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Found 48 results

  1. hallo und zwar wurde mein Account gehackt, habe dennoch zugriff durch den Auto-Login, Passwort und Login Name sind geändert worden, sowie die email... Habe das so an den Support weiter gegeben und ja, Sende denen die Zahlungsinformationen und alles was in dieser Email drin stand die ziemlich automatisiert aussah und dennoch erst nach einer stunde kam, wie auch immer, alles gesendet und KEINE ANTWORT seit 30 stunden, habe ein zweites Ticket eröffnet wo ich nochmal darauf aufmerksam gemacht habe das mein account gehackt wurde und die bitte mein Ticket weiter beachten sollen aber nein, die gleiche email mit den anforderungen kam nur in einer anderen sprache, langsam regt es mich auf! https://gyazo.com/7cb89e761ebb56d546c59161da262dfc https://gyazo.com/6c96886d574566c8dd84d43b5215b48a
  2. szafir1978


    takie tam luźne rozważania, ucięło początek - pisałem o spadku fps (znów) po ostatnim (dużym) patchu.
  3. Smity82

    EOD edition upgrade question

    Hello! I just upgraded from standard to Edge of Darkness edition. I didn't realize my account reset timer was not up. Anything I can do to bypass this? Can I make a support ticket to get it reset by a moderator or something? Just want to get working on my traders again and getting my stuff back. Thank you for your responses.
  4. Healz91

    gifting the game

    i bought the game as a gift but have no idea how to gift it to my brother he installed the game but it said not purchased has anyone gifted the game to someone?
  5. Been getting this error since the last update and errors like it concerning loading traders. Have Log included. Happens before I hit main screen. Any solutions? Cant play the game because of this error
  6. Can someone help me its not letting me play. I recently moved to college and now when i open up the launcher its not giving me the option to hit play. it gives me this error: Login error Unable to connect to the remote server A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
  7. we encountered hackers in customs flying allover the map and we died not taking shots or anyting
  8. venomfrosty

    Actual support

    Will there ever be a team dedicated to fixing anything? Its been months now and i still cant launch the game with multi-monitors unless i spam alt enter and pray for it to work. I lose full sets of gear at least 3 times a day because "server connection lost" and then it refuses to re-connect. All i can think is you did this to yourselves. this game will never leave its early access stages, not when we're promised for months and months that "the desync will get better" and/or "but its early access" Nobody in their right mind wants MORE content when the old content is bugged to hell. Bring back performance optimization, nobody with a GPU from the GTX970 or up series GPU's should suffer 30fps on a game that's not visually breathtaking. You can "b-but its EARLY ACCESS" all you want but those people that played the games the last 2 weeks are shitting on the game with bad commentary. They dedicate resources to adding new guns but you still get stuck at hole in wall at factory, or lockers. Or between two normal rocks at woods. I don't get why new content is prioritized over improving that which is already there. I love the concept but it's becoming bitter. Bitter because the horrendous low refresh rate servers (if it even has 5hz ill be surprised), the desyncing, the stucking, the launcher issues and even more game breaking things like opening a door just to get stuck in that animation until you restart the game and probably die. These things are game breaking, but "HERE"S THE OTHER PART OF SHORELINE!". The textures are bland, the post processing is mediocre, there aren't really any simulations running; it begs the question, why can't mid-high-end systems (gtx1060 and up) get stable performance?
  9. Wie im Titel bereits angesprochen hab ich nem Hatchling mit der TOZ 3x in die Beine geschossen. Distanz 1-2 Meter. Er konnte mich folglich immernoch mit der Axt killen. Im angefügten Screenshot seht ihr meinen zugefügten Schaden in dem Run. (Er war mein erster und einziger Gegner, da ich gerade erst gespawnt bin). #support
  10. firehead121

    Region on BattleState Launcher

    I accepted my Beta Invite however beside the install button for the game my region appears as EUR, I'm not sure how I can change this due to the fact that I'm actually from Canada. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Deadmode

    Cannot report bug

    I am have attempted to submit a bug report through the support requests several times, using several browsers, and I cannot send the log files or video of the bug. Once attached files to my report, the 'submit' button is inoperable. Upon receiving a response from BSG, I still cannot send files. Has anyone encountered this or can anyone offer me an alternative method of sending the necessary files?
  12. Hi, I've been playing tarkov since late October and haven't had a problem other than slight FPS drops here and there and whatnot. Within the last day or two for some reason Everytime I start EFT it starts as a black screen and all I can see is my mouse cursor. When I move my mouse cursor around I can hear it going over the menu options and can even hit whatever the exit button is even though I can't see it! This is frustrating I've tried running the launcher as admin and even uninstalling and reinstalling. I've also updated my drivers and shut down my firewall. I loved this game I just wanna play it. Anyone encounter this issue???
  13. 大家好, 這篇文章將致力將所有已知問題,解決方案各個部分集合起來,包括啟動器,論壇和遊戲。您可以在頂貼找到內容和答案的鏈接。我們希望這篇可以幫助您解決任何可能遇到的問題。這是一個額外的文章,使你的遊戲更輕鬆。請享用! 解決方案目錄 常見問題/事件: 設備ID (Device ID)問題 / 出現"211- wrong activation" 預購包問題 付款不通過 區域鎖定(Region Lock)如何影響您 禮品代碼(Gift Code)問題 創建新文章的問題(新論壇會員) 如何報告錯誤 升級到更高的產包,但是遊戲資料沒有任何改變/沒有獎勵派發 遊戲常見問題/事件: 由社群玩家提供的初學者指南 地圖指南 控制指南 關於鑰匙和出口的資訊 關於武器資訊 有關醫療用品的資訊 遊戲技術相關問題: 登錄遊戲時出現‘’Error 231 - Wrong Taxonomy/Version’’ 物品不被保存/副本無存檔(離線模式) “Error299”卡在服務器中 啟動器相關技術性問題: 嘗試通過啟動器下載/連接時出現''Error 111 - No Connection'' 使用啟動器時出現“Error 102” 官方媒體及中文社區 Battlestate Games: http://www.battlestategames.com/ Twitter : Battlestate Escape From Tarkov: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/ VK : Escape From Tarkov | VK Twitter : BetaEFT Facebook : Escape from Tarkov Instagram : Official Escape From Tarkov IG Escape From Tarkov中文社群 : Facebook社團 : Escape from Tarkov 逃離塔科夫 Discord : 《逃離塔科夫》中文交流頻道 - Escape From Tarkov Chinese Facebook粉專 : Escape Form Tarkov 逃離塔科夫 戰隊/團隊招生集中貼 戰隊/團隊招生集中貼 其他Q&A Q:Closed Beta 在甚麼時間? A:2017年夏季(7月28日)開始 Q:遊戲會在Steam平台發售嗎? A:會,由遊戲完成品公告後就會申請登上Steam平台。 Q:遊戲會有中文化嗎? A:目前已在進行中,有興趣可以參與 https://translate.escapefromtarkov.com/ Q:我己購買產包,請問甚麼時候會知道自己可以進入遊戲? A:得到資格時,你會收到郵件通知。 Q:會有亞洲伺服器嗎? A:香港,韓國及部分亞洲地區已建立伺服器,日後會繼續增加 Q:遊戲有防外掛系統嗎? A:有,系統是由我們自己開發的。 Q:會推出VR實境嗎? A:有可能。 Q:季票有期限嗎? A:沒有,季票會包括日後所有DLC。 Q:玩家可以自製模組嗎? A:部分可以,但要經我們審核。 除了這些,您可以通過點擊這裡獲得支援中心的其他幫助!我們的論壇支援團隊也可以在三個分壇上為您提供幫助。謝謝
  14. RabidWeasel95

    Blind fire

    I don’t know what keys make me do the blind fire thing, can somebody please tell me
  15. I'm not sure where to asked for help as I'm not the one having issues, Apparently a friend of mine just recently got banned for no apparent reason, he tried to contact support but everytime he makes a new ticket it closes. So I'm hoping either the devs, mods, or the support team could maybe help me out to help him as well. All he did was launch the battlestate launcher, check for updates, and opened up the forums, in result he got banned. Send help ASAP as we really wanna play together. Thank you!
  16. **I posted this thread in the for developers forum, i'm not sure where i should contact or ask so i'm posting it here as well. If the moderators were to assist it would be highly appreciated I'm not sure where to asked for help as I'm not the one having issues, Apparently a friend of mine just recently got banned for no apparent reason, he tried to contact support but everytime he makes a new ticket it closes. So I'm hoping either the devs, mods, or the support team could maybe help me out to help him as well. All he did was launch the battlestate launcher, check for updates, and opened up the forums, in result he got banned. Send help ASAP as we really wanna play together. Thank you!
  17. StarFish_AC

    DirectX 12 support?

    The approximate system requirements are saying currently, that a graphics card, that supports DX 11 is recommended. I am just wondering, if there would be a DirectX 12 support for EFT? Maybe not on release, but sometime in the future.
  18. Hello Everyone, We would like to announce that we are now actively started recruiting for new additions to our Escape from Tarkov support team. We are looking for the best, dedicated and tech-savvy members of our community to coordinate with us and give support to the rest of the community. The tasks of the support team: Manage the 3 support sections on our forum Help users solve issues related to Escape from Tarkov Go through and solve support tickets in a timely manner Communicate and coordinate with the development team Gather data when/if needed Open Sections that a support personnel would handle: Account Issues Game Issues (Gameplay issues, bug redirecting, etc) Technical Issues General Questions Who we are looking for: Be a dedicated member of our community Be active and have the time to support the community Tech-Savvy Be able to understand and speak either English or German (Or Both) Be a good team oriented person/Team Player Have some good amount of knowledge about the game If you think you can learn fast and interested in being part of this team, we would love to start solving issues with you so head over to our application form and fill out the questions after reading the full details of this position. The form can be found by clicking here! Thank you!
  19. Hello peeps. So I want preface this by saying I got all level 4 traders and am lvl 36, so I have been playing for a long time. Today was the first time I realized that this was really a bug or issue and haven't found a forum post that resolves it or even confirms that other people are having it. So I might be the only one. Basically my Special Action Modifier [default = ctrl key] is not working at all ingame. I know it recognizes it because in chat i can use ctrl-c and ctrl-v plus i can unbind it and rebind it. However it does not work in game for some damn reason. I cannot use CTRL-T or CTRL-RMB to toggle LAZERS or SIGHTS. Before i had lazer sights and when trying to toggle them it wouldn't work and I thought, "O well, guess its a bug" but now that I'm trying to get hybrid far/short range sights I realized that it also doesn't work and its a huge issue.... Has anyone encountered this or know of steps to troubleshoot this. I have tried to bind it to something else but to no avail... I cannot understand what would cause this issue for me uniquely. Like I said, it works everywhere (in-game other games) except when I am actually in a session with a gun in hand Please help Thx in advance.
  20. Hi zusammen, seitdem die Beta Wellen offen sind, habe ich immer mehr Spieler gesehen, welche die Handfeuerwaffe wegglitchen nach dem Tot. Hab mir mal die Mühe gemacht und den Fehler nachgestellt. Und konnte so eine Beschreibung erarbeiten. Nein, wer sich nun freut diese zu bekommen, keine Chance. Das war lediglich um einen Supportfall zu öffnen und die Chance zu haben, diesen Glitch aus dem Spiel zu bekommen. Ich kapiere einfach nicht, wie man in einem Spiel immer nur auf Fehlersuche sein kann, um einen eigenen Vorteil zu bekommen. Haben diese Leute nichts besseres zu tun?! Naja hoffen wir auf den nächsten Patch und viel lieber wäre mir, dass die Leute die dies meinen Nutzen zu müssen in der nächsten Banwelle sind. Cheaten lohnt nicht in diesem Spiel. Das sollte jedem klar sein, denn die Strafe ist hart und fair - aber für die betroffene Person auch gut teuer :-D
  21. Планируется ли поддержка DirectX 12? В интервью с разработчиками было заявлено, что юнити пока не поддерживает DirectX 12, но когда появится поддержка, будет ли игра на него переведена?
  22. BaD_KaRMa_701

    Mod Support / Steam Workshop Support

    I am wondering if you have had a conversation on giving the fans access to the tools to make mods, will the Developers support the modding community? Will there be a steam version of the game with workshop support. Something similar to games like the games ARMA,and DAYZ have implemented.
  23. Будет ли поддержка контроллера от Xbox One? Драйвер и поддержка этого контроллера есть в последних Windows. Слышал что разработчики пробывали их в деле. Триггеры контроллера от Xbox One очень удобны в FPS (Destiny, BF4 и пр.).
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