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Found 41 results

  1. Hey guys Im trying to create an escape from tarkov community where you can come and play with anyone .Im trying to do this through my stream and trying to get my stream out there ! https://www.twitch.tv/survivallsam
  2. Kimisaru

    LF Few More!

    So me and my Buddy are LF 2 to 4 extra players to survive with in Tarkov Prefer those who play the game alot (not every hour of everyday ofc) but enough so can lvl up and loot alot togther And ofc that you dont mind being on a stream and in a Youtube video onces in a while Here are some of our req we are LF in a player Req : 18+/from EU/understand and speak english good enough so we can understand each another/Mic and Discord/ no massive background noises (because i stream and make Youtube video's / And ofc have a sense of humor Comment here or PM me if you Meet the Req
  3. xxXBELOMORXxx

    Stream mit Entwickler

    Heute gibt es stream leider auf russisch trotzdem wenn es interessiert hier dazu link: https://www.youtube.com/user/Chernobyl52 findet heute statt um 18:00 uhr
  4. akito1233

    Stream NDA Lift Akitorino

    Hallo Liebe Jungs und Mädels Ich Spiele Escape from Tarkov seit dem ersten Tag der Alpha und bin extrem aufgeregt das Spiel dann endlich am 24.03.2017 zu Streamen. Daraufhin möchte ich jeden von euch der das hier liest gerne zu meinem Stream einladen sobald es dann wie gesagt endlich Streambar ist und man dann auch mal was zeigen darf. Ich gehe auch davon aus das es dann auch bestimmt Gruppen Spiele geben wird also mit euch Zuschauern und gemeinsam etwas töten kann und Spaß haben kann was ja das allerwichtigste ist nämlich Spaß. Ich wünsche euch noch viel Spaß beim spielen und Töten in der Hoffnung das mal auch jemand dann am 24ten vorbei schaut von euch würde mich auf jeden Fall sehr freuen. Bis dahin euer Akitorino https://www.twitch.tv/akitorino https://www.twitch.tv/akitorino https://www.twitch.tv/akitorino
  5. Today, there was a stream in which the CEO of Battlestate Games answered some questions about the game. The stream was in Russian, but some people did translate some information from the stream. Stream/Recording: @xxXBELOMORXxx and @Opti0 were so kind and translated it into German. I made a quick list of the information gathered from the stream and translated it from German to English for you. The anti-cheat system is currently in alpha stage but it is continuously improved. Caught cheaters will be banned. It will maybe be possible that players can create quests for other players of their clan or for other players in general. The developers are trying to make sure that quests will not feel "random". The arena stage will feature different combat scenarios. For example there could be scenario that involves two IFV's and infantry. The in-game economy will change its focus to barter and money will be less valuable. The relation to traders will also become more important. You will get not just get access to better items, but a negative bad reputation with a trader might also result in the trader making up "excuses" for not being available (I got the flu, I am waiting for a important delivery etc.). It is possible that two bullet proof vests that are currently in the game will be replaced by a system that allows customization by the player. For example, you could have a plate carrier vest in which you could put in different plates. The current priority in the development is the change to the current version of the Unity Engine. The process of making that change caused more issues as expected, but the build with the new version already improves some areas like desync, lag and spawn delay. apart from that the developers are also improving the netcode in general. The identification of friends or foes will be improved with colored armbands. There will be a Ghillie Suit in the game in the form of a vest. The usage of RAM will be improved. Czech Translation of the Interview Thanks to emissary @PugMonk
  6. TheCappy

    Stream EFT

    Witam serdecznie wszystkich zamierzam streamować Escape from tarkov od razu po zniesieniu NDA bądź po uzyskaniu pozwolenia od developerów posiadam ogromne doświadczenie jeżeli chodzi o tego typu gry blisko 2000 godzin w armie 3 oraz 1000 godzin w DayZ Standalone https://www.twitch.tv/cappysupersoczek
  7. kingbuki

    Twitch / YouTube

    Hallo zusammen, Ich wollte EFT auf mein YouTube Kanal oder auf Twitch Stream. Laut Nutzungsbedingungen darf ich nicht, leider gibt es diverse Leute die es bereits tun. Ich unterstütze das Projekt ca 1 Jahr. Finde es schade das nur wenig Deutsche Streamen dürfen. Wer kann mir helfen das ich so schnell wie möglich 24/7 streamen kann ?:) Mit freundlichen Grüßen KingBuki
  8. iamswiezy

    Permission To Stream

    Hey there you awesome developers! I wanted to ask if it would be possible for me to spread the hype for EFT on my Twitch Channel? I think my audience would love that! And if that is not the case: How long (roughly) till the alpha will be openly streamable? Got so excited for it that i bought the limited edition to make sure that I'll get the best experience out of it! So now I feel like the time to share that has come Best regards, max
  9. Since the beginning of the extended alpha on Thursday, December 29th, 2016; NDA was lifted to only few members of the press/streamers. NDA is still in effect for the rest of our players but it will be getting lifted gradually and not immediately for all. Yesterday we already had several streams and videos from independent streamers that are not developers. We offer you the list of these videos that are already published, with much more new to come very soon: English: Youtube Video by Starsnipe - Daily Videos 9 hour and 38 minutes stream by rehinocrunch: https://www.twitch.tv/rhinocrunch/v/110652550 Russian: A Youtube video brought to you by Kuplinov ► Play: Few Streams by igromania: https://www.twitch.tv/igromania/v/110858494 https://www.twitch.tv/igromania/v/110869666 The videos made in the alpha version of Escape from Tarkov do not display the final product/quality of the game. Nevertheless, it has a lot of interesting and funny moments we invite you to watch and enjoy on.
  10. Once the NDA is lifted and the community is free to stream what sort of videos, guides etc. I've started building up the groundwork for some content to have it ready whenever the NDA is listed and I'd like a to have a range of content available.
  11. Voxel


    Hi I wanna know how many of you will stream EFT in Beta or after realise? If you want you can paste links to your twitch/hitbox or what ever platform you will stream I plan to stream and make videos about EFT to show for example detailed discussion about skill tree (polish language might make eng subtitles ). https://www.twitch.tv/vvoxelv Waiting for respond and see you in game or on streams m8's P.S I hope I didn't made any mistakes grammar,spelling and you understood what I said upper .
  12. Hey, habe gerade durch Zufall wieder jemanden gefunden der EFT streamt. Derzeit ist er noch Live.
  13. Dex (Aust)


    Sounds official now. We should hear something about the Re-stream next week. I will keep my powder dry until we have official date/time. The graphical Designer at Dev is a complete genius. The qualities of the texturing and true to real life design features are F.....amazing. Overall, a Big Thumbs up to the whole Team. Thanks @TarkovEscaper & others at DEV, and as usual....
  14. Приветствуем друзья! Представляем вам наше короткое мнение о прошедшем стриме Escape from tarkov. Заранее извиняем за звук и оговорки (связанные с движком). Удачи разработчикам в следующем стриме и разработке игры.
  15. Просьба добавить на сайте EFT ссылку на официальный twitch-канал BattleStateGames. Я всерьёз полагал, что канал с адресом, совпадающем с названием компании не является фейком(вот я, дурак). Но даже без моего влияния количество подписчиков этого фейк-канала растёт.
  16. Please stream the vidya game devs! It'll be Friday and that's 5 days away from my exams! It'd be amazing! I would stay up as long as possible to watch!))))))))) Well regards from Canada! -Thomas H.
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