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Found 74 results

  1. Wulfyk


    So,does anyone know how to buy a rsass from a peacekeeper,i completed almost half of his quests and i still can't buy it.Does it unlock from quests,and what quest,or you cant buy it now?
  2. cv_snowblind

    New helmet Visors not being sold?

    Why do i have to find all the new visors but the fast MT one is sold by Peacekeeper? do i have to be loyalty level 4 with mechanic and ragman to finally get them? Even the kolpak one?
  3. ZenBones

    AK-74N Assault Rifle "Damaged"

    Prapor trades a "AK-74N Damaged" for one Blackrock rig, and I was just wondering what about it is damaged and whether or not it can be repaired. I've noticed that if I remove the gas tube, more specifically the foregrip, the rifle no longer has "damaged" in the name. Of course this renders the rifle useless as it's a vital part. The rifle has 100/100 durability, and no mods have any durability themselves, so I'm just confused. Is there a part missing? Should I be looking for a new gas tube/foregrip?
  4. I'm purchasing 7.62 ammo from traders and it's then showing up as 5.45 in my charcter loadout screen and further more, I bought a magazine for to house 9*19 for a sub mac and it doesnt show up my end after purchasing. Wasted alot on money on these items.
  5. TheColdVein

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    Hello, Escapers. While players are eagerly waiting for the next major update, the Escape from Tarkov dealers have decided to cash in on that! Starting now, all loyalty levels are unlocked, and the stock of goods is unlimited, but of course, the traders won't make it too easy so the prices went up, too. Hurry up to burn that hard-earned money! TRANSLATIONS: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of France @YuD Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Poland @TheWay Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Spain @MrXavito Swedish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Sweden @tobiassolem Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468 German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Germany @hakunamavodkatv Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Czech Emissary @PugMonk Romanian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Romanian Emissary @BelliniVirgil Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Dutch translation can be found here. Thanks to Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL
  6. Arth0u

    Scav Recruitment

    Current problems with scavs: Your scav becomes useless after you gain a certain level of loot. Scavs are severely unarmed compared to players. Why is your scav working for you in the first place? SOLUTION: A trader or something that allows you to recruit scavs for currency. More expensive scavs would have better gear, skills, ect. You could keep your scav after a raid, but once it dies it dies forever. Leveling up your scav's skills during raids. I'd like to see a system like this implemented some time in the future but feel free to suggest any changes to it.
  7. wolfsorrow

    Never doing traders greed event again

    Quick summary of Traders Greed (in short) unlock all the trader levels and put all items at very high prices but anything the player sells very low (20% as of this moment) thats all the event was. PROBLEMS with said "event" (it hurts calling it an event) 1. Raids are barely worth going out for now to make money cause well 5 runs to make up what you could make in one run 2. If you didn't have the money for said items before now you definitely wont until this farce is over (note: farce is a much better term for it than event) 3. For players who saved heavily and were enjoying having the objective grinds to unlock traders and spend their hard earned cash... well thats out the window 4. For long term players who have got everything unlocked this farce (love this word) makes all their hard work and dedication to the game pointless I'm on quite a few Tarkov group discords and at least 50-60% of people there have decided to drop the game over this farce (<3 that word) and the sad thing is there is no way to balance out the issues it has caused except for a wipe for even if the "event" ended right now too many players have seen their end goals, grinding put to waste, money burnt and game play ruined and have no want to return due to this. I myself love this game but even I'm having doubts about playing now if this farce is going to be repeated in future.
  8. Hey all, after a raid, I noticed all my traders were ranked to level 4, despite the fact that I'm only level 20, very below the minimum spend amount, and not enough reputation. I've sold and bought from them, restarted my game, and kept the items I've bought from them. In any case, I'm not complaining with the upgrades Thanks - GLHF
  9. Vandeno

    Trader's capped?

    So I logged in just now and my traders most lvl 3 and they are all max lvl now. Is that something BSG just did? Or is my game just bugged? lol Im so confused so much stuff now. Am I good to grab it or what?
  10. erivera0108

    Max Traders Out of No Where 0.0

    So I just finished a factory raid as a level 15 PMC. After the raid, I noticed that all of my traders were maxed out o.0. I am so confused, I have only done 2 task in total and like I said before I'm just level 15 so I could be maxed even if I somehow completed all of the tasks. Is there something that I am missing?
  11. So, apparently there is a group of squeakers (teenagers) who are just buying out the traders of any/all resources that are necessary to (effectively) play the game. They are targeting the following items: kevlar helmets Salewa health kits Fast MT helmets Paca (Level 2 chest armor) Ammo Guns Level 1 Helmet (don't remember its name) Morphine Water Every round when the traders reset, they instantly (and completely) sell out. Its pretty obvious there are some kids who have all the cash but no idea what to do with it have taken it upon themselves to troll us until they run outta cash. Given the prices are so low and that cash is a pretty easy/high commodity in the game, its unlikely they'll run out any time soon. One could request that these players be banned, bu t then there isn't really anything to ban them for. They aren't breaking the rules since there are no rules to regulate this sort of thing. So - some simple proposals: a time limit of being able to buy these type of things (you may buy 10 paca armor every 10 minutes, for example) these items become unlimited in available quantity there is a limit to the amount of money players can horde or just reset everyone (however, this is not a permanent fix as the issue will come up again once they build up enough money and mommy and daddy let them play video games during their next sprint/fall/summer break) Either way - can we please do something about this?
  12. kha0tiik

    Skier Bug

    Does any one else have this issue? If I buy something he upgrades to lvl 3, but nothing shows up. when I leave the trader page, he goes back to lvl 2. I have tried relogging, as well as getting more exp past just get 20, and the results are the same. Anyone have any Ideas?
  13. sir-bush-wookie

    bot's on traiders

    yes is there a way to stop these bot's that are on traders i have been camping fence for the last 30 mins to get kivers and i lost 3 of the to bot's there is no way some 1 could have got it faster than i clicked .. this had been this way for a while now
  14. Morning devs, Can we see the "fill items" button being moved on top - closer to the "DEAL!" button in the future ? the bottom replacement makes it kinda wired for a ui. and also moving items in the stash ... Can we also see items beeing replaced by another making the Tetris game smoother - Like when you move item A and drop it on item B - Item B will move to Item A location That´s what I personally would love to see in the future - just normal working methods and replacements.
  15. TheColdVein

    Fence Issue

    Dear, Escapers... Fence was not feeling good... We investigated. He should be fine now.
  16. TheHatCatYT

    What items to keep?

    I have found an old topic about this but I still couldnt find what i was looking for. Heres a list of items im asking " why keep? " please tell me why in the replys Hard-Drive : 60 round AK mag Circuit : 60 round M4 mag ES Lamp : Good for nades and trizip only? Car Battery : Any other use besides the SV-98? Gas Analyzer : Already did both quests for it. Gold Chain : Fort armor/modded weapons Plug : ????? UV Lamp : ????? GM Counter : ????? Filter : ????? Tushonka : ????? Drill : ????? 5L Propane : ????? Thanks in advance!
  17. I've never seen the traders set up like this, usually Therapist is at the bottom, above Prapor, Fence in the middle. Then Peacekeeper with Skier at the top. This isn't a problem for me, but I've just never seen the traders move around like this before and was wondering if anyone else knows anything about it?
  18. BulletTea

    AS VAL, VSS and SV-98 trading

    Hello We are able to trade items for a SV-98, or buy it directly. Makes sense right? Being able to trade something for the value a trader sees fit, or buy it directly for $$$. Now that this system iis in place, wouldn't that also make sense to also add both options for the VSS or AS VAL? Would be nice that, now that we can buy PSO scopes and the mags for those weapons for money, to be able to buy them aswell! Altough for a high sum ofcourse because they are rare. and I have by no means a fetish for these weapons in every game they occur no no no no
  19. GrantMoles

    Trader Quests

    I love this game, it is like no other and it is extremely addictive. But, i have one issue with this game; the trader leveling system is incredibly tedious and aggravating. This game is based on nothing but loot and survival and over all, having a good time. But my issue, is the quests that you must complete in order to level the traders to buy better loot. This is not a fun way to level traders and makes the game a chore to play. I bought this to have fun, not to complete tedious tasks that take multiple tries to complete. Thank you for reading my suggestion and i hope that you will take it to mind in order to make this an even better game.
  20. Hi dev, it's some days that the limited item system give me some thinking because it's a lot frustrating. I would like to know, if you guys have in mind something to make it more interesting and also less "fast mouse of the west" in the futures updates (like special recurrent quest or other stuffs). Keep the good work!
  21. Hello everyone It turns out that trying to receive the reward of the mission gives me an error 707. He has also given me the mission of the therapist as failed without having made or attempted. Now I'm going to reach level 35 and the reputation is lower than the necessary one. What should I do to finish the skier mission and be able to perform the mission of the therapist? Thanks
  22. LynxTheCat

    Vendor Price Bug when Splitting Stacks

    So I was splitting a stack to sell a few extra rounds I had earlier and noticed an interesting error. The initial stack was 22x 12ga Slug rounds, selling for $4, when I split the stack, I was no longer able to split it again, and the price of the original stack didn't update despite there only being 1 round left in the stack. So I was able to sell a single round for $4. Initial Stack: Stacks After Split: Both Stacks after a Vendor Refresh: It appears as though the prices of an individual inventory slot won't update unless the vendor gets refreshed, this could potentially be abused by a really patient player to farm any type of currency. Easiest potential fix: Don't allow stack splitting in player inventory while shopping. Another potential fix: Update prices whenever an inventory is modified in anyway.
  23. FappenBurg

    traders wont level????

    uhh anyone have any idea how to fix this??
  24. SKRA_Deejay

    Leveling up traders

    Hey, excuse my ignorance. But im quite new at this game. Leveling up traders, i have spent over 1million according to the stats with skier and im level 14 therefore 1 level left. I was wondering, in the middle of the stats there is a arrow going up, and skiers has to be 0.15 to level up. How can that be done? i dont know what that arrow going up means. Thanks guys
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