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Found 80 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering how many weapons do the devs plan to implement EFT ? Also can we expect some differents varities of weapons : * Assault rifles with standard cartridge (5.56/5.45) and higher caliber AR like the Scar H (7.62 NATO)/ AKM (7.62) * submachine guns like UMP45, Mp5, Kriss vector, AS Val,UZI * LMG: M240B, RPK 74..... * DMR Thanks
  2. Since the weapon customization is such an important feature of the game, I think it is important to allow some ability to test all kinds of weapon modifications without needing to loot them somewhere. Otherwise you would need to find all the parts (some could be really rare) and then test it in a environment where you could potentially die and lose your gun. This could be a solo (or group with friends) shooting range that has most or all of the weapons and weapon parts you can pick up and test. You enter with an empty character so nothing can be brought in or taken out of the area. If being able to test all the modifications is too much, then some form of progression can be added where at least guns/parts you have encountered and some that you have never seen (rotated every day) can be tried.
  3. Seeing how the action in EFT happens in the future , will we see some futuristic weapons , something in the lines of Coil guns? There are some versions of these weapons out there but right now they are still under powered in comparison with existing firearms. I know that EFT is deeply rooted in realism, and before you trolls jump the gun let me remind you that the action takes place in 2028 , and already in present days there are tutorials on the web with DIY coil guns, who knows maybe in the near future we will actually develop high performance/precision coil guns.
  4. Beaulo

    Weapons on Alpha Launch?

    I was just wondering out of all the guns i have seen in the weapons department how many of them/which are going to be in the alpha?
  5. Skemba

    Military Arms Channel

    Cheers! For those of you who like weaponry and a decent Youtube channel I suggest you check out MAC, They do pretty sweet reviews on weaponry and the following industry. Currently I'm watching this:
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