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Found 80 results

  1. So the whole case is that this attached photo (look below), which was taken as soon as I got the message (3rd of January 18:56). Just to go through it chronically, the first two messages came on time, 18:55 and 18:56, but the last one, the one below, was already outdated as soon as when I received it. Another fact is that it clearly states that the game was from 2nd of January 00:40, yet somehow the message is from the 1st, which would be impossible, as the session hasn’t even started at that point in time. Luckily I only lost for less than 20k roubles, which isn’t much, so I got off cheap. So the short version is that I lost my insured loot, due to receiving an outdated and clearly wrong message. All I hope for is that it will get fixed before some losses there 1M+ loadout, due to an error in the system.
  2. mercreign

    Cannot install. Not enough space

    I must be missing something or doing something inadvertantly. Some muzzle attachments, like the DT Tube or Suppressor for AKS-74U give me the option to put the item on but then sometimes it tells me Cannot Install. Not enough room/space. It just happened to me with an AKM. I could attach the suppressor but then I did something else and suddenly couldn't anymore. What am I missing?
  3. Gquic1


    Can anyone tell me if I enter a raid with a team mate and a insured weapon on me and I get killed, If I get my team mate to take the weapon of me after I have died and stash it for me somewhere am I still able to get it back om insurance even though my teammate has taken the weapon from my possession to hide it or does it count the same way as if a random or scav have looted my body.?
  4. It would be nice to able to put PEQs on the top rail, since that's generally where they're designed to go on M4s with front sight posts, since the lazer/light is offest right and left of it. It also gives more options. It would also be nice to be able to put forward grips further forward on a rail system, so like an AFG out towards the muzzle as you would on a real rifle to get more control.
  5. Shepherd2305

    I cant loot weapons

    Title says it all. I cant pick up ANY weapons, pistols, knife, hatchets, rifles... from dead bodies or off the ground. Saw a spawned ak on the ground and I couldn't take it. Its not desync unless desync lasts the whole game and allows you still drop stuff with no problem, loot other items and play with other players. Anybody else having the same problem?
  6. Annoyance

    setting for automatic weapons

    is it possible to have the setting for automatic to not change when entering a new raid. it is annoying to keeping changing from single to automatic every time
  7. The ability to breach doors by blast out the door jam with shotguns would be an awesome addition to the game and would be realistic representation of shotguns uses in a combat situations. As a real life squad role is the job of the breacher. Another great addition would be a breaching charge but id settle for just the shotgun breaching would be an awesome mechanic and would add some utility to the weapons outside of combat.
  8. All people say something different which ammo is better... So I do some research and it looks like some sort of ammo have not always the same DMG and AP. Can somebody tell me how this works? Is it just Random or is there a system behind or am I completely wrong?
  9. withered_maple


    Hello, I just got this idea in my head, why not adding gunsmithing in the game ? let's say for exemple i currently have makarov and i want to modify it, i could ask the gunsmith to lighten the slide or add a rail to it and even do some work on the trigger to enhance the ROF, or something more deep like : buy a MP-443 lighten the trigger pull ( highter ROF ) lighten the slide ( less weight ) polish the feeding ramp ( less % of chance for my weapon to jam ) change weapon sight to tritium or fiber optic or might as well create a DOCTER sight mount on the slide itself flaring the magwell ( less time to reload ) cerakoat it The gunsmith should also be able to create weapon parts at the customer request BUT It would require the customer to pay more it would take time to create it and depending on its complexity it could take hours before it is complete This is the only inputs i have for now, but i'm sure they are enough to make something good, what do you guys think ?
  10. Screencap your customized shooters, upload them here. There can't be enough love for Tarkov's amazing weapons customization interface! Here is my customized M4, kitted out to suit my playstyle in every situation. Laser designator for accurate point shooting, Aimpoint T-1 for close quarters work, and a Bravo 4x to take down targets at range. Here is my secondary AKM, it has a similar sighting configuration to my M4, but it doesn't have the laser designator. This build was mainly going for looks, I wanted to make it stand out from the other customized AKM's.
  11. dima_

    Add tactical nuclear weapons

    Hi, I believe combat gameplay in Escape From Tarkov could benefit greatly from the addition of man-portable tactical nuclear weapons. While I am currently unsure of the lore justification for its presence in Tarkov, considering its origin and lack of existing units today, the perfect weapon I had in mind for this addition is the American-made B-54 Special Atomic Demolition Munition. As one can see, it is man-portable, although cumbersome; it is worn like a backpack, and while such a form factor is impressive for a nuclear weapon, the warhead and its container weigh roughly 90 lbs (40.8 kg). Therefore, the weapon could replace a PMC's backpack, sacrificing carrying capacity, movement speed, and stamina in exchange for additional firepower. For balancing purposes, its use could be barred on very tight, local maps like Factory but could be a game-changer in terms of territorial control on more open maps like Customs, Woods, and Shoreline. In reality, the W54 warhead found in the SADM can produce an explosion up to a kiloton of TNT, but this could be restricted to its lowest possible yield of 10 tons of TNT to avoid becoming overpowered and scarring too much of a given map. Actually arming the SADM is controlled by a Permissive Action Link in the form of a padlock on one side of the weapon. Being able to use it could further involve finding proper arming codes beforehand, which could drop in the form of a very rare spawn. This helps dissuade use of the weapon that could be considered too frequent and indiscriminate. When it comes to deploying the weapon in a raid, the process could be accomplished by initiating a relatively lengthy animation in which the user sets the weapon on the ground and spends time arming it, entering the code and setting other parameters, such as a timer. This would encourage players to find a safe spot before using the SADM, as well as consider bringing other players in a squad to cover them. The explosion as it appears in-game, then, would be a ground burst, which does not maximize blast damage as efficiently as a properly executed airburst. The shockwave and thermal radiation (heat) would be obscured by its own crater, meaning that players farther away may not be injured, and further acting as a balance to the weapon so as to prevent it from being an end-all solution to killing everyone on the map, backed by a realistic reason for that. Prompt radiation may or may not be realistically simulated, and radioactive fallout that begins to rain down shortly after the blast could be represented, although one could argue that its effects would not be fully felt in the time frame of a raid. If an armed SADM is found by another player, it could be disarmed by being shot at. This would likely set off the conventional explosives inside the warhead, which utilizes an implosion design, killing or injuring individuals within a short range of the device and releasing radioactive particles, but would prevent a nuclear explosion. This is because the conventional explosives inside must go off with millisecond precision, and an asymmetrical detonation as induced by gunfire or other means would not bring the fissile material inside to supercriticality. On the topic of lore integration, the B-54 SADM could be substituted for Russian "suitcase nukes," which would undoubtedly be more likely to appear in the region, but errs more on the side of fiction as the existence of these weapons in particular is not a certainty. To conclude my thoughts, I hope you can see how this could be an effective way to clear large swathes of land containing groups of PMCs or Scavs, or laid as a trap at key locations in anticipation of either of the aforementioned groups. I'm very open to discussion and feedback on this idea, so feel free to point out anything I missed on the topics of functionality or balancing that I could have considered.
  12. NeroNSvK

    Safety Switch

    Is it just me or sometimes we accidentaly press LMB when we don't want to? Nevermind, but this happened to me a few times already! I don't know if developers are going to include SAFE fire mode amongst the others, but If not, then I think It would be a good idea to do so. Maybe bind it to a sepparate key from fire modes . I know this game is trying to be as real as possible and the most important thing on a gun is a Safety Switch!
  13. dc13c16

    Master key door breaching?

    hello! will master key underslung shotguns be making their way into the game as well along side the m203??? also will you be able to breach doors with shotguns? if you do add this into the game it would be a really awesome feature and also probably the first and only game ever to do so which would be amazing.
  14. So to make a suggestion (and to fully appreciate the developers probably already have it underway), i am super excited about the medical possibilities on EFT. I cannot wait for the ability to heal, a possible medical bag, etc... (I couldn't imagine the developers overlooking the development of paramedic/emt/corpsmen abilities). I am sure it will hold up to what we are all hoping EFT is going to be, a reality based survival game. In addition, i must suggest weapons, i can't help it, i'm gonna suggest a couple: SCAR H & L systems SVD Dragunov (how has this not made its debut already?!?!) Colt 1911 45 ACP (or any of its children) Glocks HK M416 HK G3A rifles, namely the A2, A3, FN FAL M14 AR10 systems (MK11 and other U.S. DMR versions) Ok more than a couple, but I can always hope!
  15. Grim43

    Weapon Glitch

    Hi I have picked up a glitch, i do not know if its just me, but if i drop the weapon that is in my hands it just keeps flashing, after that i cant reload any weapons, i can swap out weapons in the other slot still. But those weapons cant be reloaded .
  16. dragon23051

    Solve naked runs meta

    The game is pretty cool and rewarding if you are good, problem, when you are good and you kill another player, he often is a naked runner with only an hatchet or knife, that's not rewarding at all. Fact is that you can lose too much in a run so to remove this absurd meta there can be some "starter" weapons that are not lost in the end (like the melee weapon), for example a pistol with 3 magazines, a scav jacket or even a "starter" jacket that has significant less space, something like that, this starter items or "secure" items could be tiered: why should a level 20 pmc be starter with a pistol like a level 0? at level 20 (for example) you unlock a "starter" shotgun with some rounds, or something else not too OP but useful and rewarding for a veteran, that also does not reduce 90% of players to be fearless rabbits running everywere naked, and also scav gameplay has to be improved, it is ridicolous that scav players kill each other on sight, it must be made clear that they should cooperate.
  17. Agen7orange

    Weapon Skill distribution streamlining

    Hey guys, First off I've been out of the game for a while, so correct me if this has already been established, but i searched the forum and didn't see anything about this. As far as the weapons proficiency skills go, if you use a gun a lot, then you get increased skill for it. Now a days, we're seeing the addition to a lot of weapons of the same base platform (I.E. Kalashnikov family weapons: Saiga 12g, Vityas, AK74, AKS74u, AKM, etc.) I feel like using any one of the weapons should also give weapon experience to guns in its family (albeit at a lower rate) . So if I've been playing with the AK74 a lot.. I'd be able to pick up an AKS, Vityas, AKM, SVD, etc and be able to carry over familiarity of that weapon system. After all, that's the advantage of having guns in similar platforms. My example would be something like i get 100% xp rate for the gun i'm currently using, and 50% (or whatever lower rate you guys decide is best) for all weapons in the family of firearms. I'm just following the real life logic that goes behind weapon design, familiarity plays a huge role and is what makes the Kalashnikov family so great (IMO). Anyways feel free to let me know if this is already a thing, I've been walking the streets of Tarkov again recently and picking up a dead dude's silenced Vityaz made me think of this haha. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK
  18. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Where i get the PP Vityaz

    on raid or any vendor sell it?
  19. RogueRAZR

    US Weapons and Item costs

    I just wanted to make a suggestion on weapon and item pricing. Specifically relating to prices for civilian purchase currently in the US. As well as a suggestion to add the civilian spec, semi-auto versions of weapons in the game. First off, I find many of the weapons and items in the game to be much cheaper than the IRL items they represent. Perhaps this is done for balance, however I also know you guys wanted items to be priced as close to IRL as possible. I am only going to comment on the USD prices for now as im from the US and not Russia and have no idea what pricing is like on that side of the world. The AR-15 and the Military M4. Currently the in-game price of the M4 in game is $750usd. I find this to be inline with some of the most common civilian AR-15s and I believe it would be great to add a civilian semi-auto variant at this price point. However in the US the fully-automatic military version of the M4 is several thousand USD. Most AR15 and AK civilian rifles in the US are priced between $600-$1800 depending on the model and builder. The fully automatic versions are generally closer to $6000 or more. I feel like this is fair in game as fully automatic weapons have very distinct advantages vs their civilian counter parts. I'd also like to comment on some of the optics. At my local gun range. The EoTech XPS Holo sights are generally between 450 and 600$ depending on the model. Burris fastfire is about $125, Trijicon ACOG scopes start at around $1200usd and you can even get PVS-14 nightvision, however they are around $3500. It seems the cost of most of these items in game are about half of their IRL cost.
  20. SmokeyMcB0ngwtr

    Moving Sights along Rail?

    I have tried multiple ways of moving a sight along the TT rail on an AK or the rail for the shotgun, but everything I tried has failed. I want the sight as close to my eye as possible along the rail, but I just can't move it. Help?
  21. Guten Abend, bitte ruft nicht die rechtschreibpolizei, hau mir gerade die Finger am Handy blutig. Spiel die Alpha nun schon eine ganze Zeit, habe meinen Char nun nach dem wipe auch auf lvl 20 benommen. Nur seid Sonntag fällt mir auf das ich keine armor mehr beim Händler finde. Auch wenn ich mir meine Frage wahrscheinlich selber beantworten kann. Die "besseren" Sachen gibt es für die einzelnen Spieler erst ab einem höheren Level, bei dem jeweiligen Händler, ist das richtig ? Wenn ja ? Was ab welchem Level ? Hat wer Erfahrungen ? danke für antworten, beste Grüße, vielleicht sieht man sich ja in der Lobby
  22. I've seen early footage of the game that has characters dropping their weapon upon death, and their weapon flying out of their hands. It looks more natural than what we currently have in the Beta. If you're worried about players not finding weapons in grass or dark places, the solution is simple: do it like Skyrim or Fallout, so you can loot the weapon from the corpse even though it's on the floor.
  23. MdScientist

    Stamina/Fatigue - Weapon Carry

    Suggestion is to have stamina reduced/affected over time when carrying weapons in a high ready position (aimed in forward direction without using sights) as realistically, your arms would get tired from constantly carrying a weapon up and ready. Resting positions/Low ready position aimed down as an option instead of high ready all the time or something to this effect. The significance of this would be an impact on stamina over a relative duration and having to actually maneuver(handle) the weapon as you would in real situations, causing you to rest. I have yet to see any FPS that does anything in relation to this. *Possibly Stamina for arms, reducing reaction/aiming time. It is impossible to carry a weapon aiming forward all the time.
  24. dannymo111

    Bullet Remaking?

    Hi, could we possibly be able to take the shells fired out of our gun, find necessity such as gunpowder, the bullet, etc. and be able to re-make the bullets in stations around the map. Best Regards, ~Evan
  25. wert4210

    Anti Tank Weapons

    Anti Tank Weapons My Topic to discuss: Should be there Anti Tank Weapons like the RPG-7 or SMAW in this Game. In many Survival Games there are AT Weapons,they make Players really Powerfull and sometime unfair to fight against. Should this Game have AT Weapons Yes or No . (Sorry for Bad English)
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