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Found 43 results

  1. UsualPersia

    Companion app for trading

    A possible companion app that allows you to monitor your offers and make sales and purchases while away from the pc, this way less time can be spend in game trading thus allowing for more actual game play.
  2. nirig

    Flea market problems

    I cant remove my offers or add an other offer. Please help!
  3. Today I'd like to present an issue I have with the way the trading works. As far as being able to do trades, its fine. However, you don't get to decide which items get traded. For example, the dealer, Mechanic, will trade 4 x Gunpowder "Kite" and 1 x Gunpowder "Eagle", but if I have multiple of those items the dealer will take the found in raid ones first, and leave the ones that I bought from the market in my inventory. This is extremely frustrating, as I just traded all 4 of the Gunpowder "Kite"'s that I was saving for the quest from Rag Man. Here's a screenshot to show you. There's the four gunpowder I just bought off the market, still sitting in my inventory, and the 8 empty slots in the scav junkbox, is where the 4 "found in raid" gunpowder were before I did the trade. Please change this.... either make it so we can choose which ones get traded, or make it default to taking the non "found in raid" items first. Thanks for your time.
  4. I have had this same issue with MANY items i have been receiving in which I cannot sell the items for their true market value and make any sort of profit whatsoever because the broken formula wants to charge me MORE THAN WHAT THE ITEMS IS EVEN WORTH!!! PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN USE THE MARKET CORRECTLY AND MAKE THE PROFITS WE NEED!!! TAXATION IS THEFT!!!!
  5. Ha sido arreglado, hoy martes 21 de Mayo, el problema relacionado con el problema de la reputación del jugador en el mercado de pulgas.
  6. Aussieeeee

    Purchase Limits

    The implementation of the maximum purchase option needs some serious revision. I understand the Ammunition situation but the threshold should be raised a little. High mobility kits?? only 2 per restart, should be closer to 4, It still causes the same effect but enables for those really off days when you get nailed 3-4 times in a row. Add below the items you find that need revision and suggest a reasonable limit fix.
  7. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
  8. Gh0stB0nes

    Stop the Balancing Act

    When it comes to gear and load-outs in a hardcore tactical shooter, the performance and cost should match as close to possible as real world values. I understand that many people are dissatisfied with the idea that a fairly inexpensive rifle has been released that is capable of utilizing, probably the best, ammunition in game and in real life to defeat armor. This crowd of people are enraged only because of their inability to recognize the fact that with new equipment in play, their methods and tactics of play must change. I am a believer that the ammunition is the important factor in the defeat of any target where the platform it is fired from mainly affects velocity of the ammo and anything related to modifying the ergonomics, handling, and mounting of attachments. People pay for the platform they shoot. The cost of the platform is often dictated by the age, numbers in circulation, prevalence in region. The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 is a rifle that has been service since 1891 and has extremely high production numbers. I purchased one in real-life from a gun store four years ago for $95 USD all taxes included. The only reason real-life prices for this platform in the United States skyrocketed recently is because of the current low importation numbers. US prices after importation taxes and transfer fees they can still be had for around $200 (12983 RUB). BattleState went with a model that has a bent bolt and is drilled and tapped for mounting PU optics. Considering Escape From Tarkov takes place in Russia the original in-game price is more than fair and accurate. BattleState has done a great job with the research applied to implementing different types ammunition and weapons. Do not let all of this time and research be squandered to people claiming things not being fair. Armor does not make you invincible. Players take note, that unless wearing plated armor, many types will be defeated by much of what people use in game. The US Army only in the past few years getting helmets capable of stopping 7.62x39 without the wearer getting knocked unconscious. Fights are typically unfair. The sense of accomplishment comes from using whatever you have available to defeat any adversary you face or knowing when to run.
  9. Stefano_Sez

    Surplus Ammo/weapons Crates

    Purpose of this suggestion: - keep tidy and save space in the stash - saving some money - having that good "unboxing vibe" - helping standard editions players. - support different trading strategies for players: "buy big but seldom" The idea consist in adding the ability to buy cases of ammunition / weapons, which as long as they are not opened maintain a reasonable storage efficency, and they will (maybe) cost less that the loose equivalent. if will be ever implemented ammo conditions, ammo bough in crates will have the less probability of causing jams, same for weapon durability. some examples: 5.45 ammo crate, 2160 round, stash occupied 3x2 cells, price equal to the 85% of loose equivalent of ammo. once bought and in the stash, you can open it with an appropriate tool. you have an option to "pick ammo from the box" at groups of 20 rounds, but not to restore ammo in it. The crate 3D model is already in game. AKMS crate, 12 rifles and 24 mag, Stash space: 6x4 cells. as for the ammo crate you can pick from it but not restore. F1 grenade Crate, 20 grenades, Stash occupied 3x2 cells (same as ammo crate) The crate 3D model is already in game.
  10. PooperMcPoop

    Trading Factory Key

    I have an extra factory key. I want to trade for a keybar OBO
  11. Brickleful

    Other Guys Gaming Community

    ABOUT US: The Other Guys are a gaming group founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We are a very tight-knit community, and we take everyone's opinions very seriously. We currently have over 230 members, most of which are quite active, playing all types of games; from Rocket League, to Escape From Tarkov, (obviously). We have begun hosting weekly casual game nights, most often with free games being played by large groups of members. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members. THE TARKOV GUYS: The Tarkov Guys are a very active division of OG. With 30+ active members playing EFT on a daily basis, we often have three full raids going simultaneously. We also offer a trading channel specifically for those rare items that some of the higher level guys may be able to acquire for other players. We have several EFT Vets in the Tarkov sub-community, including myself, that are always willing to group up with new players and help them learn the ropes. REQUIREMENTS: We are pretty lax about age requirements here at OG. We have a few members under the age of 18, and all we ask is that you act in a mature, respectful manner, regardless of your age. We vehemently avoid discussing topics such as religious or political affiliation, among other controversial topics, when in large groups to subdue any meaningless arguments before they can occur. We don't ask much, just be a cool person! Feel free to PM me with any questions, my name on Discord is Prophet. We look forward to seeing you in our Discord server!  DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/FpjZ3Ng
  12. Hey Bears, USECs (and Scavs), yesterday I was playing a match on customs when me and my friend started talking about how to improve the experience of playing EFT. Dont get me wrong, I really love the game in any ways possible. The devs did a really good job so far. But, theres always room for improvement, and thats the reason I want to share my ideas with the community. So feel free to tell me your opinion on these ideas: So the idea is about adding neutral Traders on the maps, appearing on random points and random times, making their way through the map and selling items you cant buy in the menu traders shops. You are also able to ambush and kill the trader, who will drop 2 or 3 random things from his inventory for you to pick up. But you should be careful, because the trader has guards [A new kind of Scavs, who only attack you when you attack one of them or the trader (similar to the Scavs in Scav Raids). Surviving this alone should be nearly impossible due to game balancing, but you should be able to take the trader and the Scavs down in a group of 3 or 4 people.] The traders inventory is public, meaning if one player buy an item which another person wants to buy, this other person wont be able to buy it anymore, except the trader has this item multiple times. Also the traders have some sort of small camp somewhere randomly placed on the maps. In case you dont find the trader walking around, you can meet him at his camp. He will arrive there as soon as the Raid time hits the 20min mark. The camp isnt a good place to attack the trader, because there are more guards. The trader is wearing showy clothing so noone shoots him on accident, thinking he´s a normal Scav. The same goes for his guards, so you can see that they are with the trader. The routes of the trader will lead him into close combat and sniping areas, so you might have to wait for him to move into a place where you consider it save for trading. How would this improve Tarkov?: A new place to get good stuff from (attachments, medical stuff, weapons, etc.) The areas around these traders would be a dangerous but worthwhile place for highly equipped people to get kills or loot. These traders would force you to bring your Roubles, Euros or Dollars into the raid, if you want to buy anything. This would make sence, because now your money is just a waste of space in your stash (especially for people who are fully equipped and dont need anything from the shop anymore). The things from these Traders would be a key element for the upcoming auction system in the finished game, because the players who are too scared to make their way to these traders would be forced to buy this stuff from other players. Developing tactics and teamplay to kill the trader and his guards. Multiple ways to get rare loot. Finding new friends to achive your goals. Im sure you will also find your own reasons, either positive or negative. This Traders thing is just a brief idea and needs to be overthought a couple of times, still I wanted to let you guys know. Anyways, let me know what you think of this idea. Good luck and have fun playing, Yuuki
  13. I've been watching the streams of many different people and a lot of the main streamers are complaining about having too much money or find it too easy to get money. Kill two scavs and a couple players for their delicious loot and you've netted a nice little profit. Keep doing this while grinding a quest or an item and soon you will have so much money that you won't know what to do with it. One solution is to keep buying all the good attachments for weapons or buy the better ammo. But even then there is still a lot of money (Euros, Roubles...) in the system not being used. What I think might be an interesting idea to try out is to have temporary quests issued out by certain venders (Prapor, Peacekeeper), asking for money to bring into the market top of the line gear and make it available for purchase for a limited time. Perhaps there is a white holo sight or a deep blue hand guard or a cool looking gun made available by this vender for a limited time only after the entire player base (5k players in closed beta) has completed it. This would be a large fundraising quest that everyone who accepts the quest will have a chance to buy these items should the entire player based be successful in completing. The vender will set the quest for $500,000US and if you accept this quest, you can use a donation slider ( [0-----------|-----10,000] to determine how much you are willing to donate ($500, 2000, 10000...) to the vender. If each person who donates adds 10,000 to the vender pool (10,000 x 50 players) then the vender will for 24 hours make these special weapons available. I think this will help to get rid of money hoarders or to help people with a lot of free cash spend their hard earned money.
  14. Everyone seems to monitor this trader. Could the game redistribute items from trader to trader? making it a little more spread? Can't buy anything worth using there.
  15. hidden_citizen

    Mercado de Tarkov

    Buenas Supervivientes de Tarkov! Creo este post para brindar un espacio a todos los que quieran, y esten en busqueda, de Vender o Comprar objetos de Tarkov. (En este post queda prohibido vender cuentas y/o keys de Escape From Tarkov) Por favor postear todos los objetos que desean vender en el siguiente formato: Vendo/Compro/Cambio Objeto (Cantidad) Precio/Cambio Pais/Region Los Objetos se 'limpian' cada dos semanas, para evitar que se eliminen sus objetos, simplemente editar su mensaje con la fecha actual para reflejar el cambio. Una vez que sus objetos hayan sido vendidos, editar sus mensajes para reflejar esto, utilizando la palabra #Vendido. Todos los intercambios y consultas a los vendedores/compradores pueden ser realizados a traves de este post, o por mensaje privado. Todos los intercambios deben ser realizados con las monedas disponibles en el juego, nunca dinero real u objetos reales. Aclaracion: BSG ni ningun miembro del staff del Foro se hace responsable por posibles estafas, o inconvenientes durante el intercambio. Lista de objetos: [ukhanai] -Compra -Latas "Tushonka" (Las que tengáis) -Gas Analyzer (5) -Precio a convenir -España -Compra -Muertes USEC Shoreline (9) -Recompensa a convenir [j4c0b0] -Compra -USB Flash Drive (2) -Precio a convenir -España [Ositoscuro] -Compra -Factory Key -Precio a convenir [Joakov] - Compra - Docs case. - Flash Driver. - Vendo - Keybars - Bitcoin
  16. Tijskuin2002

    need portable cabin key

    i need a portable cabin key
  17. Leitbild

    Trading Sammelthread

    Ihr braucht noch GasAnalyzer oder Tushonkas? Tauscht euch hier aus!
  18. -RedPanda-

    Buying HDD x 10

    Buying HDD x 10 Message back to offer thx. Or add me in game.
  19. ThatsKool

    Trading Discord Server

    This discord is not affiliated with Battle State Games in any way. This is a standalone Discord server made by one of the community members The Discord is made for people who are interested in trading with trusted and well-respected traders. Also, this discord was made for people who need partners/groups to play with If you are interested in joining the Discord server go here: https://discord.gg/kKj7xKc If you want to find out more about Battle State Games/EFT go here: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
  20. I've read a couple of posts and have personally experienced issues regarding the suspected use of macros with traders, namely Fence. I understand the use of macros is hard to detect so maybe the following system will help keep people happy and reduce the number of 'Trader out of stock' messages people are receiving because they can't click fast enough to buy an item. When players enter the trader's store page they are presented with the current items in stock, let's say there is a single wallet there and 20 people are looking at it. Those 20 people want to buy it so they go through the purchase process and receive their wallet, the player's page refreshes and the wallet is gone from the trader's stock (any purchase completely refreshes the trader's stock so if they saw the wallet and wanted to buy it but bought something else, the wallet will be gone). The trader is now at a deficit of 19 wallets so any player entering the store at this point will not see a wallet in stock. The wallet or wallets will only appear again if 20 or more are sold back to the trader, this will keep the rare items rare.
  21. Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu meinem kleinen Post! Meine 3 Freunde und ich spielen nun seit knapp 9 Monaten aktiv Escape from Tarkov und genießen nichts mehr als dieses großartige Spiel wachsen zu sehen! Da wir sehr oft und gerne Neulinge durch ihre anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten begleiten, meistens sehr spendabel mit unserem Loot umgehen, und auch Leuten beim vervollständigen ihrer Quest-Lines oder auftreiben ihrer Quest-Items helfen wollen(da wir wissen wie frustrierend es sein kann diese nicht zu finden), stelle ich euch hiermit unseren Discord Server vor! Der ShatteringCerberus Discord Server steht ab sofort allen Spielern zur Verfügung, egal ob ihr neue Kameraden sucht, Tipps oder neues Wissen erlangen wollt, oder einfach nur Hilfe beim Beschaffen bestimmter Items braucht! Wir bieten euch einen Server mit (halbwegs) netten Gründern, einem XP und Reputation System das zukünftig für Giveaways oder andere Events genutzt werden soll, eigenen Trading Channel, einem Platz für die Suche nach Mitstreitern, und auf Wunsch auch eigene Channel für Teams oder Gruppen! Da wir KEIN Clan sind und auch gar nicht sein wollen, sind auch bereits bestehende Teams oder Gruppen willkommen! Falls wir euer Interesse am Aufbau einer kleinen Community wecken konnten findet ihr hier unseren Discord Server: https://discord.gg/DMdDAuK und falls vorab noch Fragen aufkommen könnt ihr mich auch gerne auf Steam adden : http://steamcommunity.com/id/umizumi/ ! Wir hoffen darauf so viele neue Gesichter wie möglich zu erblicken und freuen uns auf euch! MfG umizumi und der ganze ShatteringCerberus Staff
  22. So, as we all know in the recent patch dog tags were added, this is a great way to see your kills and I like the addition. BUT the value of dog tags to the traders is way to high, roughly being worth the killed players level means that when people are reaching higher levels, these 1 slot items will be worth more than 50K Roubles, comparable to Rolers which are rare loot. So, here is my suggestion; a much lower value curve on dog tags. If you have any thoughts please post them.
  23. Hi i love this game so far and thats why i invited some friends / fellow students to play with me. They mainly play games like DayZ, Counter Strike and Overwatch. As Coomputervisualistic Students we had the Topic Software Ergonomics. One of the main things there was "dont use more than 6 different Buttons on a page". -> The buttons are way to plain to be distinguished from each other. And even if you need more buttons or got more items make them visible with different colours and button skins to make it visually easier to differentiate each setting. The trading menu was very annoying for everyone. It is not intuitive at all. First Question: "Why do i need to examine all Items there?" -> Please give us an option to examine all items in the shop at once. Or just let us start with identified lvl 1 items for Therapist Skier Prapor and Peacekeeper. Second question: "What do i need to get some optic on my Gun?" I made a picture with my suggestion how to improve the trading windows.
  24. Trader Fence seems to cause a lot of frustration. Players complain that they never get anything regardless of how fast they select the item and fill the cash and click the deal button. This post will hopefully clear up some issues with how Fence works and tips to increase your chances of getting the keys and gas analysers you need. First though a quick mention that its fantastic that people sell stuff thats rare and required for quests to Fence knowing that they will get less cash for it. This may change in the full game when auctions and direct player trading are a thing but for the time being its fantastic and ive benefited from it hugely. So you see that gas analyser, click it and get the cash filled and have spammed the deal button in what seemed like 1.5 secs but you still missed out? Here are some things to consider if your worried that a BOT or Macro is edging you out. At any given time there are probably 100+ players watching Fence for that thing they need and as its the BETA there are limited quests and everybody is trying for the same kind of things. The first month after a patch wipe is always chaotic but it slows quickly especially with keys as people increase their collections. The refresh button is not universal. When you click refresh that only applies to you, so you click refresh, see a key you want but even your super ninja reflexes were not fast enough. Chances are by the time you saw that key it was already bought by a player who refreshed before you did. 0.5 secs is all the time in the world with Fence. You have to be smooth and it takes practice. 3 clean clicks. If i hesitate i already know ive lost out. One thing in your favour is that you dont have to be perfect with the buttons. There seems to be a decent hit registration on the Fill Items and Deal buttons so you just have to hit them smooth not bullseye them. I love using Fence, I log into the game at times knowing i dont have time to go into a raid but i go and refresh Fence and try my luck for 5 mins. There are some things i do to increase my chances and some realities that you have to make your peace with. NEVER EXAMINE KEYS!. I only examine a key as soon as ive bought it. That way i know what it is and i dont buy it again but if you lose out on a key dont examine it to see what it was. This means the keys i still dont have always show as blacked out and i know instantly its one i need. This also helps in a raid too. Start at the bottom of the trader page too. Its just your luck but the largest refresh of items happens at the bottom of the page when the items auto sort. This isnt perfect as keys especially only take up one slot and ive missed plenty that landed at the top but in my experience its better to place the page around the bottom of the regular loot and the top of the guns and i usually only scroll once down and once up.... anything more than that and its too late. Patience and Perseverance!. Ive missed hundreds of items... maybe thousands actually but still get the things i need. I dont sit for hours refreshing either. I simply got into the habit of 5 or so minutes when i log in or if im buying and selling or handing in quests i check Fence for a few minutes before i go into the next raid. Eventually you will get that thing you need and the refresh cycle will work in your favour and your reflexes will be on point but you have to come to terms with the fact that every item is not yours and the best place to get anything you need is in game. Last wipe In the time it took me to see a Factory Key from Fence i had found mulitple in game..... But then again you never know your luck. Hope this helps some of you and if you have anything to add that you think helps feel free.
  25. cobyfrenchfrye

    The EFT Outpost: Newly Created Community

    My buddy and I took it upon ourselves to create a server whose sole purpose is for Escape from Tarkov players. We noticed many servers were not designed for the game and there was just a small section for the game in each. We have created this server with the intent to serve the entire player base. We're starting small.. but we would soon love for the entire Tarkov community to feel welcome in our server. We have specific channels for Trading, Modding, Teamplay, and more that may be added in the future. We have set specific ground rules to uphold the simplicity of the game while removing confusion and chaos. We've also created a base where new or inexperienced players may receive help. If any of you are interested, here is the ad we use to spread the word of our just-sprouting server: The EFT Outpost: Newly created Discord Server designed specifically for Tarkov to appeal to the majority of the player base. Included sections for team play, modding, and trading! https://discord.gg/MQjYdQr (<-- Permanent Link)
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