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Found 254 results

  1. TheLegend01

    A little Scav party killed nobody

    Well guess this says more than words at all
  2. This is like the third time happening... I spawn in as a Scav with either broken legs or I am just shot instantly... Usually by other Scav controlled player. Going to start reporting this as a bug. Players that shoot other Scavs just for the loot either need like a week cooldown on scav or a cooldown on their PMC as well.. I'm really tired of walking past another Scav just to get shot in the face... rant over lol
  3. Hello, kinda new to the game and while getting past the usual frustrations that I hope the dev team is working on, there are a few things that I wish were better explained in tutorials or somewhere else. I will list these out in a list format so it will hopefully be easier to answer so those like me looking for these answers can finally know what we are doing wrong: 1. When playing Scav mode, what is the true purpose behind it? Are you playing to hunt other PMC's or are you grabbing quick loot while shooting other Scavs? Every time I join in a game, I either get lucky and spawn alone or I immediately find myself in a gunfight with those I thought should be on my team. 2. When using Scav mode, what is the best way to gain XP, and does it transfer to main character when earning XP? I understand that playing as Scav is a great way to gather loot when you have sold or lost all your equipment, but I am trying to level my character and traders. To do so I need character level so I want to squeeze every bit in that I can. However, if XP does not transfer, I will be a little disappointed in wasting my time with it. 3. When playing as a PMC, what is the best way to maximize earning XP without cheesing the game? I know this is a debatable topic, but I try to at least give those in my faction a chance to be friendly, but killing them gives a lot of XP. I try to go on bigger maps like 'customs' and 'woods' but after spending my time looting, desync hits so hard that defending myself from NPC's is nearly impossible (another issue I hope they are working on). So in the current state of the game, I want to know what the best way to go about leveling up and boosting trader attitudes is without burning my own faction's players or running hatching on factory. 4. What is the best way to level your skills. I see that we have access to 6 or 8 skills with general descriptions of what they are, but I have zero idea how to actually level them up and keep them from dropping in level. This would be a major game changer for me so I don't aimlessly try to figure these out. 5. Last one. I know that they spoke about possibly adding colored bands on arms to help groups identify each other, but I am curious if anyone knows if they will be instituting the ability to wear different colored clothes or putting big emblems on your sleeves so that you don't have to play the wiggle lottery to find your friends. I think it would be a great idea to institute the ability to wear matching shirts and pants so players know who your friends are. I appreciate anyone that would help this noob out as I am trying to enjoy this game with every fiber of my being through the problems currently felt in the beta's current state. The more info anyone is willing to offer me I would gladly accept as I want to "git gud" and hopefully help other players down the line. As a side note, if anyone who is good at this game and has time to play with me and help me understand the game, or is looking for a friend to game up with, my in game name is OumaShu. I would love to shadow someone as they show me the ins and outs of this game, or run along side someone else who is also trying to learn this game. Hopefully this thread was within the bounds of the forums rules, as I didn't see any posts talking about starter information or answers to the questions above. Thanks for reading my entire essay and I hope to hear some feedback soon.
  4. hidden_citizen

    Nueva Actualizacion a Scav IA

    Traduccido de http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/26352-scav-ai-updated-88/?page=57 En el pasado fin de semana, hemos introducido algunos ajustes y cambios a la IA SCAV. Este es el resumen: 1. Hemos reducido la cantidad de zanahorias que los scav an estado comiendo: Los Scav les costara mas notar a los jugadores, basandose en distintos factores como, objetos entre cada uno, distancia (no mas ojos de alcon) y otros parametros. 2. Mucho vodka ha sido encontrado por bandas de Scavs en Tarkov: La IA se tomara mas tiempo entre, localizar al jugador, apuntar y volverse mas preciso con cada disparo. 3. Una epidemia de vertigo entre la poblacion Scav: El tiempo de reaccion de los Scav ha sido ajustado, y deberia reflejarse en reacciones mas lentas hacia jugadores o fuego enemigo. No mas se enfrentaran a Scavs que giran instantaneamente, como Neo, sino que reaccionaran mas acorde al mundo humano. 4. Lamentablemente esto no estara en el proximo hotfix, sino que sera incluido en un proximo parche. Y en otras grandes noticias! Primero haremos un anunció en el futuro sobre el proximo contenido de la Beta Cerrada, y mecánicas que ya estan en desarrollo. Nos discúlpamos por cualquier inconveniencia causada por estos problemas, y gracias por su paciencia mientras trabajamos duro para corregirlos lo mas rapido posible. Estamos aqui, los escuchamos y estamos trabajando para entregarles la mejor experiencia en Tarkov.
  5. LordLunarian

    SCAV Wall Hacks

    Something needs to be done about the Scavs being able to shoot you through walls and kill you across the map. It's really annoying as I die more to Scavs that players at this point. It has gotten to the point of just frustration now for both me and my friend.
  6. Blayne9901


    Why do the scavs headshot me with a makarov at 100m while I'm full sprint
  7. Jyat

    A Couple Things

    Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying this closed beta as much as I am even with the few hiccups I have encountered. Over-all great experience so far. Just a few suggestions/recommendations on my behalf. First of all, I would like to note group spawning, which in my opinion in THIS particular game, is quite crucial. This game takes a lot of inspiration from the DayZ mod in terms of it's PvP, but I would like to note that this is labelled as an FPS/TPS with RPG elements, and while I understand you devs are going for the most realistic approach possible, I think it may be a good thing to subtly tag/mark team/group members, as every character model looks the same, and I understand you may not have completed the character models you have in mind, regardless at 50-100 metres you wanna keep track of formations and such as the looking around in this game isn't as easy as free looking in ARMA. So may be a good idea. Secondly: I'm not sure if your plans include group spawning yet but if not then maybe you should consider it. I know in DayZ you would meet up and coordinate however immersively, but I'm gonna go on a limb and say that most players who group, are either skyping, team speaking or on Discord. If you understand my point? They're all communicating via sources outside the game, so in that sense group spawning would be a nice feature, and maybe make it optional as well, in case the group decide on making separate insertions and meeting at a certain point the evac-ing, just a thought. Thirdly, AI/Scavs/NPC/Bots: Not sure (again) if this is a permanent feature, but I like it, contrary to the mixed feelings I've seen about it. I had a gander at a few of the in-included maps, and saw the difficulty setting. I am assuming it's either because of the openness of some maps so more player spread between other players and AI's, or it's to do with the difficulty of the AI, just my thoughts. But yeah that's pretty much it, hope you read this and maybe consider my thought's. Like I said i'm really enjoying the game and the tension, really great atmosphere too. Jake
  8. Moin moin, Habe gerade auf Facebook gesehen, das zum nächsten patch die NPCs verbessert werden. Hat einer dazu genauere Informationen zu? Denn mein Englisch ist das aller beste Grüße Kane
  9. I met you in customs as a scav 20 minutes ago, we teamed up. We looked through dorms. I gave you my shotgun you gave me your money. please let me know.
  10. t3ng

    Scav Mode

    I have a well thought out plan for the scav mode. I'll try to summarize as fast as possible. Players can play as a scav and choose a trader to work for. (maybe lower the Cooldown to 45 minutes) and the player can loot and escape same as usual, however, the traders take some of the items the scav looted, and certain rarities are 100% always taken. For example, if someone drops a top tier m4 rifle or something, the trader will always take the stock rifle and give back the attachments. This is great, because people will be able to build some sort of stock to defend themselves instead of hatchet running. But it won't reward them as gracefully as PMC mode because they're not taking as large of a risk.
  11. Soo, i played as scav and got some nice stuff right, i extracded and it said something with server and i got to main screen, i got no loot from the scav, it was pretty nice loot to so its sad if i lost it, how to accses scav loot? Thanks...
  12. PoeticSinner

    Suicide scav

    Not completely positive but I think one of the scav snipers in customs ended up killing himself with ricochet. I was standing under the first sniper scav you can encounter on customs and it was at the edge trying to shoot me but was hitting the roof u see it's feet till it just fell over. There's Always the chance someone just shot it with something silenced and never came over to investigate but it's very unlikely. Just wondering if anybody else has ever witnessed something like this before?
  13. Hazel

    Scavs : Pashutin武裝組織

    Pashutin Boris Semyonovich 別名:Fiend(惡魔) 他生於聖彼得堡(St. Petersburg)。退伍後在雜貨店擔任警衛的工作,而且接受過私人安保培訓,並加入了PETRO銀行成為保安人員。 在PRTRO銀行塔科夫(Tarkov)的分公司開業後,他搬到了那裡並成為分公司的副總監。 組織的細節在審問其中一位USEC伏擊行動參與者的途中浮現出來,他是Gvardia PSC的前僱員,Kedrov Igor Ivanovich,由我親自進行。審問完結後Kedrov後根據程序被處決。 Kerdrov在審問過程中透露,在塔科夫(Tarkov)這個城市開始動盪之後,銀行保安局局長抵達大樓,並命令他和另外五名值更PSC銀行守衛在將自己護衛在銀行大樓內直至CIT衛兵抵達。 可是兩天後,沒人出現,但是不時會從外界傳出槍聲。所有通信系統,包括手機都失靈。Kedrov指出,PSC的工作人員開始士氣低落,開始計劃拿錢和離開,但是安全局長一人反對。 第三天爆發了激烈的爭議。局長拿起他的武器,下令所有人冷靜下來還有放棄拿錢的想法,但是Pashutin從後面開槍射殺他。這刻令剩下的守衛十分混亂,但最終沒有人覺得憤慨或憤怒。 守衛將各種面額的鈔票裝入CIT包,並離開建築物。在路上鄰近的珠寶商停下來,發現有兩名武裝警衛也在等待協助。 Pashutin建議他們拿走店內的貴重物品並加入團隊。他們同意了。 他們在其中一名守衛的公寓裡喝酒慶祝,決定堅持在一起。 Pashutin武裝組織是一個由訓練有素和武裝人員組成的組織。 Pashutin進行嚴格的人員篩選,傾向召集政府安全機構的成員,或是像他一樣的PSC前僱員。 因此,儘管他們沒有特別行使殘酷的行為,但是Pashutin組織也有嚴重危險性,以他們成功伏擊了全面武裝的USEC隊伍就證明了這一點,導致了七名公司隊員的死亡,以及同期在俄羅斯海關地區(Customs)前哨站襲擊一樣。
  14. Hazel

    Scavs : Zhilnov武裝幫派

    我們繼續談論居住在塔爾科夫(Tarkov)和諾林斯基(Norinsky)廣泛地區的Scav。 Zhilnov Yaroslav Grigoryevich 別名:破壞者,Yaga 他生於羅斯托夫(Rostov)地區。 17日他因為搶劫商店而首次入獄。兩年後,他因為謀殺一個監獄的同伴,被增加刑期。 他在1998年出獄,並組織了一個幫派,並試圖重奪Zhilnov在羅斯福夫(Rostov)的黑社會地位,但本地幫派間的鬥爭在很久之前已經結束,犯罪集團之間的關係已經穩定起來,不再需要額外的人。在其中一個幫派會面中Zhilnov的成員與他們發生槍戰,大多數人遇害,Zhilnov僥倖脫險。 從羅斯托夫(Rostov)逃出,Zhilnov搬到了阿爾漢格爾斯克(Archangelsk)定居。在這段時間裡,他結婚並有一個小孩。同期,Zhilnov對電子倉庫進行了攻擊但失敗,當場被警方抓獲。Zhilnov的妻子,在發現她丈夫的過犯後,決定提出離婚。 出獄後,Zhilnov接受了獄友的邀請,搬到了塔爾科夫(Tarkov),在那裡他找到工作成為工地員工。 在塔爾科夫(Tarkov)UMVD警察局第七隊襲擊事件發生後,他被閉路電視攝像機拍攝到,他導致四名警察死亡,另外有幾件服役武器被盜。 據調查人員情報所得,Zhilnov幫派在是次襲擊後分裂。有證據表明,個別幫派成員在挪威斯克(Novinsk)地區獨立犯下了若干罪行。 而Zhilnov目前的位置仍是未知。 後來,在任務行動過程中,被拘捕的成員之一透露了Zhilnov幫派集會的地點和時間,但事實證明信息是誤導的。 隨著Tarkov危機的開始,調查被迫暫停,但是可以相當確定地假設,Zhilnov曾經策劃和組織了Scav對OMON防暴警察基地的襲擊。另據我情報所得,Zhilnov幫派曾經射擊BEAR三名巡邏中的隊員,並攻擊了港口區的USEC偵察車。 該幫派的核心人員由有高度重犯機會的重刑犯集成,由攻擊的性質反映出,大膽和殘酷是他們的特點。 他們對居民構成高度威脅。 原文
  15. Hazel

    Scavs : Grizzle 灰熊集團

    別名:灰熊 真名不明。 我們曾經追查過灰熊領導者的的身份可是尚未成功。 此外,長期觀察所得,相信有兩個不同的Scavs組織領導者擁有同一個別名。 最初,我能推斷出在5月份海關地區的食品倉庫遭到某集團襲擊,他們把這些貨物分配給平民,並稱自己為灰熊集團。 同時,6月份在郊區水塔附近屠殺當地居民的群體也自稱自己為灰熊集團。 這個誤解經過了一段時間,直至對該組織的其中一個成員的審問證實,這兩次活動是由一個團體發起,兩次襲擊都是由灰熊集團發起的。 因此,我們正在面對一群心理不穩定的個體,甚至是殘酷的狂躁症精神病患者,這是由於他們施行酷刑和處決的證據所證實的。 例如,在攻擊USEC護送隊的之後,士兵的屍體被掛在電線塔架上,有次BEAR車輪遭到襲擊後,四名死亡士兵的頭被放置在汽車車頂上被縱火焚燒。 就像Stoporenko小組一樣,灰熊組織成員是不穩定的,主要是因為有罪不罰的誘惑吸引平民加入。 在精神上不再適合這些殘酷行為的成員,就會被適應的或者仍未清楚領導者的興趣的新成員取代。 然而,在多次集團活動期間,灰熊首腦集合了一些願意傳承他的團員成為核心成員,灰熊波動的精神狀態令這個群體的行動不可預測,對平民和軍人來說特別危險。
  16. AC3VENTUR4

    Fastest Death

    Just wanted to share my fastest death so far I was loading into woods as a Scav, when i spawned i was killed instantly. What has been your fastest death so far, just curious?
  17. Buongiorno Escapers, apro questo doppio thread felice di annunciarvi che ho attivato un contest sul sito Italiano per l'assegnazione di 8 Alpha key entro l' 8 di aprile: Si tratta di condividere, mettere mi piace, sottoscrivere e Twittare... niente di complicato, maggiori saranno le azioni effettuate, maggiori saranno i punti assegnati, maggiore la possibilità di vincere il giorno dell'estrazione. Potete partecipare al contest visitando questo indirizzo: http://www.escapefromtarkov.it/pre-scav-patch-giveaway-alpha-key-di-escape-from-tarkov/ Qualora incontraste difficoltà tecniche siete pregati di comunicarmelo, grazie della collaborazione. ................................................................................................................................................ Good morning Escapers, I open this thread twice happy to announce that I have started a contest on the Italian site for the allocation of 8 Alpha key within the 'April 8: It is to share, put like, sign and tweet ... nothing complicated, the better the actions carried out, the more points awarded, the greater the chance of winning the draw date. to partecipate the contest click on this link [italian language]: http://www.escapefromtarkov.it/pre-scav-patch-giveaway-alpha-key-di-escape-from-tarkov/ If guests have any technical difficulties please communicate it, thanks to the collaboration.
  18. MaximumGumby

    Wipe with the new Scav update?

    I've been looking all over and haven't seen anything. Do we know if there will be a wipe with the new update as well as a general idea of when it will happen?
  19. TheWay

    Szczegóły i zdjęcia trybu Scav

    Głównym elementem nadchodzącej aktualizacji będzie dodanie wyczekiwanego trybu Scav. Scav są to mieszkańcy Tarkowa, którzy postanowili zejść na złą stronę i zostać bandytami. Jest to poboczna klasa, która może wnieść całkowicie nowe doświadczenia do Escape From Tarkov. Sprzęt, uzbrojenie, miejsce i czas pojawiania się na rajdzie, to wszystko będzie całkowicie losowe. Najważniejszym aspektem podczas grania jako Scav jest to, że jeśli zginiecie podczas rajdu, nie stracicie nic z ekwipunku swojej głównej postaci, a jeśli uda wam się przetrwać, to wszystko co znaleźliście jest wasze. Scav jak na razie wynika ze wstępnych doniesień będziecie mogli zagrać raz na godzinę. Innymi słowy, jest to alternatywny tryb do znajdowania ekwipunku i udziału w walce, bez strachu o utratę swojego ekwipunku. Warto dodać, że boty będą w stosunku do was neutralne o ile ich nie zaatakujecie. Zapraszam do zapoznania się z oficjalnym gameplay'em oraz z załączonymi zdjęciami. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A5DXxgBZkM
  20. Pindleton

    SCAV 모드 업데이트 예정

    안녕하세요 여러분, GDC의 최근 EFT 실시간 스트리밍에서 개발자는 곧 새로운 게임 모드가 출시 될 것이라고 말했습니다. "SCAV 모드"가 추가되어 플레이어가 SCAV로 직접 플레이가 가능해지며 생존자로 플레이하는 플레이어와 전투를 벌일 수 있습니다! 다음 주중에 새로운 SCAV 모드와 더욱 쾌적한 플레이가 가능하도록 개선되어진 최적화환경으로 업데이트를 진행 할 수 있을것으로 예상됩니다.
  21. YK1YVSSF

    play as Scav

    Hey there Folks! 1. is there a possibilty 2 Play as Scav in Alpha? 2. do i have to accomplish something first in order 2 Play as scav thx a lot
  22. Hallo EFT communnity, ich habe leider noch keinen passenden Beitrag zum Thema gefunden deshalb mach ich mal ein neues Thema auf. Was wird der Scav mode mit sich bringen. In der Meldung von Blackbird, dass es jetzt Geld-boosts für Leite gibt die alles verloren haben, schreiben viele Leute es sei eine akzeptable Lösung bis dieser Modus kommt. Leider verstehe ich den Zusammenhang nicht :-) Bin dankbar für eine Aufklärung Gruß
  23. Baba_Yaga

    Suggestion SCAV MODE

    My suggestion is to allow players play as a scav as soon as its possible. Theres my vision of how things should look like. Players beginning to play as scav shoul receive random weapon and equipment with also random durability but not less than 30% Chance to spawn with better weapon/equipment should be based on survive streak it means the more survives in a row you have the better gear you can spawn with until you fail to escape as a scav. It would be great if scav players could spawn for first time with doublebarrel. It could be set as levels of scav equipment 1escape as a scav one level up. Higher level - better starting gear (when player will not manage to escape the scav gear level should be restarted/rolled back to level 0) Scavs should only use popular weaponry like shotties, hanguns, AK, SKS and popular smg. Is it possible?
  24. YK1YVSSF

    play as Acav

    Hey there Folks! 1. is there a possibilty 2 Play as Scav in Alpha? 2. do i have to accomplish something first in order 2 Play as scav thx a lot
  25. sanborN

    Scav AI Obstacle System

    I was wondering if the ai (scavs) do see trees as obstacles. What i mean in detail is, that i got the experience that the scavs shoot me while i was hiding in a bush. I felt like the AI isnt recognizing the trees or bushes as an obstacle they cant see through. More often i get shoot from far and they really cant see me before. They just start shooting out of nowhere and i cant even see them. This happens alot on customs. I just wanted to know this from a dev. And if there are not facing the trees as obstacles they cant see through, is it possible to make it so?
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