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Found 74 results

  1. Hi i have a problem i make some quest's for traders but not all and they reset they rteputation lvl like skier have 0.61 reputation and its like i spend over 600 k in his shop and i have lvl 15 but hi have just 1 page to selling and this same is witch prapor and therapist so i try to send some stuff and it worked the pages unlock and i have a crown lvl but items don't show so i go out and go back to them and its back to lvl 1 reputation they show then i spend over 600 k and lvl 15 so i should have at last lvl 3 this problem dont have witch peacekeeper and fance just witch them 3 pliss help
  2. CaptainPainite

    Inventory Management/Streamlining Ideas

    Two main suggestions really. I hope the Devs will be able to see this and read it! I've only been apart of this community for like two-three weeks now so if these ideas are already in the works let me know! First off, I've been doing fairly well, I've become more patient with my runs and been more strategic in how I approach various situations. I have the base version of the game, and I have run into a problem. As I've gotten better, I've found myself with an EXCESS of loot, so much so that I struggle to get it all in my vault and have taken to selling things I'd rather not to keep newer, cooler guns! However I am reluctant to upgrade because...well, I'm proud of my loot, I got into some intense firefights for some of these guns and I have a bit of an attachment to them. I'd rather lose it going out guns blazing than by upgrade. My solution to this is simple! It'd be neat if we could pay money to be able to expand our inventory. Some kind of system, be it in incriments of $5, $10, $15, whatever. I'd happily dish out cash to expand my inventory. Either add new pages or just make it longer and longer downwards extending. I think you could make good revenue off the game this way too if this was possible (More money to help crank out sweet updates and guns!), and I know I wouldn't shy away from shelling out cash to expand my inventory. Especially being a hoarder that I am. Second, kind of stems from the first idea. When I do scav runs I've gotten pretty good at gearing up well and coming out with fairly good hauls, however unlike PMC runs I cannot simply keep my gear on me. I have to shove it in the stash or lose it. While my first suggestion would also remedy this, I have an idea that could maybe help streamline getting rid of unwanted gear from Scav runs without having to drop it in your inventory. Perhaps an option to sell gear to a trader, Directly from your scav's inventory upon escaping? You already have the ability to dump it in your stash, perhaps a tab you could switch over to, and be able to sell it to traders before it dissappears forever? I've ended up giving up so much Scav gear that I could have otherwise just sold and made a bit of cash off of. Anyway! That's my two cents and two ideas I've had cross my mind that I think would be nice to have. Again, not sure if these or anything like them are in the works or have already been suggested/addressed, I've only been here two weeks and honestly this is my first time on the Forums. Feedback of any sort is appreciated! I'm really loving this game and intend to enjoy it for as long as possible!
  3. Hi guys I haven't been playing for some days. Today I logged in and suddenly all the traders were maxed. Last time I played they are were level 2-3. Is this because of the update? And by the way, does anyone know if there will be a character wipe soon? Cheers and thanks
  4. Just posted on Redditt by Klean Some will love this, some will hate it, but Dev's don't forget the golden rule of dealing with any gaming community: 'You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time". Keep up the good work!
  5. jkrohn1

    Fence Breakdown and Repair

    So fence is always full of junk, why not make him break down guns repair them and sell them as parts? If all the parts are stacked there would be no need for constant cleanup, he already sells at an extortionate price so people would still level traders to get the parts they want Cheap. In the meantime they have a chance to actually make a half decent gun to play with.
  6. swagtagstic

    Trade Offers Ruining The Game?

    Does anyone else feel like the trade offers that litter the trader menus somewhat ruin the whole trader attitude level aspect? I just spent who knows how long acquiring the funds and EXP to get Prapor to crown level, and I'm greeted with three new guns to be my main reward. At first i'm stoked and ready to throw down all my cash I've been saving, but my excitement is crushed when I see everything is locked behind a trade wall. Literally all three new guns are locked behind trades that would take me day's upon days to complete. I would be fine with this if it wasn't so steep. In order to acquire a SV-98 (a weapon I have sought after since it's release) I am required to find 7 car batteries, and 6 rechargeable batteries. I would be perfectly fine with this if loot wasn't so barren in this game. I have seen maybe 3 car batteries in my entire playtime, and recharge batteries follow down a similar road. The SV-98 is a powerful weapon I understand, (But from what I've heard from other people, it doesn't even manage to strike that hard) but I find it really hard to believe it is worth all the time I will have to sink in to find this trade items. Items that I'm not even able to purchase from the fence like before. I much rather pay a massive sum of cash to get my hands on this weapon. I understand the trade aspect is there for balance, but I feel a cash alternative should definitely be put in place for most of the trade items. Please let me know in the comments if you feel the same, or if I'm just a little cutie
  7. So I feel I'm reaching the end of the current EFT beta experience. I am high level, all traders maxed (or they would be if Prapor didn't trick me with his Fort. Lessons learnt...) and can farm all the money I'd ever need. I've leveled my soft skills and while they aren't all maxed, they are high level and I play completely legit (no intentional dehydration then spamming meds...). I just hunt now and farm money/lvl skills. As it should be imo. So eventually I die, because yolo,and find that it takes me a long time to re-gear and get back into a raid. Like, a really long, tedious time. It's fun at the start and while equipment is valuable, but at my stage, nothing is valuable and everything is readily available. Which got me thinking, it would be really useful if after achieving max level traders, each trader gave us 1 'auto buy' where we can pre-determine a load out OURSELVES, pay for it, and it gets sent to us either directly into our stash if we have space, or works like an insurance screen where we can just drag it into our stash. Effectively this would be, in game terms, a buy script or macro where we click 1 button and have a certain predetermined by us loadout sent somehow. So for me this would be ideal: 1. MF/farm gear 1 - Paca/MBSS/Silenced TT parts (or 3 of each, see below) 2. Recon AK - Kiver/Vest/Bag/Paca/Comtacs/AK74N + potentially mods too 3. Combat Supplies - 600rnd 5.45 BS/PRS ammo, 3 RGD's, 4 60rnd AK mags 4. Meds - 3 Salewa, 6 Painkillers, 6 Splints You get the point. It could be perhaps limited at first and then allow us to buy more weapon mods so we'd still have to interact with the traders that way and add a further grind for those who want it, but be totally optional and offer no advantage over those who do not want it. Could also help stimulate the (currently nonexistant) ingame economy if these quests require items. Waiting with baited breath to see what the ig economy turns out like. Furthermore, it might need to be bulk like I've done in the examples because the traders, despite being loyal to you, will still not go the extra mile for you unless it's worth their while. They are already making an exception for you by supplying you rather than you coming to them like we do currently, so if you want the special treatment you need to make it worth it for them and buy in bulk OR pay them every 24hours 10/20/30k roubles depending on the additional level of supply quests you have done after maxing them. So there could also be this extra level of 'supply' quests or errands for each trader, totally optional, and after max level is achieved, where the reward is an extra 'load out' or ability to purchase the mods for a weapon not just the weapon itself. I have tons of ideas but there's no point typing them all up, I just felt this one is something that is really lacking in game right now and people tend to focus on other things right now.
  8. hidden_citizen

    Inventario Completo Traders

    Hola Supervivientes de Tarkov! Hoy les dejo los inventarios completos de los Traders, actualizada al parche Al pie de cada imagen también están los canjes específicos de cada objeto. Que lo disfruten! Prapor: Therapist: Skier: Peacekeeper:
  9. Tortoisetanks

    Trader Prices

    I am somewhat new to the game, as I have only had it for a week. I know how to trade, but I haven't yet learned everything about the trading system. Hello, and thank you for taking your time to read this. I had a few questions about the trade system and the game in general. 1) What is the best standing you can have with the traders 2) When your trader's level increases, does the price of goods go down? 3) When I level up my trader, will items I sell be worth more? 4) Does a gun's quality affect the price? 5) Where can I learn more about modding weapons and what attachments to own? 6) Can the gamma case's storage space be increased? 7) Are there any reccomendations for ideal inventory management? My stash is somewhat organized but I keep adding stuff and the system is not able to adapt as easily as I had hoped. I don't mind videos, pictures, etc but I would like to know the ideal system for easy storage and efficient use of all spaces available. Thanks for reading, and if you have any answers, I kindly ask you to let me know. Thanks!
  10. CaptiveHat

    trader reputation/karma

    im very close to lvl 3 skier. but im .02 rep/karma points away and am having a really hard time doing his quest. any way to level them up without doing quests/tasks?
  11. Erik_Jager

    Best trader for each item?

    I got the game 3 days ago and despite struggling, I find it really fun! However I haven't found any guides on which items one should trade and to who to trade it with. For example, which trader is the best for selling ammo to? Which trader is the best for selling my weapons to? Which one is best to sell mags, optics, etc to? So far I'm selling weapons, mags and ammo to Peacekeeper, food to therapist, scrap to Prapor and ammo to Skier. But I would really appreciate it if any of you more experienced players could help me out on this subject. I also have a trouble with deciding which ammo types I should keep and which I should sell straight away.
  12. PewPewPau

    Maxed out traders

    Hi! Quick question, I maxed out all my traders and was wondering if i get anything extra finishing all their quests? Also wondering, since prapor is maxed out am I blind or you really can’t purchase sp7 and sp8 ammos for 9x18?
  13. Jdawg319

    Trade Boot to main screen

    There are items in the traders, that have already been sold, and then you get the error of it being gone. It throws off trying to buy other items quickly when it takes you to the main screen every time. It'd be nice if that error just caused a refresh of the trader, not kick you to main menu.
  14. SadistCasper651

    Traders Wont Level! HELP!!

    So tonight I finally hit the level requirement for prapor and peacekeeper, to level them to level four. Yes, I do have the needed loyalty with Prapor to level him and Yes I do have the needed amount of money used to level him. Same with peacekeeper. However they wont level up. I tried waiting, restarting the game and things like playing a few matches to see if something like that maybe would help but nothing will get them to level. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it. All requirements have been met, they just wont level. The first is for prapor and the second is for peacekeeper. Any insight is helpful
  15. So before the patch my prapor was a level 2 and after the latest patch he is a level one again and next to how much money Ive is required to spent there is what looks like a little graph with an arrow going up and it has a red .20 next to it does any one know what this means
  16. Shrapnel223

    Are your trader's glitched too?

    Hi guys, I don't know about anyone else but my traders are completely glitched out since patch. I sent a support ticket as I've seen no one else with this problem. My traders have de-leveled now. Only peacekeeper is fine. Skier, therapist and propor have all been set to level 1 even though it still has a recording of my level and spent money ;( This sucks so bad as now I really have to hold onto my modded weapons and I looked forward to taking them out to quest. If anyone else has this same problem please bump and give any details you can. Thanks all!
  17. ivo_dark

    Traders basics

    Before creating this post I looked on the forum and could not find any post directly related to the traders and my question about them,for that reason I created this post. So I am new to the game and before I purchased the game I watched a lot of videos so that I would be informed and wouldn't make rookie mistakes. However there is something that I am probably missing out on, my traders aren't the same as I see other people having. Is this related to my level? I am level 5 and don't have pusher, instead I have peacekeeper, skier, fence, prapor and therapist. Could anyone outline in this post how the traders work, I know the basic concept but I would like an actual in-depth guide about them.
  18. RoyIsik


    So im trying to lvl up my trader: Skier i was at lvl 2 on him. trying to get to 3 and finally had the requirements but nothing happend?
  19. Dilford


    Traders Need More Money, In Alpha there was no problem but now since there are so many new people the traders are constantly running out, Peacekeeper ran out of money in 3 minutes one time, Thank you for making such an amazing game and I cant wait till to see what you guys have stored for us.
  20. SmokeyPrincess

    Peacekeeper money

    Peacekeeper really needs an increase in the amount of dollars he has, as of now he is out of money within 15 seconds at its worst and maybe 2-3 at a good day. Really this needs to be fixed!
  21. Cookyq4

    Traders Stuck

    Hello I have an issue where Prapor is stuck. Im trying to level him up, but its stuck, whenever i spend money/sell the ''money spent'' doesnt go up... its just stuck at the same number... anyone know how to fix? EDIT: I just realized its all of the traders not just him
  22. Deepockent

    Trader Liquidity

    Since the final beta wave was given admission to the game, it hasn't been at all uncommon to see the Peacekeeper out of USD. That's not all that surprising, as he's the only trader function with dollars and there are thousands of people trying to level him up through selling him things (as it's not like you're going to find thousands of USD in a safe!). However, over the past week or so I've been seeing (in the NA servers, at least) that Prapor is out of money more frequently than not. We're talking his, what, 20m RU diminished down to 7000₽ and lower. Has the trader economy become completely destabilized with the admission of the beta waves? Or are we seeing people exploiting duplication bugs to make more money with the traders? In any case, the sooner we get a hotfix for it the better. The current inability to sell to anyone but fence (ha ha) reliably is having a deleterious effect on the overall game play experience. While I realize that the inclusion of a player auction system and so on might go a long way to alleviating some of the stress that we're currently seeing on vendors, it seems likely that those are going to be features seen in the open beta or full release of the game. In closing, I'd like to ask what the teams current plans are to give traders cash accessibility, and further what the timetable looks like for having those changes pushed? Best, Deep
  23. joerenagade

    Buying quick fill

    Hey guys, so when buying, can you try and make "space bar" quickfill required items, i.e. money when buying items, or fill required trade items. It should just make life easier. Thanks for listening.
  24. Unless I'm looking at the system wrong, I'm selling to the traders (all of them) and the money I need to make/spend with them to get to the next level isn't changing. It does when I buy from them but not sell, I would have thought this was just how the game works but I've been hearing of people getting the loyalty level up by selling? What am I doing wrong? Or a bug? Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, I've never actually used a forum for anything.
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