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Found 83 results

  1. MrRosah

    Stash Space

    I have the standard edition of the game, so of course it came with the standard size stash (I knew this upon my purchase) but after only one night of play I am already very low on room especially if I do Scav runs. So my question is, Will there ever be a way to upgrade your stash size without paying actual money?
  2. barillo

    Stash size

    Hi! I just got into the EFT closed beta and I noticed that my stash size is so small that I almost can't fit anything in it. Is there any way to increase the stash size w/o upgrading the game edition? ^^
  3. nabboboy

    Quick Tip

    quick tip to save some space in your stash
  4. GordonThunder

    Stash Organisation

    I think having a click and drag to select multiple items, to be able to then move them about in the stash. e.g select shotgun ammo, move it down 2 rows and then move another weapon/equipment into the space that was there. - For quicker and easier organisation Could expand on this idea of ease of use within stash etc. organisation.
  5. W4r_Bug

    Suggestion Bundle

    So I put together my own little collection of ideas I thought would be nice to see in the game: 1)The stash window should be detachable or expandable, to eliminate the scrolling, perhaps with tabs to sort things the way you like (add, edit tabs) 2)Bartering should be much simpler and make sense, why would I trade 2 nuts and 2 bolts for 1 Ruble? You make 4x13 (52) Ruble by selling that stuff directly, like why is that even there? Ergo, exchanging components or world items should be turned into something sensible 3)The bullet description for the 5.45x39 ammunition should be adjusted, the bright bullet tip makes it hard to make out what you are looking at, perhaps design different looking bullets. OLD vs NEW 4)Escape doors should be breachable, ergo kick it in to help with the campers. You still need to get out, but by the time the "open" animation ends, your dead 5)Your gear should only EVER really be gone, if looted. Ergo if the person doesn't take it all, you keep what was left on your body (Ain't realistic that you rise from the dead anyway, might as well keep the stuff nobody takes, also explains how you keep the gamma container) 6)The trading system is not working atm, the ranking is way too demanding for the few thousand players that are playing and the crappy selection of items. See: (A)First level requirement (Character level 5+100.000 spent) unlocks simple weapons and cheap mods (B)Second level req. (Character level 10+250.000 spent) unlocks body armor and more advanced weapons and their mods (C)Third level req. (Char. lvl 15 + 750.000 spent) unlocks bartering ability to trade across with components and their worth, better weapons + %-Rebates and so forth 7)Traders should have mods for the things they sell, meaning a lot more than they have now. Which makes it a little less painful to invest into a decent gun 8)No more artificial barriers (I believe are due to lack of collisions (currently)) But you should be able to sneak into any crevice that fits a man with a gun, like sneaking under/into pipelines and train cars etc. and NOT get stuck 9)Lower quantities of world items to trade for components, 20 figures to trade for a piece of a gun? 30 drinks? Really? With a stash size of 10x30? Not cool 10)implement a key chain that can have all the keys on it, because why do 2 keys take the same room as a pistol or a magazine? 11)Rats, would be nice to see and hear. Like in the sewer environments, noise and confusion included, Perhaps deer in the woods? 12)Include the environment into the chaos, shooting fire extinguishers for noise and smoke, CO2 tanks same idea 13)Climbing, because realism and a free world, meaning you can sling your rifle or throw it over the fence/wall and climb the wall, some you might need to take a run at
  6. Hi. I'm new here and thinking to pre-order one of the editions. I've read the FAQs and searched the forum but I couldn't find any info about the differences between stash and secured container. Could anyone help me out with it? Thanks in advance.
  7. So, i heard you can have 3 diffrent characters BUT if you have 1 in USEC and 2 on BEAR and you play primarly on BEAR can you get your BEAR character stuff on stash and put them on USEC operators inventory trough stash? Or is stash like character personal? And if it is personal will you have pre-order bonuses on each of the characters? So to simplify im asking Can you have more than 1 stash or not? I didnt find (Again im so greatly stupid) any other related topics to this. Thank you all for information
  8. SheepGoesMoo

    Will You Be Able To Upgrade Your Stash?

    Hi All, I have one question that i didnt see anywhere esle, Can you upgrade your stash in game or the only way to do it is by paying money to upgrade it, because i think it will be a little bit pay to win if you can only upgrade your stash by paying real life money. Thanks, SheepGoesMoo
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