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Found 253 results

  1. ... they are trained as f***! I got to see some of theyr training. I gues he just tried to become a full grown man but i hindered his advance! Sorry Bro!
  2. Yarbay

    Scav Circus

    This happened in offline Mode in Woods
  3. Lemon-SqueezeR

    Spawning Glitch?

    So after not playing the game for about 2/3 weeks I come back today after seeing it as a slightly big patch. I do a few main character runs and die of course, Then i switch to my Scav, Factory, loaded in. Instantly died. Now before i died there was a Scav standing exactly where I had died, my character "yawned", I don't understand that but then fell to the floor and died. I was in the raid for about 2 seconds before death. The end screen came up and said I died etc. Other things such as my most damaged body was my leg and that was the only main thing. Has anyone else had this before or after patch? or did i just have a really bad, really really bad case luck.
  4. Hello, i hate it so ducking bad that im willing to make a board post. I got a very good Idea for all the bullshit/rampage player scavs.... They get their own server/Raid, where all bot scavs are hostile to player scavs since they start/spawn. since the last "Open" Beta it went really horrible and i only get killed by scavs as a scav.... before the Openbeta it was perfect. random player scavs didnt shoot themself up and they hunted the pmcs. But now scavs killing scavs...... Or their cooldown should be doubled tripled or so ducking long that they never attack a scav again.... Or bot scavs instant headshot those treators..... its not possible to play a normal scav round and hunt pmcs. regards p.s. sorry for swearing, i cant hold it anymore.
  5. The first time I played as a scav I stayed alive until time was up and got to keep the gear. Then the last two times I have played even though I survived until the end it said "missing in action" and I didn't get to keep anything? Has something changed? Do the scavs have to extract now also?
  6. Broman

    Scav Bug

    After downloading the patch today I've had sever instances where I've been killed by an AI Scav because his weapon makes no noise when he fires it. I just fall over dead with no clue that I was even being shot at. I get no suppression nor any noise from bullets going by. It's just instant death and when I check the screen after it shows I was killed by a scav. Their characters will still say things and I can hear that but like 20% of the time I hear no gunfire whatsoever and just die.
  7. Deucey

    Factory Scav Spawn Rate

    Played 10 games on Factory after patch, After wiping all the PMCS (Fort lul) I experienced about 20-30 Scavs overall in each factory game. I am not complaining because they never killed me. But it is kinda stupid to see SO MANY Scavs in such a small map flooding in all at once, I even saw 6 Scav groups at times. Feels unbalanced getting 15k-20k XP Every game lol
  8. I've played a couple of Scav games. I noticed that when I find/loot a nice bag and extract there is no bag in the transfer screen. Last game I killed a player, looted his Pilgrim bag and all his stuff, his dogtag and extracted and some nice goodies.. At the transfer screen the Pilgrim bag was gone, with all the stuff in it. Is this a normal thing in Scav's? Speedy
  9. SG95

    The Punisher Pt. 3

    I found this mission to be very unfair considering that I got all 25 kills in under an hour but i didnt turn in the mission in that much time. In my opinion the devs should make the mission unable to be failed once the 25 kills are fulfilled
  10. cholleboy

    Scav Reset

    How do you reset the scavs on a certain location? I've seen that the scavs reset at their spawns, but how exactly can you trigger it?
  11. fAiMZPAD

    SCAVS AI is broken?!

    Are you maybe able to fix your scavs? sometimes they cant kill you for like 10 mins... BUT more times they play like wallhack and aimbot... what the hell is this? losing more gear to scavs than players. would be awesome, thanks
  12. Kedzie

    War on Legs 2018

    Every single Scav I encounter aims and shoots almost exclusively at my legs. What sense does that make in the game's setting? Why would scavengers aim at someone's legs with a shotgun? I understand that it is a reasonable choice given armour mechanics (as legs are unarmoured), but your everyday enemy won't prioritize lower body parts. They'll aim for centre mass! Every raid I go into my armour loses little to no points from damage, but legs are instantly blacked out from the first shot of some far away shotgun Scav with impeccable aim. Conversely, when I down a Scav, I manage to nearly destroy their armour. Why should the AI's behaviour be any different?
  13. SCUMS_Seba

    Flying Scav Bug

    Be aware guys of this cheeki bastards, cuz they can fly. Here is the proof.
  14. postboote

    Scavs fire through Trees

    Today i was playing on Woods, flanked a Scav, which saw me in the last meters. Since I was able to see he is moving I put myself behind a big Tree, just to feel, he can shoot through this tree with his TOZ. I got one shooted instantly through this very tree. Since I know this now, my question is, did you had such situation, too? And, may it happen they fire through walls, too? (This would allow me to know why I died a lot of times where I scanned terretory around me 360°, saw nobody and was instakilled by Scav) No matter the fact, I like the game. I'm just curios if you encountered something like this aswell.
  15. Taegaar

    Scav spawn in times - Shoreline

    In the past few days when ever I spawn in Shoreline as a Scav I have about only 11-12 minutes left to extract. This is way too short a time to be left in the raid as a Scav, especially on the largest map in the game. You basically just have to run to the extract and hope you can loot something on the route out.
  16. So let's say you spawn on Factory. PMC or Scav, doesn't really matter... And you hear someone going around with a silenced automatic weapon, killing everything they come across, over and over again. They're not dying, and they just stick around. Never leaving. What do you do?
  17. stiffLX

    Possible Scav Bug.

    What happened is this : I got in a scav-run, looted up and extracted sucessfully. Then after that I get prompted to the screen where you transfer your stuff to your global inventory and by accident I force-closed the EFT.exe when I was Alt+Tab'ed out of the game. ( I accidentally right-clicked the exe and closed it in the task bar) So I was bummed out that I lost all the loot because I didnt tranfer it from the scav-character. And then comes the crazy part: After the 30 minute cooldown on the Scav I started up another scav-run and what do I spawn with: The same exact gear which I forgot to carry over when I closed the game. So techically you could easily modify your scav loadout for the next game by just force-closing after extraction. Is that a known thing? I have proof of it on my twitch channel!
  18. d0gday

    Insurance missions

    This came up while i was playing with friends doing scav runs. It could be interesting to add objectives to a scav run. Maybe it's 'retrieve a dogtag' or 'bring skier 2 attachments' or 'bring prapor some 5.45 ammo'. Even use prapor's insurance messages as a motive. He's always telling me he's got guys out looking for my dropped gear, so why not actually let the scavs be those guys? You get sent in as a scav to retrieve players insured gear for prapor. But you can't equip or put it in your backpack - insured gear would be designated a quest item and go in that bag so you can't just steal prapor's business. Obviously there would be a monetary incentive, or even reputation gained (that would carry over to your PMC) for completing tasks to make doing them worthwhile. I just think it could add an interesting element to the gameplay, and give scavs more of a purpose. Or even add a new faction to play (scav, PMC AND collector) and make it an entirely new option for players to choose. That way you can make some cash while you wait for your scav timer to reset. Thoughts?
  19. jburke620

    AI Scavs too good?

    Is it just me or are the AI Scavs "too good"? I've been playing around on Factory Offline just to get a good feel for things & learn the map. Needless to say I have been getting REEMED HARDCORE!! Now I have been getting better but good lord it doesn't seem to be enough! The AI is DEAD ON with just about any weapon. I am absolutely fine with a challenge! I like getting outnumbered & pushing my limits. But when I'm face-to-face with an AI Scav & dump a shotgun round to his chest there is NO WAY that he should be able to maintain consistent & fatally accurate shots. In a game sense, they should at the very least, be "taken back" by the shot, knocked down (gets back up), stumble, or just be less accurate. Now you're probably thinking, "BuT tHeY haVE BodY ArMoR!!11!" HAVE YOU BEEN SHOT WITH ARMOR ON!?!? EVEN WITH A "NON-LETHAL" BEANBAG YOU WILL REGRET LIFE, LET ALONE BE ABLE TO SHOOT BACK ACCURATELY. Just saying... Not trying to be a "keyboard warrior" or a "Google Professional" But trying to point out a potential issue that may or may not be addressed. *It's a game* - Yes one that balances on the realism aspect. *What do you know about realism?* - Join your Military or local PD / State Police and you might learn a thing or two. Now there are times where I have 1-shot a Scav with a pump-shotty & there were times I dropped 5 shells just to be killed. The game is fun & will continue to play. I'm just wanting to point out that there are some aspects that are just a little too, "Really, how is that possible?" Especially with the AI Scavs. (And no I don't mean COD whiny fat kids getting noob-tubed in mommy's basement really how is that possible gonna SWAT that ass-bitches house) So I think the AI Scavs should be touched up on just a smidge. Don't make them easy farm material, but at least incorporate better "reactions" to being shot. What do you think? (And don't waste you're time by saying something along the lines of "Get Gud", Weapon this, Armor that) Thanks!
  20. XpertAndy

    Player scavs ruining the game

    Every time i go scav there has to be a player scav killing me. And on factory i sometimes spawn right next to other player scavs. It is stupid, they always kill anyone no matter what faction they are, because they don't understand the game. There should be a screen explaining the situation for everyone before being able to play as a scav.
  21. I have noticed AI is able to shot trough any object or material with shotgun from any distance. Of course not trough the map. They can shot the leg, while I crouching on the railwaybridge and only my head is sticking out above the concrete block, both at the main road and at the old gast station on Customs. And today I got my legs blackened out as I was in in the ditch and I could barely see the head of the scav, but it managed to score my knees. Of course with a Saiga 12ga. I have read the fix about the collision got repaired trough fences,etc..and now seems it got fixed so well, pellets does not collide with anything. BSG, please fix!
  22. Kremshnit

    Scav spawn suggestion

    Hey, guys! Just a request - when I spawn in a game (especially as a low-life scav), is there any change I could NOT spawn in front of a player? At least to some distance? If player position is A > then scav spawnpoint must be at least A+50 meters. As a general logic. Or 100 meters, whatever you wanna make it. Or maybe another workaround - if you are so unlucky to die in the first minute, as a scav, then you can instantly jump into another game, and not wait 30 minutes... Thing is this just happened to me for the second time in two days and I have to say it's not only unfair, but it contributes towards making the game a bad experience. Spawning in front of a player and getting insta-killed is by no means something fun. Thank you for reading, cheers!
  23. TheHatCatYT

    1 bullet 2 kills!?

    SOMEONE PLEASE TEST IF BULLETS GO THROUGH PLAYERS Sorry im hyper, was playing woods and i lined up a headshot with a walking scav When i took the shot i saw another scav fall 100 meters away I was 100 meters from the 1st one anyway I think I headshotted them both I really really really wish i had a recording of this!
  24. MrAnd3rson

    15 min on Shoreline

    I just had a scav run on Shoreline with 15 minute left from the game. Of course I couldn't extract in time. I believe it shouldn't be possible to spawn with such time left remaining.
  25. Flarry78

    Fragen zum Scav modus

    Hallo erstmal... Mir stellen sich so ein paar fragen zu dem Scav Modus Ich bin noch relativ neu in Tarkov Meine erste Frage : Wenn ich als Scav in ein Game joine, kann es auch andere Spieler geben die auch einen scav steuern im gleichem GAme jetzt? Das fürhst mich zur 2ten Frage: Wenn auch andere Spieler Scav steuern können, ist es dann so dass wenn ich einen vom spieler gesteuerten scav angreife oder töte das dann auch die AI scav auf mich schießt ? oder wird diese erst böse auf mich wenn ich auch AI scav angreife ? Und meine letzte Frage: Ich bin 2mal als Scav einfach so gestorben, keine ahnung ob das übermächtiger stacheldraht war oder was ich vermute , wenn alle online spieler also alle PMCs zum Ausgang gekommen sind oder gestorben sind, sterbe ich bzw veliere ich dann automatisch ?
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