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Found 21 results

  1. Everyone is welcome in our discord community! New players aswell as experienced players, all the regions and timezones. Our community consists of many active players, willing to teach you and answer your questions. We have set ourselves the following goals: * Be a friendly and active community, welcoming and positive at all times. * Be a place for people to find help and answers to their questions, a place to brag about your cool guns and raids. Discuss different tactics Metas of the game. (Hatchet not included) * Be a ''Community driven community'' We're open to all sugestions, we have a dedicated channel to your suggestions where members can vote if a suggestion should be implemented or not. We're peaking daily with atleast 35 members talking voicechats daily. (Depends on time and day) Here's a link to our server statistics! https://statbot.net/dashboard/663908302253719552 Join our server using this link! https://discord.gg/k982mS5
  2. allen220

    Region lock

    People joining servers not in their region so they purposely lag, shots not connecting.... are we going to get region lock soon ? just curious , might as well sit at extract for 27 mins. Why loot when others can loot for you ? LOL
  3. For too long now have we witnessed the argument of “there’s so many cheaters” countered by “I’ve only seen 2 in 173902 raids!” Enough. The population of cheaters is directly tied to region and server selection. I can say with 100% certainty, after testing this thoroughly since November 2017. Playing on different EU, US and OCE servers over the years (I’m EU) it is absolutely possible to find a well-populated server you can rely on. Unfortunately I cannot post my ‘safe servers’ here without risk of exposing them to the absolute turdlords with dissatisfying lives who cheat in video games. SOLUTION: If you are experiencing cheaters in “every raid”, test different servers - as in, specific servers. You can do this via the launcher; most people have EU auto, US auto/West/East perhaps or similar, but you can CHANGE this and select individual servers to test. Give it a try, find servers you are comfortable on and remember there is no 100% solution here except waiting on BSG to continue to develop anti-cheat measures. We are testers, this is your opportunity to improve the game for yourself and your friends at least on a local level. Happy testing, and I sincerely hope this works out for all who read this.
  4. hey so i saw that my launcher says USA when i am playing from EU. i went and changed to EU on the site paid the fee and all. so i downloaded the launcher again and it still says USA i just need to know if its normal and ok or not and if not how do i fix that now i just feel like i paid 10 bucks for nothing.
  5. Hi guys, I've got an issue, and I'm looking for some help or tips. A mate recently got me into Tarkov, we both have the EU client. However, he lives in Bangkok, so, whenever I try and play with him, we can't pick a server in common to join. I've done some reading on it, and apparently, if you try and connect to a server and you'll have more than 150ms, it'll grey out the server selection box. I get why it's that way, to cut down on janky lag in games, however, in this particular instance, I'm playing from the UK, and there isn't a server somewhere in the middle that me and my mate can both get under 150ms to, and join to play together. So, I can't actually play with my friend. Here's where asking for help comes in, what can we do? We've looked into getting a VPN, but, it just makes the latency worse, and doesn't help. Aside from "wait for more servers to come online", is there anything that can be done? Cheers for the help in advance
  6. Добрый день. Какие странны входят в регион "СНГ"? Можно ли будет создавать группу состоящую из аккаунтов "европа" и "снг"? Можно ли будет использовать аккаунт "СНГ" в стране не из списка стран "СНГ".
  7. Deepankar

    Region problem

    So i live in INDIA and i just now bought a standard edition but in region it says usa , can't even change it, how do i change the region to SEA or AS because it's been 20 mins and it still says matching , i think because of the time difference I can't find any players right now Plz help
  8. ViscontiRogue

    Changing region via upgrade

    So I upgraded to another edition, wanting to support the devs and change my region. However, there was not an opportunity that I saw to actually change the region., so, did I miss something or would anyone have a detailed explanation?
  9. leongutman


    im living in isreal and my region is usa and i need eu is there any way to change that and buying the eu servers for 10$
  10. Hello, I'm in the U.S. Air Force and I have the potential to move over seas within the next year. I love the game and plan on upgrading to edge of darkness. But if I purchase the game here in the US, will I be locked to US servers even when I move to EU or Asia? I'd hate to have to spend a additional $95 just to not be able to play the game with playable ping in the next 6 months. If I am locked to the US servers what options do I have besides buying the game again? Thanks in advance
  11. Pera

    Change Region

    Y have a USA region how y can change to EU without pay? or i need pay?
  12. firehead121

    Region on BattleState Launcher

    I accepted my Beta Invite however beside the install button for the game my region appears as EUR, I'm not sure how I can change this due to the fact that I'm actually from Canada. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. ObiWanJacobey

    Friends in different regions?

    Hello my fellow Tarkov'rs. I have a question, I'm trying to play with a buddy, I'm in the USA/NA region, and he's in the EU region. Is it possible to play with friends in other regions? Or can you change your region to play with someone else in a different region? We tried to que up but couldn't figure out how, so I'm asking just to see if I'm missing something..or to see if it's even possible. Thanks.
  14. LordDefiance

    Region : Africa?Egypt

    I just pre ordered the game. I am from Egypt. The region says : USA. Does this mean I have to play on US servers? I hope not. I want to play on European servers because of better ping than US servers. Can you please advise. Thank you in advance
  15. ImSpray

    Set to the wrong region

    Hey. I set my profile to UK and I currently live there meaning I live in the EU however when opening the Tarkov launcher it sets my region to USA making my ping way too high to play. Any suggestions on how to change the region. I don't see why it set my region to USA. I don't live in the USA my account is set to the UK yet it is region set to USA Just what it shows: https://gyazo.com/1717eb619979e8efb509999af84c2325
  16. When the Australian servers are release (if they ever are) will I have to "upgrade" to the EU version of the game since it is stated that we have purchased the game in the USA region. Will this lock us to the USA region making it unplayable when the AUS servers are released, or will it register us as have bought the game in the AUS region?
  17. adealex416

    Region lock

    Regarding to the region lock issue, what if people who travel/work/study in different regions from time to time? For instance, i buy the game in NA and play it during the holiday. Then, i have to go back to EU to study after the holiday is finished. So, i have to buy it one more time in order to play in EU? It is not flexible at all. Why this policy is implemented?
  18. Hello everyone, I wanted to make some clarifications regarding servers that I see lots of you have a misleading information in my opinion. I might be mistaken on this though but I have been around here reading a lot and this is what I have understood. I would like to be corrected by @TarkovEscaper if any of the following point is not correct. Many people here seem to think that since you purchased the game in specific region, that you can only play with people in that region only. But I do not see anywhere that this has been mentioned unless the developers decided to do it (But there is no info that said like this so far). What has been said is not who you can play with BUT where you can launch the game and where you cannot launch/run the game because of where you get the game. Info on region locks can be found HERE from my older post. But again this does not mean I cannot play with people who bought the game in Russia or Europer even though my region lock is ''OTHER''. It is true that if I go to RU or EU I wont be able to run the game because of region lock though. But keep in mind that only thing that keeps you away from playing with someone from other region is ping and not being locked out or anything like that. I have seen some people getting confused on this matter on the Russian side of forum as well so I wanted to clarify using the understanding of the topic I have. If I am wrong or if there is any new info regarding this then I would love to be corrected. I know there is no servers hosted in this game which you can choose from but I mean servers by the matchmaking or being able to play on the same session. And I know it wont be possible to do on the first day of Alpha but later on so we might be stuck playing with only those closer to our region. Hopefully this will help some people and maybe even myself if there is new info. Thanks for reading and have a great Alpha for those who got the chance into it.
  19. ianRuiz2004

    Regarding about US Activation

    I really wanted to pre-order but I couldn't find any post regarding about my situation. Because I'm from Asia but I'm currently in the US East Coast for an internship until September and will be back home on October. Since the game could only be launched in the US given the condition that the pre-order was done in the US Region. Will there be another way for me to preorder that's outside of the US Region? Is it possible for me to use a Proxy/VPN Program while doing the pre-order so that my location will be in Europe and I could launch the game possible in the US and surely back home? Thanks and I hope that someone could assist me with the situation
  20. What is Region lock and how does it affect you! When you pre-order, it is listed under the pre-order page as a warning that there is a region lock alongside with what region you are currently in. It looks like the following: The information will be different depending on which region you are now in. Speaking of these regions, there are three regions for the pre-order region lock. Let’s discuss them below: CIS Region (RU and post-soviet states or Ex- USSR states) : Purchases made in this region works only in CIS countries. EU Region (Europe): Purchases made in this region will allow you to launch the game anywhere in the world. You can also upgrade to this region at any time by going back to the pre-order page (Make sure you are logged in). There will be an upgrade button under the package you want to upgrade to. Other Region: When you check the warning section you will see your region is ‘’Other (US, ET, AUS, etc.)’’. There will be an abbreviation in brackets next to ''Other,'' and this is for clarification purpose. You only need to consider that you are in the region, ''OTHER''. Purchases made in countries outside of EU and CIS countries; all go to this region, and this version of the game can be launched anywhere in the world except in Europe regions. Few notes to consider: Make sure you are not using a VPN when purchasing because this might lead you to buy the wrong region version. If you get the wrong region, you can upgrade to EU version at any time through the pre-order page (Make sure you are logged in). Region locks do not mean you cannot play with other regions or on other servers. It only means that your game can just be physically launched/run in that region. If you travel a lot, the EU version is the way to go. If you get ‘’208 - bad user region’’ when logging into the game. This is due to owning the wrong region version of the game. The solution is to upgrade to the EU version.
  21. Blutvogt

    Solution for commuter?

    Yes, i know, we have topic's about the region lock. But i got tired to get answers, who not related to my question. About my situation. I live actually in japan, but stay a lot of time in germany too. The problem is the existing region lock. If i buy it now, i can't play it in the european region, if i buy the game in germany, i'm not able to use the game in japan. Of course, i understand this way for region lock to avoid backdoor selling from lower-price regions. But at the end, japan and lower price selling region? If i need to buy an higher tier version, to skirt the region lock, i'm fine. But I'm not ready to buy two times the exact same product. And now, don't spam comments like... Northamerica and Europe region work together or you can play with person in different regions too.
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