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Found 253 results

  1. ffinna

    Looking for teammates

    Been playing for a couple days now, getting better. Add me on discord to run some raids.. ffinna#3163
  2. denizk53

    Shoting at bots

    So i played on factory as a scav and looted a little bit. Somebody was in the hallway and open the door and i shot at this person. The person looked like it was a bot but i could be wrong here. so i got 2 Questions now: Do bots shot at you even if you miss them? 2. Can bots open doors/loot?
  3. xgent3

    Player Scav Names

    When getting killed by a player scav it was very confusing for me when the player's name was not listed. The Scav name was displayed instead and I was incredibly confused for a long time. If we could use player names when playing as a scav, there would be less confusion. This is just a small quality of life suggestion. Perhaps even keep the scav name and have the player name in parentheses. E.g. Anatoly Zaitsev (BoldFacedJoke)
  4. Anosi

    Scav Fix

    I feel like playing as a pmc on a map like reserve or interchange is exciting especially when you accumulate a lot of loot but it sucks when a Player Scav that is superior in skill to you comes along and clean sweeps you, In addition I think that Player Scavs and PMC's should deploy together at the beginning of the match and as the Player Scav's die they get replaced by the AI Scav. I do see the dev perspective as to how this would congest loading and queuing but I think this could be a good introduction and a nice fix.
  5. Hello, i have experienced many times this kind of annoying game mechanics. It is probably due to desync, lag etc. but being killed by a headshot by a poorly equipped civilian, especially after he has been fatally hit is very frustrating. Here two example. I'm not saying to make the game easier, Escape from Tarkov MUST BE hardcore, but it doesn't have to turn into something ridiculous. Perhaps lowering the probability of headshot to the right point may be a temporary solution until improved AI arrives. For everyone who says "Use faceshield", I was doing The Punisher pt.5, I always use faceshield for this reason.
  6. So basicly, you may not defend yourself whenever a player-scav is shooting at you, 'cause all the other scavs just start blasting at you right away. For instance, I got shot at by a player scav for no reason, so I tapped him for self defense, then all other scavs just started blasting at me as well.
  7. I never thought I'd see a Scav and USEC extract together. GG random stranger. Interchange - 01/12/19 - 19:30 GMT.
  8. AVaLaNcHE

    Better ways to sell to vendors

    Three great quality of life improvement for selling to vendors would be these. 1. Have a function of when you are in your stash, you have an option to select multiple items that are able to be sold to vendors. When you select the items a small list screen would show the highest value of the item when sold to the vendor that would pay the most for each item you select. You can then press a button called, "Sell to highest Vendor" and it will sell all the items you selected to the vendors who would give you the highest price. This would help so much in cleaning out your stash quickly and efficiently. 2. Being able to sell your extracted scav gear straight to vendors instead of having to go into your stash first. 3. Also, having the ability to stuff things in your container/backpack/rig from the insurance return screen before putting them in your stash would be helpful too.
  9. Dear BSG & EFT Community, After patch 0.12, I kinda feel like the AI (Scavs & Raiders) become weaker and nerfed (especially their shooting skills). They kinda miss a lot and rarely hit me. Their respond time is also longer, when they see a threat they only scream a lot instead of shooting accurately. The only thing that are good right now is they can actually flank and move tactically. They go prone or take cover when getting shot at. Sometimes they also throw some grenades very accurately. But still they're so predictable and very easy to kill. I've tested those Scavs & Raiders at Impossible Difficulty level (mostly in offline raids though, so it could be a bug in offline raid). They really suck balls! I'd really like to have AI difficulty increased for more challenging gameplay and for preventing hatchlings in online raid. And put those scavs at loot spawns ffs! >_< Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  10. DarkSoldier

    Scav Extraction System

    So my suggestion for my title is revolved around a scav run I had the other day. Was a very successful scav run, managed to get high end gear from multiple night op PMC's on reserve. When I extracted my internet went out for about 1-2 minutes, this occured while moving the gear from my scav to my stash, while this happened I got an error due to my internet going out for a short time, and unfortunately lost half of the gear, wasn't able to get back to the scav screen and missed out on the gear. Very upsetting but was on my internet and not the game. MY SUGGESTION is that instead of having a screen where you drag and drop the gear I would like to see a different mechanic such as the 'insurance' system, so when completing a scav run you are sent a message in your messages section like insurance where the gear can be pulled without the issue of possibly losing it. And the gear may auto delete after 3 hours if not collected. I feel the current system can have altercations. Scenarios where someone's game crashes or other altercations would make it more enjoyable. I have had 2 situations on scav runs where I have filled my gear up with items and when extracting I have only had the initial gear I had gone in with at the end screen. A suggestion I hope a lot would agree with. Cheers
  11. NotBailey

    Expanding Loot Pools

    I was browsing through the flea market when I saw smaller and lighter rigs being sold or not even used; despite them being new to the game. For example, you can buy a Triton M43-A Harness for 21k Roubles, but the new Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Harness is 30k, but not sold by other players. This sparked an idea as to where maybe as a team, can revise and expand what we can find on Scavengers and other types of enemies whether it's Raiders or Boss enemies. There is an abundance of the same items we commonly come across on Scavs that never changes, albeit there is the odd chance you will find a player scavenger with a pre modded VEPR-206. There are a multitude of uncommon weapons and gear that are worth more to players selling than using. I don't want to write an entire essay here, but I was thinking that BSG Team can add more presets or even random attachments or parts of scav weapons and adding new weapons that are only found on PMC's such as the M9A3 Beretta or MP5. This would easily be explained as the scavenger would have found it on a dead PMC theoretically. As well as this, the same idea can be put in place for new gear items such as the Haley D3CRX and helmets etc, i'm sure you get the point. This would add a new flavour of variety to the game as we will see an assortment of items to choose to pick up, over the same repetitive, bog standard items we have been seeing for the past 1-2 years. I will appreciate any feedback given, or if there are any ways I could help please let me know!
  12. As the title says, I am an Advocate for ending Scav on Scav violence. I surely know there are others out there that would agree on me with this, but would it not be better to trust someone and forge a temporary team to work together for loot rather than kill them and eventually get killed later on down the road? As we saw in the original trailer for Tarkov, a BEAR and USEC had worked together against a common enemy, the scavs. I think us as players should also decide to put a bit of trust into each other and start to work together against a common enemy to therefore earn more loot and experience. I have done experiments like this in the past on games such as The Division; in the dark zone, I have been spared and also decided to spare others myself to work against people who aren't as like minded, or AI enemies to earn more loot and extract it. My solution to this is simple. We as a playerbase could trust each other a little bit more, or a system is put in place for Scavs who shoot other Scavs on sight. Perhaps a tag that makes other scavs engage them first. I don't know, just an idea. Another reason we should work together, or something more encouraging are the new Scav and PMC extracts that reward the player for trusting someone they have never met before. Let me know what you think below!
  13. ErikStoner98

    Scav bots are bugged when killed.

    I have had multiple encounters with bots that keep on walking whilst they are dead. They don't shoot anymore. They don't seem dead. Its like someone desynced. I've shot multipe extra rounds through their head and still they continue to walk on the same spot. And I can't loot it. This got me killed as well. Because I still think that they are alive and such so shoot at them, making noise for it. However, I had a friend of mine say that he is just on the ground and he can loot the body.
  14. Dear BSG Devs and EFT Community, Sometimes when I play as a Scav (especially in Factory), I usually come across other Player-Scavs. They will go shooting at me and trying to rob my stuffs. I have no choice but to kill them to defend my Scav. And then all the AI Scavs will mark me as the bad guy and start hunting me down. That's kinda pain in the *ss. There should be an in-game mechanic where all "bad" Player-Scavs are allowed to be killed by the "good" Player-Scavs. So AI Scavs won't mark the "Good" Player-Scavs as the "Bad" Player-Scavs. Just my 2 cent.... Of course when I play as a Scav, I always avoid confrontation with other Scavs. I only loot dead bodies in Factory and get the hell out right away lol Damn, it's hard to be a Scav right now lol Plus the fact that now PMC has civilian cloths which makes it harder to distinguish them from Scavs. Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  15. Its pretty simple, these scavs are so annoying. I've died more times to a scav then any player. please I beg, fix the scav aim so they atleast don't instantly headshot you. -much love Bighoss1 Пожалуйста, русские разработчики исправят эти скавы, спасибо. Please, Russian developers fix these scavs, thanks.
  16. xXDaKoTaGrAyXx

    Scav Killing Scav

    They need to punish scavs for killing other scav players. It doesnt have to be anything severe just make it like an hour ban for each scav player killed. It makes the game beyond unenjoyable when you literally get camped and you see the name of the person that killed you is none other than a "so called" fellow scav....
  17. I was on an Online match, not offline first of all. I played a match on woods, circled around the mountain side, evading a ton of players trading shots. I found a dead player with a press vest, green helmet and an Adar. I looted his tag, weapon, and gear. His dog tag even said he was killed by a scav with an sv 98. I went all the way to extraction, and once I got to the loot transfer menu, all of it was gone. The weapon, vest, backpack, tag, and other things I looted out of a chest. My NVIDIA shadow play has a two minute replay, which only allowed to me record the extraction and loot window. I am just posting this to see whats going on with this issue? Just noticed the T bag has the items I looted but not the scav back I put it in raid. This is a very strange bug.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgr5aikRVdU&feature=youtu.be
  18. carthagelost

    Any Changes to Scav on Scav violence?

    I tried checking the patch notes, but has there been any consequences to player scavs that just kill other player scavs or is it still a free for all?
  19. Rex_Hilverstone

    Scav gang Pixelart

    -SCAV GANG- This is my new pixelart after the Killa one.This is a lighter and lower pixel-count than the last one but I hope you like it! I'm currently working on another higher quality pixelart similart to the Killa one that I think you will like.Meanwhile I will soontm post some more simpler pixelarts that I have worked on in the past.
  20. Mortyras

    Gracze posągi nieśmiertelne scavy

    Czy tylko ja mam problem pod tytułem. Wchodzę w raid postacie graczy stoją w miejscu tak samo jak scavy i są nieśmiertelne, oraz dostaje magiczne dmg z nikąd?
  21. Ich war eine halbe Stunde im Raid (SCAV), extracte, klicke einmal auf "next" und kann dann nicht weiter auf "next" (loot in den stash übertragen) klicken, somit war alles umsonst was ich im Raid gelooted habe (Habe mehrere Minuten gewartet). Gibt es derzeit noch Probleme damit?
  22. vekongmaster

    Free The Scav Raiders from the Labs!

    Dear BSG, I'm a newbie, this is my first Pre-Wipe event and I really love it! It's so fun especially with Raiders operating all over the maps. So I'm kinda thinking that BSG Devs should probably let the Raiders out of the labs once in a while (not just during Pre-Wipe event but maybe once/twice every month) to spice things up. Let those Raiders work with the AI Scavs (but they can still detect Player Scavs). Put 3 or 4 Raiders across the map and make them roam the map freely so they ain't too stiff like the AI Scavs. Make those Raiders smarter and more aggressive, right now they're kinda a little bit dumb and I can even kill them easily with a pistol (whenever I'm hiding in bushes and all they can do just scream like b*tch), they can only kill me when I'm right in front of them. You're all probably thinking I just want some easy money making from those Raiders. No man, this idea is just to make all maps more fun and more challenging The AI Scavs are getting pretty boring and they're acting completely like stupid robots. Raiders are lot more entertaining and they obviously can turn all maps alive. Just my 2 cent though.... Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  23. Hey, I really enjoy the game so far. Though what ruins my experience & ingame inventory are the scavs. Maybe I need to git gud! But you decide. So what happens to me all the time is, getting killed by scavs during looting. I often checked every corner/basicly everywhere around me in 360* before looting. And than suddenly during night raids, you see a flashlight aimed at you, BANG, yer dead bro. Or during the day, it's just a loud bang, you're dead. It feels like mister good ol' shotgun scav is just spawning behind you, instant runs towards my position and shoots the life out of me. What also happens often, you walk and walk, go through a fence and suddenly there is good ol' shotgun scav waiting for you. BANG, RIP!!! And for the love of god I can't complete this medallion quest in the truck on customs, there is this scav sniper on the roof. I tried sneaking around him, you check the roof, he walks just away. Okay let's open the truck door. Trying to jump on the box wich is really hard btw. First attempt failed, mister sniper scav instead headshots me. So than I grab an AK with scope. I kill the sniper scav on the roof. Check near the area. I see another scav as he see's me, he almost kills me, hit me in every body part for some reason. I heal up. Just as I press escape. Mister good ol' shotgun scav is behind me again. BANG. Kinda get's old fast. I think you really need to do something about the AI. It feels like aimbot/wallhack/spawn behind ur ass while yer looting. Not an AI at all. Also wonder when we can climb stuff, got stuck on interchange the other day. With no way out.
  24. Phoenixsui

    Scav timer

    I would like to suggest to set the Scav timer higher like it was in earlier patches. I feel like most players only play scav and i find rarely players anymore. It is super hard for me to find players for 100m headshots on customs or interchange or kills in nightraids even in factory night. I feel like for every PMC i meet, 5 Scavplayers try to murder me. Also Scavplayers will aggressively push while most PMC seem to hide or die to Scavs before i meet them. I would like to see more PMC vs PMC again. What do you think?
  25. Hey everyone, A new video I have been working on which breaks down one of my scavenger runs. Video starts with a quick Customs Intro followed by the Shoreline Scav breakdown gameplay. I hope you enjoy!
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