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Found 7 results

  1. GooseX109

    12.8 won't let me get into a game

    Hello Devs, Great work on the game prob one of the best FPS possibly ever to hit the gaming world keep up the great work! Anyway my issue is after 12.8 launched when I try and get into a game it just an infinite matching screen as shown below. I tried changing servers, doing automatic and restarting the game. The same issues continues to occur and I was just hoping others may have had this issue so I can learn how to fix it or wait on a hot fix from you guys if that's what it takes so any advice? Thanks Anthony Edwards UID -GooseX109
  2. After the 12.8 patch,my ping suddenly became 200-300 when Im playing in SEA server. I Live in SEA so I don't have any server to play with. But after searching I came to a solution that using a vpn lowers my ping to playable state. Im just wondering if I use vpn for playing in SEA server will get me ban? This is my first wipe aswell so I really don't know if im violating conduct by using vpn. Hope someone answers. I provided the 2 pictures with and without VPN.
  3. Ever since the 12.8 update, whenever I try to load into a raid solo or with friends I get the "loading map" text and it goes to 100 % and then it jumps to "Matching" and it stays there. The timer goes up and I have waited for over 20 minutes but have no luck getting into raid. When I am with friends they load in just fine within 2 minutes but I stay on the loading screen. I have restarted my computer, changed servers to auto Europe and also selected ones individually but since the update I havent played a raid at all I just grab my bitcoins in the hideout and log off. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know if you have found a fix for it or if its a known bug.
  4. Tavva

    New Reserve Spawns

    So, 12.8 is finally here. Reserve has had spawn issues forever. Now, while the overall spawns may have changed, can someone please explain to me why I went to play with a few buddies and had an enemy duo team literally spawn in the same bunker as us? Attached is the video I posted on Youtube. It starts right after the "Deploying" screen disappeared. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEsVToeCz2s As you can see, even though I was playing in a 4 man squad, half of our group spawned somewhere else and the game instead spawned another duo with half our team, causing us to lose well over 1.5mil in gear. Please explain how this happened and how a spawn bug this severe made it through testing.
  5. This happened to me after the update 12.8, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times and couldn’t solve it
  6. Hello mes cheeki breeki ! Bon ok pas frais en rentrant de soirée mais j'vous dois des news les gars!! Des news de folie sur la 12.8 qui arrive bientôt! Je me charge de traduire et vous résumer ça en un quart d'heure ! https://youtu.be/VVz6vxuP_VI Merci à tous du soutien ! ♥
  7. Supervivientes, Les compartimos un mensaje rápido de parte de Nikita respecto al estado actual del parche 0.12.8:
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