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Found 253 results

  1. vekongmaster

    Free The Scav Raiders from the Labs!

    Dear BSG, I'm a newbie, this is my first Pre-Wipe event and I really love it! It's so fun especially with Raiders operating all over the maps. So I'm kinda thinking that BSG Devs should probably let the Raiders out of the labs once in a while (not just during Pre-Wipe event but maybe once/twice every month) to spice things up. Let those Raiders work with the AI Scavs (but they can still detect Player Scavs). Put 3 or 4 Raiders across the map and make them roam the map freely so they ain't too stiff like the AI Scavs. Make those Raiders smarter and more aggressive, right now they're kinda a little bit dumb and I can even kill them easily with a pistol (whenever I'm hiding in bushes and all they can do just scream like b*tch), they can only kill me when I'm right in front of them. You're all probably thinking I just want some easy money making from those Raiders. No man, this idea is just to make all maps more fun and more challenging The AI Scavs are getting pretty boring and they're acting completely like stupid robots. Raiders are lot more entertaining and they obviously can turn all maps alive. Just my 2 cent though.... Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  2. Hey, I really enjoy the game so far. Though what ruins my experience & ingame inventory are the scavs. Maybe I need to git gud! But you decide. So what happens to me all the time is, getting killed by scavs during looting. I often checked every corner/basicly everywhere around me in 360* before looting. And than suddenly during night raids, you see a flashlight aimed at you, BANG, yer dead bro. Or during the day, it's just a loud bang, you're dead. It feels like mister good ol' shotgun scav is just spawning behind you, instant runs towards my position and shoots the life out of me. What also happens often, you walk and walk, go through a fence and suddenly there is good ol' shotgun scav waiting for you. BANG, RIP!!! And for the love of god I can't complete this medallion quest in the truck on customs, there is this scav sniper on the roof. I tried sneaking around him, you check the roof, he walks just away. Okay let's open the truck door. Trying to jump on the box wich is really hard btw. First attempt failed, mister sniper scav instead headshots me. So than I grab an AK with scope. I kill the sniper scav on the roof. Check near the area. I see another scav as he see's me, he almost kills me, hit me in every body part for some reason. I heal up. Just as I press escape. Mister good ol' shotgun scav is behind me again. BANG. Kinda get's old fast. I think you really need to do something about the AI. It feels like aimbot/wallhack/spawn behind ur ass while yer looting. Not an AI at all. Also wonder when we can climb stuff, got stuck on interchange the other day. With no way out.
  3. Phoenixsui

    Scav timer

    I would like to suggest to set the Scav timer higher like it was in earlier patches. I feel like most players only play scav and i find rarely players anymore. It is super hard for me to find players for 100m headshots on customs or interchange or kills in nightraids even in factory night. I feel like for every PMC i meet, 5 Scavplayers try to murder me. Also Scavplayers will aggressively push while most PMC seem to hide or die to Scavs before i meet them. I would like to see more PMC vs PMC again. What do you think?
  4. Hey everyone, A new video I have been working on which breaks down one of my scavenger runs. Video starts with a quick Customs Intro followed by the Shoreline Scav breakdown gameplay. I hope you enjoy!
  5. craxxi

    Scavs'(AI) aim is way too good

    In 10 or so of my last 15ish games I have been killed by scavs by one shot to the head. It isn't a death of them seeing me and lining the shot up it is literally like they see me and get a one tap on me after 0.1 seconds. I don't know if they changed the AI in the recent update but it just seems a bit ridiculous.
  6. Depuis la mise a jour impossible de jouer impossible de survivre a un RAID sans mourir Impossible d'en tuer un sans prendre une tete de je ne sais ou serieusement j'en ai marre de ce jeux moi qui l'aimais tant depuis la mise a jour je suis bloqué Lvl 30 impossible de reussir quoi que ce sois avec mes amies meme full stuff impossible de survivre ( mes amies son vraiment chaud au jeux il avais 98% de survie ) maintenant ... 11% pour ma part avec 400 Raid lancé 48 survie .... j'avais reussie a survivre a tout mes RAID avant cette mise a jour je trouve qu'elle a tuer le jeux je ne peut plus rien jouer je n'ai meme plus envie d'y jouer je ne veut plus rien faire sur ce jeux je n'ai meme plus la foie pour y jouer ...
  7. The idea is to make more people play during night times... We've all noticed that BSG already put more options to be able and go in a night raid (cheaper, better than before), but i don't think this is sufficient. Unique scavs are an awesome feature of this game, and maybe it could be improved ! New NPCs (not necessarily as strong or as geared as scavs bosses), could definitely attract players during these night raid ! Night raids are underestimated and intense, i bet more people could enjoy it...
  8. Hallo! Vor dem Hintergrund, dass die Scavs kaum Schaden anrichten und einem nichts anhaben können. Ich habe aktuell vor den Scavs mehr Angst, als vor Spielern, weil ich bei einer Spielerbegegnung entweder sofort tot bin aber noch nie so zerflückt wurde wie bei den Scavs. Ich habe jetzt 31 Scavs getötet und dafür gingen 6 Salevas, also 2400 HP drauf, hauptsächlich waren Beine und Arme direkt fast schwarz und gebrochen. Es gingen ca, 3 rote Splinte drauf. Vor allem durch die Schrotflinten---> Meine Beine waren hinter diesen fetten würfelförmigen Sandsäcken-----> trotzdem beide Beine zerstört und der Scav hat 1 MAL mit der Flinte aus so 60 m geschossen. Realismus sieht anders aus. Einzig die Begegnungen mit Spieler Scavs waren realistisch, deren angerichteter Schaden, war schon wie ein Streicheln. Trailerpark, die große Halle: Da ich um die Tödlichkeit der Scavs weiß, habe ich das Gebiet um die Halle aufgeklärt. Dann ein Scav vor mir. Ich werfe mich hin und schieße. Hinter mir die Halle und genau dort entstanden wie von Geisterhand 2 Scavs. Ich konnte die zum Glück noch töten. Und nein, es waren nicht die Scavs von den Garagen, außer sie kamen von den Toten zurück. Mit anderen Worten strategisches Vorgehen für den A.... Wenn man mit den Scavs auf solche Entfernungen wie auf Customs zu tun hat, dann zielen und treffen die fast so wie die Raider im Lab. Ich kann das nachvollziehen, wenn die mit der Mosin oder diese neue Hunter Waffe ausgerüstet sind. Wenn mich dann aber eine TOZ mit einem Schuss zerfetzt, von den anderen Flinten ganz zu schweigen, den Sinn dahinter habe ich noch nicht finden können. Bin ich jetzt der Einzige, der bei dieser Mission so zerflückt wurde durch Scavs?
  9. SoupyDelicious

    We Both Held Fire

    thinking we were both looking at some silly AI Scav staring at nothing. Then he wiggles his weapon back after I wiggle mine. Then we immediately realise that we've found true friendship instead of immediate buckshot! I drop some painkillers and indicate to them, after more wiggling and teabagging. He picks them up. I have shown I mean no harm. Another player scav comes up the staircase and immediately joins in! And no spontaneous buckshot from him either! After more sign language and gift-exchanging, our trust in each other laid down for all to see, we head into Factory offices and loot stuff. Butiful. Makes tears leak from my eyeholes just thinking about it. I started recording a minute after it began. Bai https://youtu.be/lj7EYwpmhoc
  10. Jeffpogany

    Punishing Scav on Scav Violence

    Hi ive been playing EFT for 5 months and i have maybe 10 hours of pmc action to show for it most of which was in offline mode for practice and map knowledge the other half of my time as pmc was spent trying to find interesting encounters with fellow pmc's of which half the encounters were met with unsure peace of mind. This has been impossible for me to manage as a player scav on any of the maps every single player scav i encounter attacks me on site most of the time i dont even feel the need to immediately return fire instead i run almost everytime because i know that player doesnt has jack in his crap sack worth killing for so why even waste the bullets when im almost guaranteed a standard Aks74u just from peacefully looting weapon crates often times i find two Assault carbines by the end of my scav run all i am asking for is to play my scav the way i would want to play without accomplishing the same exact result everytime being my immanent death from a lurking player scav and not by a PMC who are intended to be my true threat. In my personal opinion simply tallying time penalties toward scav on scav violence is the sufficient incentive to mitigate the temptation of murdering a fellow scav. I think the player should be penalized for injuring or killing both ai and player scavs most severely against other players, so maybe like 2.5 minutes for injuring AI 5 minutes for killing plus the 2.50 minutes and scav on scav should be doubled in penalties 5 minutes for injuring and 10 for murder. I think playing as the player scav who is receiving fire from another player scav there should be a good incentive for that player to retreat and not engage just for the kill but only to save there own life in exchange for a small five minute penalty so i figure maybe if you are injured first and return fire and it gets you the kill you could receive only half the full time penalty while player who injured you can receive the full penalty for the simple intent of killing one of your own. I figure if this is made a stack-able penalty for player scavs only it could reduce the amount of both ai and players scavs being killed by other player scavs. Personally i enjoy this game the way it is but its obvious to me that scavs are not able to do what they are intended for and it saddens me to know that no scav experience counts toward my progression in a meaningful way not even metaphorically as i learn from each death, death as a scav means nothing yet i feel like it should be more then just a free loot run. I would love it if BSG redeseined scavs as a collectable survivor of some kind that you can play as so long as he lives with his own stats and inventory. I could not care less about having my own separate scav stash maybe as a unique storage system so it would not be overpowered and if that scav dies you lose access to his small stash forever. Escape from tarkov is the most difficult tactical shooter to master as well as almost being equally as hard to truly love inside and out i just want tarkov to be as hard as possible while maintaining some level of being approachable for its intended audience. Scavs are a beloved part of the game for me i love the concept of defending my homeland from invaders who wish me and my comrades harm it adds a nice level of complexity to combat and i feel that only makes the game that more unique. Right now i feel like its balanced well enough to function as intended for supplying your pmc but i honestly want more interesting engagements and adventures as a scavenger and i want to feel like the good guy when ever possible because at the moment i feel like all scavs are inherently evil and just want to steal my tuna fish and toz. I would like to hear others opinions and ideas. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK TARKOV IS LIFE!!!!
  11. XxLuciferxX

    Scav timers

    So, Scav's more to the point player scavs, Why is it player scavs and normal to be precise can spawn with mill grade weapons and ammo? m61 ammo and giving player scavs m61 is a joke surly? 2 and a half minutes into a game i spawned vepr hunter, m61, run over to the nearest fight, 2 shot the dude in fort, np, kill his mate to, out i go fully loaded, same thing happens a million times a day, player scav timer needs increasing, weapons need nerfing, or Player scavs need removing entirely. Rant over Thoughts?
  12. IzSumTingWong

    Scav raid enrichment

    So devs. I am slightly curious? Why do you all feel the need to make the scav (player gear) underpowdered, but make the scav ai themselves. Over powered in this patch? Even in night time, one taps, pre fires & aim locking. If you are going to do that. Please give them NVG'S or guns with NVG scopes? How the hell can they see if a player can't see them. Realism is the idea you all want, right? Then how does a scav see a person all in black not moving behind cover & just snap lock & bang bang after being shot twice with a Sv-98... How about you guys allow the scav players to spawn in with AP bullets, instead of being destroyed by killa, scav players or bloody full geared players. Like what is the point, You spawn bp loaded ak's on the maps. Why not allow the scavs? It's only bp or bs rounds.
  13. Gutshot57

    Scav Group?

    I tried to go into a game as a scav with my friend, who was also a Scav, but we never spawn in the same spot together. Is this intentional or some kind of error?
  14. LordDefiance

    Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  15. Lotta text coming. Scroll to the line before the bullet points for TL;DR. Just something I felt like throwing up a topic about and voicing my opinion on. I'm by no means a Tarkov veteran. I've only played for two wipes now and only have maybe a hundred PMC raids and a similar amount of Scav Runs. But this is a topic that I think is abrasive for everyone, new and old. Long story short, I want to address the constant shoot on sight mentality that Player Scavs have in Tarkov. Tarkov is a game where people are both paranoid and greedy. This isn't a negative, however, as the paranoia keeping everyone on edge and greed to snatch and exfiltrate with the best possible loot is what makes the game such a unique experience. This is fine for PMC Raids and Scav Runs, but only to an extent in the latter. In a PMC run at the start things are somewhat contained. Players spawn in at approximately the same time. Scavs typically spawn in shortly after and at an adequate distance from PMCs. Scav Runs however have way more variables. You spawn in at a random location with random gear around whoever my be near by, be it Scavs, Player Scavs, or PMCs. Now it goes without saying, there's not much that can be done to change this, nor should there be. The random nature of it all is required. But such spawns, in tandem with the traits and mentalities I touched on prior, result in the topic I want to address. Player Scav on Scav/Player Scav violence. I know this is an old topic, one that has been talked about in the past and that there may be some systems in the works for. But I still feel this is a topic worth throwing up here so I can voice my thoughts, as well as others if they want. I personally think that Scav on Scav violence at the moment is a sore spot of the game that takes an interesting part of EFT and makes it a bit tiresome. Now, I don't think that Player Scavs shouldn't be able to kill each other. But I do think that, at the moment, it's a bit of an epidemic that negatively impacts the game for some people. That being the case, I think a number of changes can improve the Scav on Scav violence. TL;DR- I think Scav on Scav violence is kinda annoying and abrasive in EFT and it can be sightly modified to make it a more interesting and fun experience. Some thoughts below. Increase the Scav Run timer by 10 minutes per Scav (or Player Scav) killed in the previous Scav Run to a maximum of one hour If no PMCs are left in the Raid, killing other Scavs (or Player Scavs) increases Scav Run timer by 5 minutes Killing X Scavs (or Player Scavs) in a 24 hour span results in your Scav being "marked", thus Scavs aggro upon on sight after entering a Scav run Killing Scavs after X amount within those 24 hours increases the time marked to 24 hours since the last Scav kill, till you kill no Scavs for 24 hours Marked Player Scavs will be denoted by red arm bands they cannot remove while marked (possibly red facemasks or other item of clothing) Those are just some thoughts and recommendations I have on the matter to make Scav gameplay more focused on actual scavenging and focusing on PMC enemies. Given that Scavs are still out for their own interests and cutthroat, you can still kill other Scavs, but at a cost. Want to kill that Player Scav who is trying to extract? Do it. You'll incur a 10 minute penalty as your Scav lays low for killing one of their own. Want to kill more Scavs for better gear? You'll need to lay low for longer, or even lose the trust of the Scavs who will attack you on sight for the time being. As I see it, this is a somewhat lore friendly option that I think could be very interesting if implemented. But yeah, that's what I've got. I'm curious to hear what other people have to say on it and if you think Scav on Scav violence is fine as is, could use some tweaking, or what. Thanks for reading if you somehow read all of it, btw.
  16. NoMercyyy

    Neue Scav waffen?

    Hi ich hätte ne frage an die Jenigen die eventuell sich sehr gut auskennen mit den Scav Waffen. Ich hab heute nur eine runde als Scav gespielt und habe gemerkt das ich auf einmal eine SA 58 AUS in der Hand gehalten habe ist das von Patch 0.11.5 neu? hatte bis jetzt nämlich nur AKMS AK 74N und so nen zeug wie TOZ oder Mosin deswegen meine frage ob es als Scav neue Waffen gibt?
  17. ldtorroc

    Scav on scav violance.

    Ok... so this is something i have been having an issue with. if im playing my scav with the npc scavs helping to protect them and use them as cannon fodder, only for a player scav come up and start shooting me. I turn and kill him after he scores hits on me, only for the npc scavs to turn and start unloading on me. We need to see a fix to this some how to keep it fair so players who are protecting them self from a player scav dosnt have to worry about the other scavs turning and wrecking them.
  18. JoeRowland

    How do I spawn as this scav?

    I was just playing and I ran into this guy... seems like he's lv 50 boss or something...
  19. I don't know if this has been confirmed or not by the devs. I personally want players to know who I am when I kill them as a scav. I've had a lot of moments when I've wiped a squad of PMCs or 1 tapped a fully geared PMC with a pistol. The ability to turn off your anonymity while playing as a scav and display your PMC's name instead of a random scav name would be a great feature. I get that the characters are meant to be separate. Perhaps another solution would be you could give players the ability to name their scav character, that way I could name it "Omoz(scav)".
  20. neverhood69

    Scav'd in as KILLA

    So.... Let me explain how this happened because yes, there is a story behind it. Scav'd into Interchange. Killed the "KILLA" w/ a shotgun. Disconnected while trying to extract (twice). Immediately started talking poo to the Tarkov gods as i assumed i lost all the gear. Come to find out I hadn't. I simply scav'd into factory and presumed to extract. I then transferred all the gear over to my stash. What the duck. Enjoy.
  21. Thormato

    Scav behavior

    I just wanted to state that you Guys are doing a great Job at making the Scavs more realistic, Artificial intelligence in general is still in its Baby Years and People just have to understand that you cant create a perfectly Behaving AI, which is not distinguishable from a human, overnight (or at all at this time). Of course Scavs have an Aimbot, how else should they be able to shoot at a Target? They are PC-Programs and not controlled Characters. Therefore keep up the great work, you are a small Studio and have better AI then most Game developers. Today for example i couldn't tell if the person i killed was a Scav or a PMC until i looted it, because of its movement and behavior. For sure you have to keep working on them, but you are surely on the right way.
  22. GhostSpartan117

    PVE Endgame?

    We need some kind of endgame for those who like killing scavs and avoiding players, Tarkov is more or less an MMO and the most important part of most MMOs is what you do once you have hit max level. Tarkov is really lacking any endgame past level 40 and I have come up with a decent solution. First off I think most locations should be locked by level. For example you can't do Labs until level 40 or you can't do interchange until level 25 or something just so that you have more to look forward to while leveling in Tarkov. I also think that there should be unique end game raids that are strictly PvE similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you go in with a minimum of 5 PMCs or something and you go through a linear location killing scavs and a few scav bosses which drop unique loot that you can't get anywhere else in the game. These locations would be locked behind a cool-down of a day or maybe a week so after you have finished killing all the bosses you have to wait a period of time before you can go through that location again. I really hope there is some more adjustments in the near future to how level affects your character and some improvements on how the game is played once you have gone through the whole leveling process.
  23. The_Grape_king

    Makesift attachments

    So peapole are creative and especially when in a war zone. So i thinkig of mekeshift attachments thet scavs could make like nailing a rail to an sks or oather wooden handguards These would only be found on scavs
  24. Himmuguegeli

    Neue Spezies endteckt.

    Hier präsentiere ich euch meine neuste Entdeckung. Seine Bewegungsart deutet auf seine enge Verwandtschaft zu Tetrapoden hin. Durch meine Beobachtungen konnte ich feststellen dass es völlig immun gegen Blei der Kategorie 7,62x39 mm PS ist. Selbst mehrere Kopfschüsse ließen es nicht zu Boden gehen, es störte sich kaum daran, auch wenn es das Bedürfnis verspürte in Deckung zu gehen. Ich kann euch jedoch beruhigen, es sieht sehr schlecht im Dunkeln. Dennoch ist es durchaus nachtaktiv. Ich taufe es hiermit Indoscavtor und rate jedem Spieler zu abstand. Dieses Gerät scheint nämlich nicht von- oder durch Desync zu entstehen, da ich normale Scav´s davor und danach noch einmal getestet habe. Und wie seine nahen Verwandten die Scav´s wird es sich vermutlich bei Kontakt zu wehren wissen.
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