned but what happened in testing. My second question is, Do we know how long Alpha would last or any specification for it that says after we get this we move on to beta? or any ranges of time like a month, 2 weeks? etc My third, During the transition from Alpha to Beta, will there be a gap to wait for or the game just gets an update and everything continues or will there be a gap of couple of weeks in middle for the transition? Next one is same question but after Beta starts, will it be 24/7 playable? how long is planned for it and will there be a gap between the beta and the full game or just download and continue playing? Basically will the game starting from August 4th, will it be open to be played? Hope my questions are clear, they all have a common answer and I hope to get a clear and brief answer as much as possible as this is important question to me and our team. Let me know what you guys can. Kind Regards, Natalino Keep up the great work guys!
  22. UpperCloud

    Pre-order and Account questions

    I have some questions that are probably somewhere in the forums but i cant find them. 1. What will be my username/name in game? Is it my login or is it something else? 2. When the game comes to Steam (and i pre-ordered it) will i be able to start my game with Steam like ive already purchased the game on steam? Or need i to purchase the game again in Steam? 3. When i pre-order the game do i get notification in my EFT profile so i can know anything did not go wrong with the purchase? 4. If i purchase game in Steam too and i already pre-ordered it can i use my same account where i did get my pre-order bonuses? So theres all questions i hope i get anserws soon. (I was planning to buy Left Behind edition of this game)
  23. African_Plz

    Levelling system?

    I was just wondering, is there a levelling system? Such as you unlock new things as you level up, or just gain respect? Does the level reset when you die? Will it be more of a rank than a level? Does anyone know anything about this, if so, i would appreciate it if someone could give me some info.
  24. ninjamas


    I was reading through the faq and stumbled upon this: So you can listen into certain frequencies. (To my understanding). Cool. How substantial to the game will this be? Will the quality be better the closer you are to the source of the transmission? Will the quality be muddy if you have a crappy radio/antenna? Could there be 'Honeypot' radio transmitters that could be used as a trap? I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself, but there is a LOT of potential here.
  25. ninjamas


    I've been watching pre-alpha gameplay, and I was wondering if there would be crafting. Now what I mean by crafting is building items, not necessarily modding weapons. Think building shelters, walls, etc. I think this would significantly add to the immersion and realism. I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I have looked over the FAQ and didn't see an answer to this question. Thank you for your time!
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