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Found 18 results

  1. cozster

    Tarkov Team Finder Recruitment

    The Tarkov Team Finder server is looking for new and old players alike! We have mentor's willing to help new players and experienced vets looking to conquer the most dangerous situations in Tarkov. If you are interested in a community with many active members and a well run regimented Tarkov focused community we are the place for you. We in general would prefer Mature or 18+ but as long as you are ok with working as a team we would love to have you! If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord at Cozster#8557 If you just want to find the fun feel fre
  2. Airgiant

    18+ Tarkov Team Finder

    Looking to expand our growing 18+ tarkov community to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members and active staff. Community has many skilled members willing to assist others in quests and to learn the game better. Both chads and rats are welcome. Dm or join at https://discord.gg/txbdUGyQZk Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions. Airgiant #0016
  3. ToshTosh

    Tarkov Team Finder (18+)

    Just looking to expand our growing 18+ Tarkov community (1200+ members) to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members active staff. Dm me for more info at PHNX-RAY #6942, or join at https://discord.gg/DKPP4VPQKk The server has a copious amount of channels for different uses, along with have experienced and trusted players always on waiting for questions or requested help. Both Chads and Rats are welcome to join, or if you are new to the game and need assistance. PHNX-RAY #6942
  4. privet_

    Поиск напарника/группы

    напарник нет смысла играть одному! надоело!
  5. SUMMARY: Private Discord community for adults. Zero tolerance for discrimination and toxic behavior. US based, all time zones, usually evening, night and weekend gaming, play 4-6 nights a week. Hello Tarkov! My name is Hank and I am an administrator for the Positive Vibes Only Discord Community. We are a diverse group with a range of gaming and hobby interests. Regardless of what we are playing though, we believe in good sportsmanship, accepting all individuals and growing friendships. We have recently picked up Escape from Tarkov and we’re looking for more player
  6. kadesh510

    LFG Chill (NA)

    Wassup good people I'm looking for people to play with. I played EFT from the beginning but I stop awhile back so I'm kinda going threw the ropes again and relearning all over again so I'm a little green with everything so I was thinking and a good way to start and learn again is making new friends and learning with cool people.
  7. Slickmund

    The Mischief

    The Mischief "We are the rustling down the hallway, scurrying out of sight. Feeding of your efforts, that's our birthright." "We are the scratch marks on a corpse, retreiving spoils from demise. We are the true victors of conflict, the ones that you despise." The Mischief A community dedicated to the way of the rat. For if you are a coward, look no further, we have your back. Well your backpack that is along with the rest of your stuff, thanks for that. All jokes aside, naturally there is a focus on teamplay within our ranks, us rats scurry and scuffle together
  8. Hi all! I'm looking for some PMC's to help me learn Reserve. I have never really touched reserve as i usually just run Interchange. But i'm looking to broaden my horizons, and also i need to learn the map so i can complete the quests later down the line. If anyone is interested, drop me a message, and we can discord and give it a go! Cheers
  9. ViciousFaye

    NA - Over-nighters Unite!

    Hiya Folks ____North America____ I am a 'essential worker' I have acquired 28 years of knowledge in my lifetime so far. Unfortunately, I have to work the overnight shift so thanks to that I am now looking for some people to play with throughout the night. 3pm (15:00-08:00) 8am would be my time-frame ( CST ) Started playing again on 4/13/2020 - Original Beta Release player. lv.25 No preferred maps. --Add me and message me Viciousfaye#3012
  10. Hyperwolf98

    Slurp Society Discord [LFG]

    https://discord.gg/rUsdB2X https://slurpsociety.net/ What We Offer - Is a Rapidly Growing 24/7 ACTIVE Gaming Community & Matchmaking Discord! - A Gaming Community with a long term focus! - A Place to Make Some Friends and Hangout! - Awesome bots with fun minigames and Activity Based Roles! - Just Purged 2020-04-03 with still over 600 People do group with and have a good time! - EVENTS & GIVEAWAYS on a regular basis! What Is Our Goal Slurp Society is a gaming server dedicated to connecting people who enjoy games as much as we do. Games are always better with friends and what b
  11. ☠White Skulls Gaming☠ White Skulls Gaming is a group of gamers from all over that value maturity, dedication, and the ability to have fun. Founded in 2019. White Skulls Gaming is offering a welcoming and enjoyable time for gamers that want to become part of something new and growing! We play tons of games, including and not limited to, Arma, R6 Siege, EFT, War Thunder, Destiny etc..Come join us And see what we have to offer. Website: https://www.whiteskullsgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/SymDVSP ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ White Skulls Gaming Offers
  12. MrSandman98

    The Dark Zone - 18+ Community

    The Dark Zone – 18+ Community About us: The Dark Zone is a community of EFT players that accept anyone that is new or old to the game. We aim to create an active player base on our discord to develop friendships, team chemistries and having fun. Requirements to join: - Must be 18+ - Must have a good mic, or push to talk. - Must be able to take a joke. Discord: https://discord.gg/mpKJ9CN
  13. Ты не понимаешь, куда идти Максимальный реализм игры чувствуется сразу. Перед выходом в рейд красная надпись сообщает, что у тебя нет карты уровня. Где её покупать ты не понимаешь, поэтому идешь без карты. В итоге, находишь себя в каком-то темном подвале. Куда двигаться – непонятно. Побродив несколько минут по пыльным комнатам и страшного вида подвалам, вдруг умираешь. Хм, а откуда стреляли? Ты не понимаешь, что делать Поначалу ты вообще не понимаешь, что надо делать. На старте замеса тебе дается сорок минут, а также сообщается, что выходы из локации там-то и там-то. Однако
  14. WolfHeartFury

    Looking for a group?

    we are a group looking for mature and serious gamers with good communication skills and team work abilities. simple as that, if you know how to keep comms silence when needed and great with callout then this is the place for you. https://discord.gg/usW2UN9
  15. xerios

    HKIA Group

    Hey everybody,Hello Kitty island adventures is a older gaming group that is looking for a couple of individuals looking for a small elite group to play with. We play everyday at around 4 pm to 11 pm Mountain Time.We are not mass recruiting nor do we have a fancy website for you to go on, were only here for the few who need a good group to stick with and can hold there own when firefights happen. We are only accepting US players and must have a mic. The age requirement is 18+ . We do not do tryouts because everybody can get better overtime with a helping hand. We Do not have a ranking s
  16. Law_91

    LF EU players 18+

    Got around 5/6 people so far looking for a few more to join us Drop me a message on here or jump in the discord & message https://discord.gg/rQrSVb
  17. DawnSpark is meant a closely knit group of friends that play frequently together. This group is for 18+ and focuses on working as a team to survive and have fun. Rule #1 No Trash-Talking This goes without saying. Rule #2 Good Sportsmanship Don't kill your teammates or troll them in any way. We are here to be friends. Rule #3 Have Fun and Be Yourself I hope all of us can have fun and survive together. I hope to record some funny moments here and there as possibly use them for a YouTube channel but my main focus is to have fun. If your friends call you
  18. https://vk.com/escapefromtarkov?z=video-35692603_171444070%2F63201ba0747ad02dd6
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