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Found 78 results

  1. furiousfuehrer

    Upgrade einer Version als Geschenk

    Hallo zusammen, Kann man Upgrades auf eine höhere Version verschenken? Hat dies schon einmal jemand gemacht? beste Grüße
  2. SquidFace


    If I were to upgrade from the standard edition to the next available one, I believe left behind, would i get reset with all my gear or would it just add the extra space in my stash?
  3. I bought the standard edition of the game with my brother, he got it for me. This Christmas I would like to upgrade our accounts and I was wondering if there was a way to.
  4. Sierra2506

    Changement de Pack

    Bonjour à tous, Je vous fait part de mon hésitation.. J'ai actuellement la version standard et je viens d'acheter l'upgrade "Edge of Darkness". Je viens de voir également qu'il demande de réinitialisé le compte pour que se soit prit en charge. Cad ? Je perd TOUT ? niveau, armes, objets rares etc ?.. Si oui comment faire pour les garder ?.. Il y a pas de moyen d'upgrade sans tout réinitialisé ?.. Merci d'avance de votre aide !
  5. LaungeGamer

    Bonus nach Upgrade weg

    Moin, ich habe habe heute meine Version geupgradet (von Standard auf EoD). Ich hatte vorher ein Geschenk das ich auf der Homepage einlösen konnte und auch getan hab, nach dem Upgrade ist das Geschenk verschwunden... Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus! Gruß Robin
  6. Hallo, Ich bin auch noch ein Anfänger und habe mir heute wegen des größeren Sicherrungs Container ein Upgrade geholt auf die Prepare for Escape version geholt. Nun hat sich inhaltlich nichts verändert, gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Sachen zu bekommen ohne komplett zurück zu setzten und alle Erfahrung und gesammelten gegen stände zu verlieren oder ist das die einzige Möglichkeit ? Ich habe auch schon den Support angeschrieben und warte erste mal da auf Antwort, dachte mir aber das ich hier auch nochmal frage. Immerhin war dieses Upgrade ja auch relativ kostspielig worauf hin es ziemlich schade wäre dann trotzdem alles zurück setzten zu müssen.
  7. is there a way or will there be a way to upgrade the size of your container and/or stash? i got the cheaper option but now wish i had spent a little bit more for more room as it's hard to manage with such a small stash and container compared to my friends.
  8. Jungar

    Upgrading Account and the perks

    Hey fellas, I want to upgrade my account from Basic to " Prepare for escape" so I know I have to reset my account but what about the perks that I got in the beginning? The silenced AK74 & M4 and the case that holds 6 weapons, will I get another perk? will I lose it all? Thank you in advance
  9. ViscontiRogue

    Changing region via upgrade

    So I upgraded to another edition, wanting to support the devs and change my region. However, there was not an opportunity that I saw to actually change the region., so, did I miss something or would anyone have a detailed explanation?
  10. sanjana51

    account upgrade

    hi, ich wollte mein account upgraden von der standart auf die höchste stufe... da steht 75€... sobald ich auf zahlen per pay pal gehe stehen da fast 100€... mach ich was falsch? danke schon mal
  11. Hey fellas, I want to upgrade my account from Basic to " Prepare for escape" so I know I have to reset my account but what about the perks that I got in the beginning? The silenced AK74 & M4 and the case that holds 6 weapons, will I get the same as those welcoming perk? or will it be gone since I redeemed it? Thank you in advance
  12. jburke620

    EOD upgrade with no Gamma!?

    ISSUE! So I was convinced to upgrade to EOD from standard. I did all that fun stuff, made sure the launcher & game were closed, and then I did a profile reset. After all of this I load in as a new game (BEAR or USEC) and I continued. All of the goodies are there EXCEPT THE GAMMA CONTAINER. I've got 3 people that can vouch as we were all on Discord (still on now) when all this went down. ALSO, my level did not change. I was level 9 & after the reset I'm still level 9 and my character is empty (as stated, no gamma!) I've restarted the game & launcher several times with no fix. Everything is there except the Gamma Container, the ONE piece that actually makes a difference with EOD. Any help would be awesome! NOTE: I already used a profile reset meaning I can't do another for two weeks.... Not fond of that after spending over $90 to upgrade.... I have also submitted this two Official Facebook pages & submitted two tickets via support.
  13. Flaming_Ice_Tiger

    Upgrading Account To Edge of Darkness

    So I have a lot of questions about upgrading my account to Edge of Darkness from standard. My first question is do I keep my name and my faction, or do I risk losing the name. My second question is do I have to wait for the key or is it instant. My last question that I can think of at the moment is when I buy the upgrade do I have choice when my account it upgraded to Edge of Darkness or does it just force upgrade. I already know that when you upgrade it resets your stash, levels, and items.
  14. jburke620

    Upgrade to EU from US?

    I've seen this posted a few times but no real answer stood out. Is it possible to change or "upgrade" your version (not edition) that you originally purchased/pre-ordered? My Army buddy purchased the US version but being in the military we have the potential to go anywhere. I told him he should have gotten the EU version for that reason. If it's possible, any information on this would be very helpful. Thanks!
  15. GeirOve

    Upgrade edition

    Hello, I really want to upgrade from my standard edition. And im actually thinking of getting the most expensive edition. But, does anyone know if I will loose my christmas present, container and gun if I do the upgrade. And can I upgrade to a higher tier edition, and later eventually upgrade to the most expensive one?
  16. I originally purchased the standard edition is there a way to pay the difference or a certain amount to upgrade. reason i did not purchase it originally is because i wasn't sure i would enjoy the game and didn't want to spend more if i did not like it. However i Love the game and would like to have a bigger addition of the game.
  17. FlipFlop942


    So I used a key to try this game out then bought the Left Behind Edition and was not given any of the benefits or the 10x33 storage did i do something wrong?
  18. 3DWaffle

    Dont got my upgrade

    So i just upgraded from the standart version to EOD version. I payed with Giropay and the money is already gone. All that was like 40min ago. Im a bit unpatient since my friend recived it instantly. Is this normal ? When i go to my profil it still shows that i got the standart version
  19. Hallo. Ich habe von einem Freund Ende letzten Jahres einen 7-Tage Test Code bekommen. Nachdem mir das Spiel dann sehr gut gefallen hat, hat er mir am 03.01.2018 dann einen Promo Code für die Standard Version gegeben, welchen ich dann auch erfolgreich aktiviert habe. Habe aber keinen Reset oder so durchgeführt. Dann habe ich mich gestern am 04.01.18 noch dazu entschieden auf die EOD-Version upzugraden. Habe gezahlt, eine Bestätigungsmail über den Vorgang ( keinen neuen Key!!!! ) bekommen, habe mein Profil resettet und seit dem die EOD Version gespielt. Das Gescxhenk habe ich auich wieder bekommen. Jetzt das komische??? Nach dieser Aktion hat mein Freund noch einen anderen PromoCode bekommen. Der Code den der mir gegeben hat ist aus seinem Profil komplett verschwunden. Den neuen PromoCode hat er einem anderen Freund gegeben, der ihn gestern aktiviert hat. Dieser Code wird ihm auch noch in seinem Profil ( das vom edlen Spender ) angezeigt als "nicht mehr verfügbar" oder so... Der andere Kumpel hat nach Aktivierung dieses neuen PromoCodes auch die EOD Version bekommen......? Heute morgen habe ich auch kurz was im Offline Modus getestez, beende danach das Spiel, möchte dann wieder mit Freunden spielen, starte das Spiel und bekomme die Meldung das ich das Spiel nicht besitze. Seit dem wird mir auch in meinem Profil keine Version die ich besitze mehr angezeigt.............???
  20. Raider103

    I want a bigger stash.

    I understand the only way to get a bigger stash is to buy a different version of the game. Can Do I have to pay the $54 for the second level version even tho I bought the $35 version already..? Can i just pay the difference for the versions. How and where can i do this? Thanks in advance.
  21. UnfunnyComedian

    upgrade to intel or ryzen

    I'm upgrading from an fx-6300, 8GB RAM and a 1060 6GB which i'm keeping, and wondering whether i would be better saving up to £30 by getting a Ryzen 1600 or 1600x, or get an i5-7600K; either way i would get 16GB RAM https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/mYk7gL https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/9HtzBP
  22. TG-Spooky

    Upgrade stash

    What happens to the items in my stash when I upgrade my game version? Do they disappear or are they still there?
  23. Auer

    Upgrading edition

    Hello, what happens when I upgrade standard to eod edition. Will it wipe my progress?
  24. I upgraded to EOD edition 30 minutes ago. I reseted my gamprofile after receiving your email and the version in the launcher changed to EOD version. But so far there was no stash upgrade and no new items in my stash either. I cant reset my gameprofile until 09 Jan 2018 04:34, but i really want to use the stuff i just bought :). Pls help.
  25. Cruddyturtle

    Upgrading Account

    Hello, I currently have the standard edition of the game and want to upgrade to a higher level. The thing is I don't want to spend 95$right now but I want to later on (waiting for future paychecks). My question is is it cheaper to go straight from standard to EOD or is it the same amount of money to go from standard to Prepare for escape to then go to EOD. Basically, how much is it to upgrade from PFE to EOD as I can see the EOD price and the LB price I could do the math. Thanks
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