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Found 85 results

  1. Foxracing

    Weapon Ideas and Additions

    Lets test this out my American friends. As we all can see there are quite a few different guns in the game that are common in places within the Russian territory. Think of the SKS and how many civilians use the gun. Id like to bring into attention a multitude of different caliber equipment and the possibility of modifications on these (i.e. packing your own rounds, or controlling your weapons recoil and drop patterns). The united states is home to some of the best created equipment known today, and the multitude of weapon mods and calibers we have is phenomenal. Be creative, and be precise. To get a forum like this noted we need to do our homework!
  2. daNzgLitch


    Just an idea for fun..... Why can't offline be a 'Test and Play' of sorts with the ability to use ANY weapon and mod in the game? Sure you can't take anything out of it & XP disabled but just a fun game with any choice of gear and weapons? Cheers :)
  3. machplatt

    Shopping list for weapon mods

    Hi, I would like to have the possibility to create a shopping list out of a modded weapon. With this shopping list I would like to be able to buy all parts needed for this weapon with a single click. If parts can be bought from different trader I would like to be able to select the wanted trader in the shopping list. If the weapon has parts that I can not buy, just leave them out. This would heavily reduce the time needed to buy the weapon I like to use, so giving me more time in the raids. Hope you like this idea
  4. DSinfinite

    Will there be British gear added?

    I was curious if there are plans to add British gear to the game, I ask because Terra Group is UK based and might provide some equipment for USEC :p
  5. Weapons Modding Window: Nothing urgent, just suggestions for a more pleasant modding experience. I know there are more urgent matters. Also, these are Ideas that may not be compatible with what ever the developers have planned for the Hideout. 1. Create a simple gradient for the background. The picture used currently distracts from the gun itself. 2. Add navigation control I.E. MouseWheelUp/Down (Zoom), Alt+LeftClick (Translation), Alt+RightClick (Rotation). Currently, barrel and stock get clipped off the image. 3. Perhaps fade in to a more subtle or Ambient soundtrack in order to achieve a more enigmatic mood whenever you view your weapon.
  6. ZuerichCH

    Sig 550/Sg 550

    Dear DEV Team I rarely see the Sg 550/Sig 550 in Videogames please, please implement this Rifle. Here in Switzerland every former Military personell has one at home so its with ca. 300'000-400'000 sold units a really commen gun. It shoots gp90 and NATO ammunition.
  7. I propose to reorganize the Weapons Department into a Gear Department with SubForums for Weapons, Armor and Equipment which are then further broken down into Categories (e.g. Pistols, Assault Rifles etc.) which can then have individual SubCategories on specific firearms. Each might have pinned and locked threads giving an overview of each firearm and perhaps a short historical background. As a former industry guy and history buff, I volunteer to help out. Theory and practice are both pretty good but I do not claim to be any sort of ninja. OTH I have a pretty good handle on the commercial side.
  8. Hello, I would like to see ingame few Czech weapons. Our guns are worldwide famous like CZ75 pistol, Scorpion 61 submachinegun, SA VZ.58 assault rifle. Now we have new models, whose popularity rising. I would love to use them in EFT, CZ 805 Bren or CZ 806 Bren (CZ BREN 2) and Scorpion EVO 3 A1. CZ 805 Bren Scorpion EVO 3 A1 CZ BREN 2 - CZ 806 Bren
  9. Скончался советский и российский оружейник Виктор Калашников, сын выдающегося конструктора стрелкового оружия Михаила Калашникова. Виктор Калашников умер 27 марта, ему было 75 лет. Он провел многочисленные исследования, позволившие улучшить автомат Калашникова, разработал для него несколько узлов и деталей. Участвовал в разработке самозарядных охотничьих карабинов и пулемета Калашникова с комбинированным питанием, создавал блокировку ударника для карабина "Медведь-3". В рамках работ по теме "Абакан" под его руководством были разработаны пистолеты-пулеметы "Бизон-2" и "Витязь-СН". Светлая память!
  10. TarkovEscaper


    Name: P226 Type: pistol Place of origin: Germany, Switzerland Produced: 1983 - current Variants: P226 Rail, many variants planned Tac Ops, Navy, Elite e.t.c. Caliber: 9х19мм Parabellum, .40 S&W, .357 SIG Action: blowback Feed system: magazine Customization: Slide, barrel, grips, magazine, muzzle device, rail atachments Perfect design, double action, no manual safety, highly operational, from civilians to US Navy Seals. Its all about 226 series.
  11. keremit

    Ideas For Vendors.

    We all know that this is a game played by many people and many more to come nevertheless most of the players are from Russia and Usa moreover there are many items/weapons in the game relevant to those country's. And I have a idea for those are from country's like French, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and Turkey. A supplier can come to Tarkov as an Event and can bring guns from their home country as a exchange of Russian and American weapons or money. For example Beretta rifles from Italy or Heckler or Koch weapons from Germany as well as MPT-76 from Turkey. These new events will make people want to come back to the game because of that weapon from their home country they want to play with and will make the game more interesting and fan for all people around the world who are playing this game.
  12. krasnal595

    Lmg, Hmg

    Hi everyone i want to ask about lmg nad hmg, so i want to now if we have chance to get one of lmg in to the beta? i really love lmg and want to now . We have answer about belt-fed weapon, will be in game but when? Maybe you plan add in one of DLC, or standard game. The best way for me is to put in the beta just one for site.. f.e pkm to BEAR and M249 to USEC.
  13. ZonkedPuppet

    PMC Specific Weapons?

    I would love to see some form of PMC specific weapons, for example bears can only buy russian made weapons while USEC can only buy american made weapons. I think it would be a fun way of weapon development and progression.
  14. FattyLoot

    Base load outs

    I was thinking this today about EFT where say you pick a bear as your main character then your character comes equipped with a base load that you can pick up from the venders. So like I said I picked the bear well then i would go prapor and i can pick up an ak74u for free or a ak74n thats heavily discounted. Something along those lines, i dont know just thought to maybe minimize the gear fear and these rabid hatchlings lol
  15. ArramisRo

    Dropping insured weapons

    I left few days ago, in a bush, in 2 different raids on shoreline, my inshured weapon after i killed a second person (to take his gun offcourse), survived both games and it seems my guns do not want to come back. Is there a catch?
  16. gijoeyjojoe

    Weapon tagging system

    Awesome small addition to the game would be having a weapon retain the name of the person who first created it. M4's for a example change hand constantly throughout the game it would be awesome to know if you pick up a M4 you created and lost, or a friend's M4 or maybe even a streamer you watch. A M4 could have the name of the person who originally bought tagged to the lower reciever so it could be modded and changed over time but still retain the original creater's name. I just thought that would be a fun little thing to add.
  17. Darkslyde11_TV

    Can't discard weapons

    I tried to move my pistol into my backpack slot out of my side arm slot while in Customs. After doing so the weapon stayed in my sidearm slot but also appeared in my backpack. I could not drop it out of my backpack. I picked up a shotgun off the ground and killed a few player characters. I tried to drop the shotgun off my back slot so i could pick up the players silenced ak but i could not discard the shotgun or my primary gun. I also noticed I could not refill mags inside my inventory. I tried to Alt + F4 out of the game and reconnect but it was still bugged. So I ended up just beating feet to the exit. Not sure if you guys have had this reported but I didnt find it in the forum search.
  18. IzSumTingWong

    Making all weapons purchasable

    I'll keep this short & sweet. Make ALL THE TRADE weapons buyable please. Not enough loot to find the stuff to get them. Once people have them, they just hoard it in there inventory. 20 round sp6 mag vs 30 - 60 mag m995 M4. VSS/AS VAL < M4 Just saying Thanks guys.
  19. Dazenil

    Israeli Light arms

    How about introducing 1) The IWI Tavor - an Israeli bullpup assault rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge with a selective fire system, selecting between semi-automatic mode and full automatic fire mode. 2) The IMI Galil \ The IWI ACE - Assault rifle, variable models. 3) The Negev - a 5.56×45mm NATO light machine gun. 4) The Uzi - open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun. 5) The IMI Desert Eagle - a semi-automatic handgun. 6) The Jericho 941 - a double-action/single-action semi-automatic pistol. any thoughts?
  20. JacksonBarret

    M4A1 Colt Finished

  21. Hey I want to install Escape from Tarkov on an SSD but my questions is , when i uninstall the game from my HDD will i lose my Stuff like Weapons and armor that are in my stash ? (sorry for my broken english)
  22. _ReQz

    Death due to Bug

    Hi All, Quick query hoping someone can answer, was playing on woods 2 days ago and after getting shot at by a couple guys i retreated behind a rock. unfortunately my character got stuck inside the rock and the players couldn't see me but i also could fire onto them. after trying to escape my rocky prison i could get out even after rejoining the game. Would i get this gear back or is it lost. not too bothered either way. Kind Regards, LDOT
  23. IC4TACOS

    Weapon Kit System

    So in essence, I find re modding a weapon to be extremely tiresome, especially since my memory is rather poo. Attempting to remember which weapons take which mods, although is simple for some, is extremely annoying for others. In essence an Armory would be an added function ( maybe unlocked after getting a certain rank with Peacekeeper or Skier ) that would allow you to save kits, so for instance, if I saved a kit where I was running Fort, Kiver, an MP133 with long boi barrel attachment, scav backpack, AVS Rig, I could save that set into the Armory under the title "Long Boi" After I go out into the world and inevitably die from falling off something I could go back to the armory and see my kit there. And this is where the Armory could differ. Variation A - Full Re-buying In essence for each kit you would see the full price for re buying the entire kit, so like idk 80k Roubles, 200$, an HDD, etc. In essence, I could click the repurchase button, and the entire kit would be re-bought and I could go cliff diving in customs again. In essence this would help with Squads who are far richer than I am at the moment to be able to fully re-gear much faster without having to wait for that one friend to make sure he has all of his nails polished before leaving for a raid. This form however does seem to draw a bit from the game, but in essence would be something late game, maybe from Tier 4 Peacekeeper or Tier 4 Skier, a basic quality of life addition to higher geared players to allow them to go back into the raid much faster. Variation B - Blueprints Gives a reason for paper to exist other than adding spice to the game, long story short you would basically go into the Armory, give them Paper, they would copy down your load-out, including Mods, for a short amount of money, ( Maybe like 5-10k roubles or something idk, however much public printers are nowadays ) and your entire readout would be saved like a shopping list. At this point, you could give the armory a smaller amount of money, and some tradable, so in essence going off last price 40k Roubles + Lion Statue, and the armory would take some time, but generate the kit you gave them. The higher the tier the longer it takes, and the less money you give them the longer it takes. Some variation of scaling would be required, and maybe this form would have its own form of Faction that would require you needing to level it up before printing out M4's for you. Regardless once its done, you can go back to the armory and pick up your kit. At the same time, with these blueprints you would be able to keep it on your player, and once you go to trading, the parts required would be highlighted in the traders, the trader highlightd, the mod outlined, the ammo type you used as well if you saved it . Reasons for addition? I see this as a quality of life addition for the players that are exorbitantly rich and would like to get back to raiding almost instantly after getting wiped in a raid. I am aware that the Blueprints function would be rather powerful late game, but with some tweaking could be brought down to a balanced level, and make it much easier for players to load back into the game as well. This is of course, all a quality of life add-on, and some players might not even use it, especially once the leveling system for modding comes out.. However a simple workaround is that the attachments come off the weapon, giving players the choice to put them on, or switch them etc. This add-on would basically allow players to get back to the fighting a little faster.
  24. Hello. It is nice to be able to play a game that is both pvp oriented, realistic and with a nice difficulty. The weapons animations related to it are very well done. But some things seem strange or at least absent ... 1- The lateral movement of the weapon independently of the body, when we wish to orient our weapon to the left or right (up to ~ 45-60 °) the lower body is not obliged to turn. (Example from another game: Arma3 with the option "Aiming deadzone" enabled) 2- The fact that when targeting the weapon is centered on the screen, when we aim in reality we generally avoid putting the stock in the middle of the face. 3- Have the choice between right-handed or left-handed shooter, of course, it is an expensive improvement in development time, because it would be necessary to review in mirror all the animations of the characters, and see the compatibilté of the weapons for a use on the left. Points 1 and 2 would also make inoperative the crosshair systems that some players use. Thanks for reading me. Please escuse me for the many mistakes in my post, English is not my native language.
  25. DevilZomKiller

    WW2 Weapons Is it possible?

    I would like to suggest bringing some weapons of World War 2 to Escape fron Tarkov. These weapons would be perfect for scavs to use because they can not buy modern guns or they are simply too expensive, and I cant imagine that in tarkov they didnt stored some of these guns. Guns: -ppsh 41 -pps 43/42 -mosin nagant -thomson M1928A1 -Browning Automatic Rifle M1918 And of course iconic M1911 .
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