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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, I don't know if it's just me, but Prapors task number 6 where you have to kill 25 Bears in 3 hours just seems too difficult. Bears are too hard to find. I keep killing USEC and Scavs.... Can you guys please take away the time limit??
  2. hun616

    task for skier (armor set)

    I got this 2 armor by raid and scav but I hear that they have to be over some durability I not sure that these two can meet the requirement(on screen shot) I failed last time and get - reputation on him so help me out plz
  3. SKRA_Deejay

    Delivery from the past - prapor

    Hey all, I just got the document from customs, placed it in the factory as suppost. therefore on the task those are marked with a very good. I extract normaly, but that is not becoming finished. its like stuck i extracted 5times from factory, still nothing. Is this a bug? or am i doing something wrong
  4. shawshanked

    I need help

    Im fairly new to tarkov and i took a task on from skier without realising it had a time limit, i don't think im going to be able to complete the task on my own before the time limit is up thus resulting in getting the penalty. Would anybody please be able to help me to aquire the Fort body armor.
  5. lordpeppe

    The Punisher Part 3 / Timed tasks

    I want to put some focus on the timed tasks because I can't be the only one who is unpleased with how they work. In this post I am refering to the task "The Punisher Part 3" because so far it has annoyed me a lot. Kill 25 scavs in customs in 1 hour is a little bit daunting but fair enough. Tasks have to have some challenge or else they wouldnt make much sense. I understand that. What annoyes me greatly with this timed task (even more so because its time limit is 1 hour) is that the task timer runs even while you are on menu and loading screens. This seems unfair towards the player and puts players with worse hardware at an immediate disadvantage because they will have longer load times. For me it can take up to 2:30-3:00 minutes to load into customs and that is without kitting my PMC. So say it will take me 4 raids to kill 25 scavs... That's 1/6 the task timer just loading into the raids. It frankly makes me quite angry and I loathe having to do the task. In the future I would like timed tasks like "The Punisher Part 3" to only decrease its task timer when the player is actually in a raid. Just a suggestion, but I believe it would improve those kind of tasks and make them a lot more enjoyable to do.
  6. Xenome-111

    Help for skier task 1

    Pls help me for task 1. I need 5 forts :(.
  7. Dirpitz

    Fishing gear

    Tried completing the mission, SV98 placed but then no prompt for the multi-tool. Neither registered as placed so extracted to see if it needed a successful extract to register. Still didn't register as SV98 placed. Anyone else with the same issue?
  8. Enki_Destroyer

    Prapor Task Bug ? - Punisher 3

    Prapor - The Punisher part 3 (kill 25 scavs 1 hour) in Customs* Just "completed" this Task now ; - I hear the "mission completed" sound. - I check the Tasks in the Inventory and I see 25/25 in blue color . - I extract and I go to Prapor for get my reward and continue the Task, BUT appear like not completed and need to do again Im totally sure that I completed 100% in time becouse I hear the mission completed sound just when I kill the 25th Scav , and visual checked the task in the inventory. Can u help me ? I´ll try this task 4 times (4hours). Totally annoying have to repeat, so that it happens to me again... Thanks Tarkovians !
  9. ynnus86

    Balancing of trader tasks

    Today I finally completed the first task for therapist, finding the 5 salewa med kits. Those who own LB or PFE editions start with salewa so it's a little bit easier but for all others it's a really hard task for the first one. It might take lots of hours of pure farming (no fun at beginning of the game), even days for completing the first mission. I don't mind about hard tasks but why is it the first one? After that there are tasks like gaining access to room 206 in dorms or finding one gas analyzer (one one compared to 5 Salewa!). That's much easier so why isn't one of these tasks the first one in order? Would do thinks easier for the very beginning. Also the first task of skier can be very hard, finding one fort armor and also the kiver helmet. So you need to find the best armor in game? And also only 3 days time? As first task this is kind of hard. Why not starting with something smaller, like paca and kolpak? For those with PFE and EOD it's pretty easy since they start with kiver but where to get one as being level 1 and after a wipe almost nobody is wearing one? I did not find any kiver since the last wipe, only kolpak and one fort armor. So for the first quest this is too hard and stops the total progress of leveling and applying tasks. I'd like to have an easier start task for beginning (also after wipe) and then harder tasks. Maybe just the order of the tasks need to be changed? Or one or two beginner task added to the very beginning of therapist and skier, where you have easy things to do and gain only little reputation and reward?
  10. Enki_Destroyer

    Delete the Time Limit in Tasks

    Task and quest like : Kill 20 scavs in 1 hour Kill 25 BEARs in 3 hour Worst Tasks in the game , I dont like waste weapons and gears for a maniatic-rush-nonsense quest. I lose the desire to play with this.
  11. Enki_Destroyer

    Im USEC looking a BEAR for Punisher part 6

    I try 2 times this task , wasted a lot of money, weapons and gears. Any Bear interested ? We can make this task fast and easy
  12. Shauneok

    Skiers Final Task

    Afternoon all, In the current build what happens when you hand in skiers final quest (chemical pt4) to one of the other traders? Do you get a big hit on your standing with Skier? As it doesn't state that on any of the quest screens. Thanks guys. Shauneok.
  13. So, I'll get straight to the point! The other day (11/23/2017) I completed the 8th task handed to me by Prapor and was ready to move onto the 9th or so I thought, however I greeted by a empty task log and when I tried to check what the requirements for the next task was, it stated a LL within a small white almost square like form with a red number 2 next to it. I'm currently as of making this post, level 18 with my loyalty being level 3 with Prapor. My other loyalty levels are level 2 with Therapist, with all aside from the level requirement unlocked and then level 1 with the rest. If you are aware of the requirements that I have yet to do to be unlock this quest, I'd appreciate the help or if anyone is aware of this being a bug and something that I require support to fix or something? Thanks in advance!
  14. FosterFox

    Skier Task Bug?

    So I have the Edge of Darkness edition for Tarkov, and I used my Kiver and Fort body armor for the task for Skier. I completed it and gave him his armor, but I get a message saying, "I see, a job he wanted. Doesn't look like we can get along since you can't do poo. Go on, buzz off." I completed the task and he took the armor but the task came back up as if I never did it. After I completed the task I went and started tasks with Prapor and Therapist, I don't know if that had something to do with it but I lost my Fort armor and Kiver helmet, and now I need to get another set to complete the task I already completed. Can someone explain how this could've happened or why it happened?
  15. M3RC3N4R1066

    Multiplayer Missions

    I would like to see future Pmc and Scav missions in the future: Search and destroy, such as tampering with a radio repeater or destroying a truck full of ammunition not to be taken by other players, or making a vip mode where one of the pmc is transformed from the game into a prisoner of a pmc team that has to escort him from one point A to a point B on the map while other scav players have to engage them along the path and release the hostage ... obviously the pmcs in this case are very armatias have the strong armor ... It would be really nice!
  16. Skiers` first task in my mind is a bit rediculous. I know that the tasks are not supposeed to be too easy but at least make the first few tasks reasonably attainable. The fact that people are saying that, if you spawn in late into factory you may find a scav with fort armour, is frankly a bit of a joke for the first task, especially when now you are only able to level a trader up now by completing these tasks. It just seems to me that this task is deliberately aimed at slowing the progression of new players and making it almost impossible to catchup to the better geared players. I mean, even with Paca armour on, you come up against someone wearing fort armour and you might aswell be wearing a mankini. Come on, please sought this out, and give all players an equal chance.
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