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Found 162 results

  1. SmooveOperator1

    Looking for group

    Been playing the game for a while now, lvl 37. Mainly play on woods solo but am looking for a group. I'm fully geared. Message me so we can link up.
  2. slaughter1

    global DIscord

    gday lads just wanted to make a quick post about a discord server that a friend and i have made up for the comunity to make new friends, teams and even enemies >:) we arrange the discord into regions, uppon joining @ either myself (slaughter) or my mate (pilK) so you can notify us of your regions so we can assign you to that role making it easier for people to commnicate, team up etc... Discord link: https://discord.gg/eKNNbr8 WARNING: if you do not give us a region within a week or so we will remove you from the discord unless you give us a valid reason as to why you have not given us a region : )
  3. hello all, just wanted to leave mine and a friend of mines discord group here, its a world wide escape from tarkov only gaming group, here you can find yourself a team mate or even find yourself a new best friend ; ) if anyones interested, heres the link! uppon joining, please @ me (im the admin) and tell me what region your in and ill place you in a region role! discord: https://discord.gg/rWB26XT
  4. X86NL

    Looking for buddy(s) / team

    Im looking for a buddy / group to play with. Pref 18+ Currently im a lvl 26 Bear, im a dutch guy living in the Netherlands (EU) and im 32 years old. i see myself as a laid back gamer (allthough i have to keep my adrenaline under control the first couple of raids haha). Im not a noob but by far a pro. Running around as a lone wolf is fun, but i would like to have some buddys to play with. Steam: X86NL feel free to add me on steam or reply on this thread if interested. CEST (EU)
  5. lokosa

    Looking for Squad or Duo

    Hey Im looking for a mate or a squad to play withs im in the canada so if you wanna play add me i would like a someone withs a mic so add me Lokosa in game name,
  6. Looking for a teammate to duo with. Just started the game, but I have a lot of experience in games like Rust (1.1khrs), The War Z (aka I:SS aka NewZ)(600 hrs.)) , DayZ (300 hrs collectively between the mod and standalone), H1Z1 both survive and kotk (600 hrs), and others. I am 22 years old. I live in Ohio in the United States so its Eastern Standard Timezone. I only speak english. I use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication, I own a ts3 server. here are my specs: GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING M7 LGA 1151 Intel Z270 Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz with CORSAIR Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4 on a 144hz 1080p monitor If you would like, here is some clips from my first day playing the game.
  7. deck12345


    Hi All I am currently looking for a few players to team up with and work together must be 16+ and have an mic (will be using discord). I am a casual player but also like to play tactical at times. if anyone if interested reply to this or send me a pm. Thanks.
  8. Hello Everyone, We would like to announce that we are now actively started recruiting for new additions to our Escape from Tarkov support team. We are looking for the best, dedicated and tech-savvy members of our community to coordinate with us and give support to the rest of the community. The tasks of the support team: Manage the 3 support sections on our forum Help users solve issues related to Escape from Tarkov Go through and solve support tickets in a timely manner Communicate and coordinate with the development team Gather data when/if needed Open Sections that a support personnel would handle: Account Issues Game Issues (Gameplay issues, bug redirecting, etc) Technical Issues General Questions Who we are looking for: Be a dedicated member of our community Be active and have the time to support the community Tech-Savvy Be able to understand and speak either English or German (Or Both) Be a good team oriented person/Team Player Have some good amount of knowledge about the game If you think you can learn fast and interested in being part of this team, we would love to start solving issues with you so head over to our application form and fill out the questions after reading the full details of this position. The form can be found by clicking here! Thank you!
  9. njdaemon

    Hatchling roaming in squads now

    lol this game is awesome.. I just encountered a trio of hatchlings running from bush to bush in the woods together.. at first I was frustrated and angry as the last one pulled out a pistol and almost made swiss cheese out of me however it showed how unpredictable the game is.. desperate situations may call for desperate measures (or just for the fun of it) and their odds of survival were quite understandable.. luckily for me i got them in the open.. i was the guy with the short-barreled AKS.. to the third dude with the hatchet.. i'm keeping it! so that it doesnt come back to you through insurance
  10. lucasboobies

    looking for a teammate

    just trying to find a teammate to play eft with daily and chill im 15 my discord is https://discord.gg/8VgWrbJ
  11. deatheagle13

    Anyone Wanna Team Up

    I am very new to the game but I know how to play. I have discord JustDeath#2142 and steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109752460/ And can only play factory or I will crash.
  12. Hi, i am looking for players to team up with who enjoy playing the game with a tactical approach and actual teamplay. Teamspeak & Discord available. pm me if interested
  13. EliMaxwell

    Anyone down to play?

    Bored Tarkov player with not many friends that play, im 15 so if you're looking to play hmu in discord https://discord.gg/tezK2Z6
  14. TheCrippler

    Suggestion to stop team killing

    I have been thinking about this a lot and came to a pretty reasonable conclusion. When new players start a match with either their main character or as a scav, they get shot on sight by literally everyone. It's very rare to run into someone who won't shoot you. So their immediate reaction to that is to just shoot back at everyone too. As i understand it, USEC, BEAR and SCAV are supposed to be factions, with which players side to fight against the other and survive. There needs to be a way to make recognizing who is who easier. Be it coloured arm bands or making the uniforms even more distinct. Most of the time, you just don't know who's who until they shoot. And by that time, it's too late. But, you also have the problem of griefers who will just never go away. There will always be someone sat at the spawn, killing everyone that joins. The only way to solve team killing, be it intentional or accidental, is to remove all the loot if that player survives. Since the game is health pool based, the game could use a similar system as World Of Tanks, which keeps track of who fired first and once a set number of damage has been dealt, the penalty applies. This would bring a touch of mercy to accidental grazing shots in the moment of doubt. Making sure only those people are punished who follow through on the attack and deal a killing shot. In the post battle results, it should just not let you take anything out with you, even if you brought it in at the start. That would make people pay more attention to what they're doing, with a more serious impact to their gameplay, but without a heavy handed approach like time-out bans or kicking.
  15. Judge1988

    Suche paar leute

    Hallo Liebe Community von Escape from Tarkov Ich möchte mich kruz Vorstellen Ich bin der Judge reale name ist unwichtig (namen sind wie schall und rauch) ich bin knackige 28 jahre jung/alt wie auch immer ich suche noch ein paar Leute die das Spiel suchten/spielen wollen Ich habe einen eigenen Ts3 server ( ip ) Könnt mich gerne da Besuchen kommen und Escapen MFG Judge
  16. SteffanAM

    Looking for UK/DK players

    Hi lads and/or ladies. Currently looking for a few people to do raids with. Solo is fun and intense, but I could only imagine doing it along with friends would make it even more fun. So if you're interested (I got a TS-server available if needed), feel free to add me. About me: 28 y/o Lives in Denmark Played the game for about 3 weeks now.
  17. TheMrApostel

    Communication - Force mic into the game

    Hello all, this game will be played in clans or a group of friends which are using communication platform like teamspeak, discord, skype etc. So this would be a unfair for players who are playing alone because you can't hear them talk. Thats what me and my friends are doing. Because this game is a hardcore realistic one, i would really appreciate when all sounds captured of the connected mic would be forced into the game. In Arma there are mods to do so and i really like the idea. Maybe thats something the developer should consinder? Thank you for your time!
  18. deatheagle13

    Anyone want to team up?

    Any one to team up? I am very new.
  19. FlightLogic

    Team Identification Idea

    So I have an idea for teams, groups (what ever we are calling them). It is actually remarkably hard to ID a member of the group since we are all the same character. I understand a totally dynamic looking character would be way far off in the pipeline (if in the pipeline at all). So my idea hinges on the fact that there are patches that go on uniforms. These can vary from a unit to a country flag. So if a group can pick from a set of team flags, or country flags. Then when the group spawns into a server (without another team using the same flag), the flag is then assigned as a patch to the uniform. This might help with ID members of the team faster, and with out the need of rapid QE presses.
  20. mario206

    Looking for players

    SQUAD MLD need people to help me kill scavs and players looking for a team or anyone really just getting tired of grinding by myself join the discord and we can team up https://discord.gg/Ue23nYW
  21. Spacekouch


    shoot me a freind requiest if you wanna do some raids, just got the game today so im not a pro, just fyi.
  22. Spacekouch


    shoot me a freind requiest if you wanna do some raids, just got the game today so im not a pro, just fyi.
  23. Rowtag

    German Team looking for Players

    Dear All, We are a small German Community which is playing a lot of Games for Fun, or also Competitive. We are looking for German Speaking players which wanna have a lot of Fun in that game. Also if there is another German Clan which likes to join, you are welcome. If you are intereted, please let me know. Must haves: Teamspeak installed A good Headset to talk with Mature behavior (we are mostly 20 Years and older) Fun to play with us Some kind of activity You'll get: A nice community playing a lot of games A lot of fun in Escape from Tarkov! Free TS3 Server to use for you and your friends Other Gameservers for free use Forum and a helpful community Cheers! Rowtag
  24. thewhyterabbit

    Don't Tread on Me

    Whats up fellow EFTers I'm an avid gamer looking for some like minded patriots to game with. strict requirements: 18+ mic republican I play pretty much every day. i'm 32, currently in Hawaii, and generally play every night ( 3 hours prior to now, and 2 after the current time : 8:59 ). I currently have 3 other guys I play with, but they aren't on as much as I am, so I'm looking to branch out. I use to play COD2 competitively in CAL-I, and Cevo-P as well as attend the WSVG and 2 lan events on the east coast.
  25. I was wondering, if you work on a project for so long, and even work weekends how do you guys stay motivated? What is the ambience at the office? Do you guys do some fun stuff to at different times, or do you guys do a recap after a period with the team, a heads up / motivational speech? Or just go trough the forums and watch our input/laugh? Just curious :).
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