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Found 114 results

  2. PotatoWarriah

    City and game name origin

    Hello, I was researching a bit, and I cannot find any references or mentions of anyone discovering this before me, but it looks like name "Tarkov" is not coincidence. To me it looks like paying tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky, filmmaker who directed Stalker movie. I am wondering if I struck gold here?
  3. Всем привет! Уставновил адоп премьер и решил поделать нарезок разных, очень много всего можно наделать с нарезками со стримов, но пока не понял в каком формате лучше видео сохранять. Может кто подскажет как лучше это сделать с учетом того что комп у меня не настолько уж крутой для обработки видео. Заранее спасибо! Видео ниже: П.С. Видео лучше смотреть прямо здесь (качество не шипко хорошее на полном окне) =)
  4. TheWay

    Szczegóły i zdjęcia trybu Scav

    Głównym elementem nadchodzącej aktualizacji będzie dodanie wyczekiwanego trybu Scav. Scav są to mieszkańcy Tarkowa, którzy postanowili zejść na złą stronę i zostać bandytami. Jest to poboczna klasa, która może wnieść całkowicie nowe doświadczenia do Escape From Tarkov. Sprzęt, uzbrojenie, miejsce i czas pojawiania się na rajdzie, to wszystko będzie całkowicie losowe. Najważniejszym aspektem podczas grania jako Scav jest to, że jeśli zginiecie podczas rajdu, nie stracicie nic z ekwipunku swojej głównej postaci, a jeśli uda wam się przetrwać, to wszystko co znaleźliście jest wasze. Scav jak na razie wynika ze wstępnych doniesień będziecie mogli zagrać raz na godzinę. Innymi słowy, jest to alternatywny tryb do znajdowania ekwipunku i udziału w walce, bez strachu o utratę swojego ekwipunku. Warto dodać, że boty będą w stosunku do was neutralne o ile ich nie zaatakujecie. Zapraszam do zapoznania się z oficjalnym gameplay'em oraz z załączonymi zdjęciami. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A5DXxgBZkM
  5. CC.Craft

    Adventures of Tarkov [RP thread]

    Welcome to the Adventures of Tarkov Roleplay Thread Before we get into this I would like to point out the rules I've come up with for this thread As well as remind everyone that Forum Rules still applies. __________________________________________________________ Rules of the Roleplaying Thread; No one shall make another user's character take extensive action No one shall Injure, kill or put another user's character in a bad situation resulting in injury of any kind No insults, vulgar language or offensive behavior will be tolerated (stay in accordance to the Forum rules) Feel free to tag a fellow friend if he gave you his consent Stay within the scope of Tarkov (Events that lead you there, What happened to you in Tarkov, etc) Any debate about religion, politics or other sensitive subject will NOT be tolerated Follow the Flow of the posts, don't make drastic changes in setting unless talking about past adventures Any NON-RP must be clearly indicated with [NoRP] at the front and [/NoRp] at the end. and clearly delimited from the actual RP post itself. Anyone is welcomed to join into the ongoing RP, just follow the rules Tagging potential RP lovers @ArmaSwiss @Blackb1rd @Natalino @pnee @TrippyBryce (I apologize for the lengthy read through ) Let's begin....[RP below] _____________________________________________________________ The gleaming light of sun down is reflected by countless broken windows. Distant gunfights can be heard along with the faint sounds of mortar shells hitting the ground in a thunder of explosions. Dense black clouds of smoke are rolling on the streets coming from the north east. Remnants of military trucks and UN peacekeeper's Humvee litters the area. Multiple buildings have markings on them, spray painted BEAR claws here. USEC flags there. Nothing has been spared, the only common and recurring theme here is destruction. Down south of the main road lies an old abandoned Factory complex. The building towers over the surrounding area like a dead giant. Holes covering it's roof, blasted doors and walls bearing the damage of high-caliber ballistics. The giant building itself is surrounded by a vast deserted parking lot. The whole area spanning over 1 kilometer. Echoing from deep within the structure, the sound of gunfire can be heard. By the multiple interstices muzzle flash can be seen. The firefight is constant, almost lighting the area inside as the sun sets down to the west. The bullet cracking on the walls and metal sheets within the compound is almost deafening. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... Inside the building the tall 6'5" USEC is pinned down by a barrage of gunfire. Behind his makeshift cover made of a tipped over forklift the man is clearly in battle trance. His movement are meticulously calculated, like repeating a dance he's practiced all his life. His movements are quick, precise and filled with deadly intentions. Bullets are cracking around him. There's no way to know the amount of OPFOR in the hellish chaos that surrounds him. With no way to communicate for backup... *Sigh* "Those useless engineers...Can't take out a simple Comms Jammer in sector 21-B" The man turns right in a quick graceful yet deadly motion. Three muzzle flashes. The three bullets hits directly center mass. Another dead scav. As the man gets back into cover a bullet hits the front of his weapon. There goes his M4A1. The barrel bores a massive dent about mid way into the KAC RIS handguard. He quickly take off the weapon from his sling and switches to his secondary. Pulling the bolt he makes sure the ammunition is in the chamber. 7.62x54mmR glimpsed for a split second in the chamber. Only left with a SV-98 with high-powered optics, the USEC is in deep water. The gun fight keeps on going. Multiple weapons are fired across the Factory building. The constant discharge of firearms seems unending...Until suddenly... *Clik Clik...Clik* Out of ammunition. This is the end. The USEC lays down his weapons in front of him. Empty magazines littered at his feet. MP-443 "Gracht", SV-98 and a beaten up M4A1 to his left. In a last moment of crazed mindset, the man stands up and walks directly out of cover. His arms extended and hands forming imaginary pistols. He fully expect a barrage of bullets to meet him at any seconds now...It doesn't come. He was prepared to meet his end like warriors of ancestor's time. But not this...nothing...not a single sound. He cracks into uncontrolled laughter. "Hahaha, Haha hahaha. Aww Fate! DEAR FATE! you bless me again...NOW WHAT?!" Under his breath; "I bet my freedom stick that BEARs are around laughing at me right now..." The silence is becoming heavy. After a gun fight that lasted just shy of two hours, the seemed unreal. From the other side of the Factory echoes a scream; "Возвращайся домой, USEC!" The USEC goes forth, and in a friendly way waves his hands above his head. Approaching a metal barrel, he flicks his Zibbo into it, lighting a fire while he pulls a makeshift chair made of a half broken crate. He grabs his Camel Tri-Zip backpack and pulls out food. He then picks out a pack of Marlboro's and light the Cancer Stick in the Barrel fire. He keeps those for truly messed up events. Like this one. *In between two puffs* "Why there! Don't be shy my Russkie friends or whoever you are!! I know you're out of ammo too. And since I'm hungry and tired, let's just share a meal and get to know each other! HEAR THAT!!??! CEASE FIRE! LET'S EAT...And talk...just leave those weapons back where you are. But bring some of that Tushonka! I'm quite fond of it!" "By the way...I'm Jesse. But you can call me Craft...as for where I got the name from...that'll will be a good story, if you'll join me!" Craft, the crazed USEC then sits in silence, waiting either for death or for company....
  6. Zapraszamy do przeczytania wydania gazety Tarkov zawierającej informacje o śledztwie prokuratury przeciwko byłemu burmistrzowi miasta Tarkov. http://tarkovgame.pl/burmistrz-sprzedawal-tereny-grupie-terra-labs/ Zachęcany do komentowania i przeczytania reszty naszych artykułów!
  7. (This is Role Play) Hello! I would like to direct your attention to something very mysterious I uncovered today. I was browsing the net, and came across a headline that intrigued me: "Is This A Message From Future?" I found the article on CNN, but was not sure if I could trust this source. It's a warning to all citizens of Tarkov, and I nearly lost it because I couldn't believe what I found. You can barely make out the message, so I worked my audio/video magic, and cleaned it up the best I could. I also included subtitles so you can gain a clear understanding of what is being said. If this is real we are in for something really awful in the next 8 years. See the video, and judge for yourself...Stay frosty.
  8. Hunted

    Misfit's Clan

    Hello, Tarkov We are a "Mature" gaming community, currently playing Dayz, but will be guarenteed too see us on tarkov, we have a military based clan system that is currently working out well with a big clan , you can reach out too us at www.misfitsdayz.com , were accepting new members steadily , we have a trial process, so we dont just let in the faint of heart, we play too have fun. any questions you can contact us on forum or stop by our teamspeak the adress is located on our website, when you post or join teamspeak please report too whichever HR or officer you speak too that you were referred by "Hunted" , we are currently a Dayz clan, so if that's what your doing right now while you wait for Tarkov, hit us up!!
  9. Разработчики говорили что будет сюжет и миссии и главная цель сбежать из таркова, а если я сбегу из таркова то игра закончится ?
  10. DerpingWork


    I just wanted to make a suggestion. I think it would be cool to have some certain zones (not necessarily safe zones which wont even be there) whete we could see army or some other group interacting with late-escaping civilians, ofcourse they (military and civs) would be killable and lootable, but in my opinion it would be cool to have these NPCs standing somewhere and talking to others. Like in metro where there were random groups having a dialogue. Also it would be good to have some zones where would be some communities (traders and such) like the Diamond City in FO4, gathering of people you can interact with and eventually slaughter them, earning yourself some bad name and making another community spawn somewhere else. Ofcourse it would be quite handy if you could use some of those NPC escapers as informators or guys going to assassinate other faction guys, but this, along with mines, bombs, traps and stuff would be pain in the a*s. So what do you think of this pre-seted zone where you could get quests, money, loot, kills and even enemies? IMO it could be quite atmospherical.
  11. Приветствую вас, дорогие форумчане! Многие из вас заметили, что в официальной группе Escape from Tarkov Вконтакте был опубликован наш форумный журнал "Tarkov Newsweek" под номером 3. Мы высоко ценим оказанное нам доверие, понимаем, что над уровнем контента нам нужно серьёзно поработать, дабы поднять его как можно выше. Мы получили много адекватной критики. Особенно на тему интервью, о том что не хватает интервью с разработчиками игры. Мы в этом с вами согласны, но хотим предложить немного иной формат, т.к. он, по полученной информации, будет более удобен самим разработчикам. Каждый из вас может оставлять в этой теме свои вопросы, касательно игры, разработчикам. Правила таковы: Вопросы не должны повторяться. Если ваш вопрос уже задан кем-то другим, до вас, даже если он похож лишь частично - вы просто ставите ему "Лайк". Нет лайка? Поставите завтра. Не оставляйте вопросов "акогдастрим", "акогдаальфа", а так же им подобные. Модератор @Флеш наверняка будет приглядывать за этой темой. Пять вопросов, набравших больше всего "лайков" к пятнице, будут отправлены разработчикам для последующего ответа. Если вопросы будут действительно интересными и адекватными, то @TarkovEscaper обещал дать на них ответ, так что, пожалуйста, постарайтесь, господа форумчане. Вопрос в самом комментарии должен быть всего один. Телеги на 20 вопросов - не подходят. От одного пользователя - один вопрос. Это заставит вас сперва подумать, а потом спрашивать. Попытка накрутить лайки с 10 твинков скорее всего приведёт вас к 10 забаненным твинкам, так что не стоит этого делать. Не стоит обсуждать вопросы других пользователей. Т.к. это тестовый прогон, то могут быть какие-то спорные нюансы, которые мы постараемся исправить. Вопросы прекращаем собирать в пятницу в 14:00. Если всё пройдёт удачно, то такой интерактив будет проводиться каждую неделю. Напоминаю, что разработчики оставляют за собой право отвечать или не отвечать на тот или иной вопрос. Поехали!
  12. enigmatic


    If the English speaking (North American fans) that are not aware of this site, the most recent news from the developers say that, "The first developer diary we'll see in a couple of days"! And in addition, "One player can safely have multiple accounts - One account can have up to 3 gaming profiles." source: https://vk.com/tarkovgame
  13. OLEGatoRUS23


    Сколько DLC планируется? Будут ли они в сумме стоить больше 3400руб? Просто хочется поиграть во все дополнения, но если все они стоят дешевле 3400р, то смысла покупать издание за 5к я не вижу лично для себя (увеличенный схрон и доп.снаряжение не считаю приоритетными вещами)
  14. Hampsterthedog

    Game Questions! [FAQ]

    Hello everyone! I am really looking forward to escape from Tarkov. I recently ordered the Left Behind Edition and I want to upgrade. I have a few questions also: In the Left Behind Edition what is the chance that I will participate in the alpha? For the Edge of Darkness Edition can I lose the combat tomahawk if I get killed? Last question, when is alpha testing? Hope to see you guys in game when this comes out -Eli
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