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Found 4 results

  1. When i go to update tarkov the game will start updating but then will freeze at a number and wont continue i have let it sit for and hour and still wont move. Does anybody know what to do?
  2. My Game will not load into a raid, Ill stay on the loading screen for 20 plus mins and never go anywhere, here is a pic of what I mean. This all started as soon as .12 dropped and before I could download the update because my hard drive died, I used revo uninstaller to do a clean install of tarkov so i could download it to my new drive and ever since then my game hasnt worked and I have noticed I cant even pick a server to play on, I can only choose the automatic server feature. So Im lost and I have no idea how to fix this, I love EFT And ive been dying to play .12 but My game wont let me, any suggestions? I have also tried to contact support and they gave me this message and instructions to try and help me but It did not work for me. Im also waiting on support to provide a link to download the game but ive been waiting almost a week with no responce.
  3. As the title says. Most if not all of my raids in the last 3 days had been like this, spawn in, find PMC walking in place, and then getting killed by invisible bullets. I can loot, manage inventory, even see scavs walking normally some times (sometimes they're frozen too), but the PMC are like that. Is there anything that I can do, it's been a week since launch and the game is pretty much unplayable for me. Please help.
  4. romulo_cardoso

    Secure Container Use Delay

    Just a simple suggestion that would help both players trying to get specific items and who want's to complete quests also making the game more challenging. If you put an item in the container or use an item from it there would be a 10 seconds timer (to unlock the box, take the item and lock it again). That would make, for example, people stop riskying their lifes to get a Ledex and some naked hatched boy just took it right into his container, you can kill him but you lost the item and probably will be killed staying in the center of the map. Also, it would be interesting have to wait the same time to open doors by a key inside your container (as a penalty), i really get sad when i kill someone opening a door and find no key in his pockets, i think i'm not the only one. Please. Coment and fill this idea with yours. Sorry my bad english, i'm writting this very fast and don't have a google translate to help me out right now. See'ya in tarkov!
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