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Found 84 results

  1. vascovet

    red guns

    I have been browsing the different traders and I noticed some weapons or items appear under a red layer. I thought it might be because they are broken or disabled. But during a raid as a scav I've got an AK in the same color, didn't shoot even a single bullet it is sitting in my inventory like that. what does it mean???
  2. vascovet

    red guns

    I have been browsing the different traders and I noticed some weapons or items appear under a red layer. I thought it might be because they are broken or disabled. But during a raid as a scav I've got an AK in the same color, didn't shoot even a single bullet it is sitting in my inventory like that. what does it mean???
  3. Lonewulfza

    Stash - Approximate value display

    Good day, I was going through my stash today and I wondered to myself how I would be able to tell how much better my stash has grown since I started playing. This led me to the idea of a 'Stash Value' variable display at the bottom of your stash. This value could be calculated by the 'top sales price' of every item in my stash vs the general item price (excluding any reputation discounts etc). This will allow me not only to see growth and accomplishment of my actions, but also give me the ability to compare my stash vs the stash of my friends. We would then be able to try to compete against one another for the highest stash value. I know it is a tiny idea in the scope of the whole game and what still needs to be done, but I wanted to mention it here anyway and see what you guys thought. Thanks for the awesome game BSG. <3
  4. truskolas

    Money in stash

    As a proud owner of Standard Edition, not complaining about the stash size, but only having a suggestion for stash maintenance. I think that we should get a second ,,stash" for money. I play with a team of people, I don't die so often, and my stash is flooding in money. I know that there are money cases, but getting them is not so easy. Maybe money should be only in one stack? Whole money in 1x1 or 2x2? I created this topic only to inform, that the problem like this occurs.
  5. Raider103

    I want a bigger stash.

    I understand the only way to get a bigger stash is to buy a different version of the game. Can Do I have to pay the $54 for the second level version even tho I bought the $35 version already..? Can i just pay the difference for the versions. How and where can i do this? Thanks in advance.
  6. TG-Spooky

    Upgrade stash

    What happens to the items in my stash when I upgrade my game version? Do they disappear or are they still there?
  7. I upgraded to EOD edition 30 minutes ago. I reseted my gamprofile after receiving your email and the version in the launcher changed to EOD version. But so far there was no stash upgrade and no new items in my stash either. I cant reset my gameprofile until 09 Jan 2018 04:34, but i really want to use the stuff i just bought :). Pls help.
  8. hidden_citizen

    Inventario Completo Traders

    Hola Supervivientes de Tarkov! Hoy les dejo los inventarios completos de los Traders, actualizada al parche Al pie de cada imagen también están los canjes específicos de cada objeto. Que lo disfruten! Prapor: Therapist: Skier: Peacekeeper:
  9. KngRetro

    Only Issue I have with this game

    Give the Standard Edition players a bigger stash, or atleast release a small 5$ stash boost pack, this stash is ridiculously small and honestly frankly annoying, It's just limiting the game for me, and I really dont want to buy a whole new version just for an extended stash. So please, improve this.
  10. Xenome-111


    Hey can we get some more stash size plssss.
  11. I just upgraded my standard version to the EoD version of the game. The launcher shows as much, as you can see in this image here: When I log into the game I still only have an alpha pack, and my stash is still tiny. None of the pre-order items mentioned in the EoD package are in my inventory, and I have no pending messages. What is normally supposed to happen when you upgrade? I didn't feel good at all shelling out for the larger stash, so now I'm pretty upset that it isn't working, and I haven't received any information via email or otherwise telling me what I should expect, or how long it will take before I get what I paid for.
  12. Monty_CRO

    Stash size expansion

    Hello devs! Love the new update, so much improvements it's hard to remember them all. Love the improved performance and sounds in particular. I did not notice the size increase in our stash tho, will that come in the near future? Thanks!
  13. Niahkl

    Stash sorting system

    I suggest a sorting system of the Stash to make stash management less tedious and time intensive. I would prefer a free system to maintain room for personal preferences and emphasis. The idea is as follows: Allow assigning stash Areas for certain Item-Types per dragging or clicking the desired cells. The size could be a single cell, a row or a block of cells of any size. Item types would be categories: -weapons -meds -YouNameIt WIthin those category cells, rows or blocks you can assign furter restrictions and ammounts. Example: Create a 2x5 area inb your stash for "meds". Assign a 1x2 subspace in meds for "Bandages". Maybe allow colorizing the background of those areas. Now i would suggest that items you ctrl-click from your inventory into your stash directly go into the assigned areas. For a final luxurary feature i would suggest a possible category "sell", where all the items go when the designated area is full. This system would allow a free, modular management of the stash depending on personal preferences or current item needs and would allow for a quick and clean dropping off of items inbetween raids. Let me know what you think or add your own suggestions.
  14. IcRyI

    Gun Space

    So I been thinking about Dynamic Gun Space Usage. What I mean by this is quite Simple. For example a normal AKS with a Buttstock uses 4x2 Inventory space. Now my Idea is that a AKS with no Buttstock would only take 3x2 Slots as shown in following: https://gyazo.com/b7f9d571248483ef723ad2289993948f The same for every other Guns like M4 and AKN. Thoughts?
  15. XNeonXGhost

    Stash Upgrades?

    What is the timeline for the ability to upgrade the stash from in game progression. I have just recently purchased the standard edition of the game and i am already having issues with my stash not being large enough. I understand that it is possible to increase the stash size by purchasing a different version of the game but before I spend more money I would like to know if stash upgrade are coming anytime soon. Thanks!
  16. zpwarrior

    Separate Stash

    How would people feel with a separate stash for keys,cash and food/water. Right now keys and cash already take a decent amount of room and I don't even hold onto food or water which will be needed later on in the games progression. Getting closer to a possible patch, I have most of the traders maxed and I have issues with a full stash, even with the EOD version, cant imagine the standard version. I think it would be a nice quality of life addition, even if it was something you had to purchase from traders in order to gain access to them.
  17. stAKato

    Lay-Figure Stuff preset

    Hello Everybody, Dear Devs, I know that tyding (somehow cleaning) stash is one of the moste important feature escape from Tarkov gives us... But waiting friends and mates for quite a long time between each lost RAIDs or sometimes, even those we won, is a bit disappointing and discouraging. Please, would you mind about adding some "presets" in the hideout ? Like Lay-Figures or some mannequin we could buy (with a maximum of 1, 2, or 3 idk) at a trader or find in spare parts. Then, we could equip these with preset equipement and weaponry and jump in RAID more easily and faster. Thanks for reading, Regards, Bubu, French community (this precision explains the way my "bad" english )
  18. snag180

    Key ring already!!!

    Like the Document pouch we need a Key Ring for key storage already!
  19. PhineasWhipsnde

    General question regarding stash wipes

    I'm not criticizing or complaining in asking this, but am just curious as to in what way(s) stash wipes help with the development process? I'm sure they are; just interested if there are any answers on it the devs feel they can give without disclosing info they want to keep under wraps at this stage of the game? I'm thankful yesterday's hot fix didn't initiate the next wipe, since I selfishly want to enjoy my pilfered "looty" (shameless nod to ShoSho) as long as I can.
  20. Masteryijedi

    Does Upgrading Wipe Inventory?

    Just curious if upgrading from the Standard Edition to Edge of Darkness would clear/wipe my current stash.
  21. BladeBorn246

    inventory Wipe on release?

    So, recently as I've been playing this absolutely amazing game (buggy, but I understand it's beta so I don't mind). I have been hording items and keeping a lot of things in my inventory lile guns, ammo, meds, etc... However, I'm wondering if on release or open beta will our inventories and stashes be wiped to make it a bit more fair and equal playing field for new players. Or will we be able to keep our stashes upon release. Thank you! Great game!
  22. killerson6

    Stash reset on upgrade?

    I bought the base version of the game and im find the stash size to be a bit small, and i really enjoy the game. So i was thinking about upgrading, but im worried that if i upgrade my stash i will lose all of my good gear. Can i safely upgrade my game for a bigger stash and keep all my stuff or will it all be reset? Thanks
  23. jnzy


    Please give us the option to spend in game money to increase size or just increase it for the beta. I literally cant put anything in so I have to discard or go out and fight until I die to make space. It will make everyone happier btw...
  24. Hey, I bought the game (standard edition) and then I decided to upgrade to the higher tier. But my stash didn't get larger (by 10x30). Help.
  25. S_Snake

    Stash full screen

    Hi, I think it would be very satisfying to be able to make stash view full screen to get a easy ability for organizing it. its annoying to scroll up & Down and Left & Right while dragging a big item. Thank you in advance.
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