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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a group?

    we are a group looking for mature and serious gamers with good communication skills and team work abilities. simple as that, if you know how to keep comms silence when needed and great with callout then this is the place for you.
  2. HKIA Group

    Hey everybody,Hello Kitty island adventures is a older gaming group that is looking for a couple of individuals looking for a small elite group to play with. We play everyday at around 4 pm to 11 pm Mountain Time.We are not mass recruiting nor do we have a fancy website for you to go on, were only here for the few who need a good group to stick with and can hold there own when firefights happen. We are only accepting US players and must have a mic. The age requirement is 18+ . We do not do tryouts because everybody can get better overtime with a helping hand. We Do not have a ranking system Nor will we ever in our groups. If you are interested just send a reply and ill get back to you with the discord information. If i did not get back to you after your reply in a day or so that means our slots have been filled. Thanx for your time
  3. LF EU players 18+

    Got around 5/6 people so far looking for a few more to join us Drop me a message on here or jump in the discord & message
  4. =================================================================== About us: Risen Coalition Gaming is an active gaming community that has a player base on games such as Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Arma 3. Our goal is to provide gamers alike an experience of tactical game-play across all games that we play. Steam group: ==================================================================== What do we offer? - An active and organised team, with friendly admins - Loads of experience within Escape from Tarkov, DayZ & ArmA 3 as well as other titles. - No anger or ego-trips just chilled, fun gameplay - Maturity - All our members are Adults - No pressure. We understand commitments outside of the community. ==================================================================== Requirements to join: - Be Mature (18+) and understand our rules thoroughly - You must know how to navigate through ALL 3 maps - You must of been at least level 35 in current or previous patches - Understand basic tactics & callouts - This can be taught so don't worry. - Acceptance of your in-game death when it occurs. - Be an active regular - Be approachable and have willingness to help others in-game. - Good attitude & willingness to learn from others. - Fluent in the English language. - Some Leadership Skills - we want you to grow into high ranking positions. - Responsible. - Some positions granted to you will require responsibility. - Have fun! - Absolute must requirement. ===================================================================== How do you join us? Answer a few questions about us in the comments section and we will send you the discord invite! - Age? - Timezone? - What level were you in the previous patch? - Do you have understanding of all 3 maps? - How much overall game knowledge do you have? (?/10) Comment below and I will send you a PM to our discord. Thanks!
  5. DawnSpark is meant a closely knit group of friends that play frequently together. This group is for 18+ and focuses on working as a team to survive and have fun. Rule #1 No Trash-Talking This goes without saying. Rule #2 Good Sportsmanship Don't kill your teammates or troll them in any way. We are here to be friends. Rule #3 Have Fun and Be Yourself I hope all of us can have fun and survive together. I hope to record some funny moments here and there as possibly use them for a YouTube channel but my main focus is to have fun. If your friends call you crazy, don't worry you'll do just fine. We might all be crazy. What we hope to achieve is a group of people, that at the end of the day know each other as friends.
  6. Открыт набор в клан "Адские Псы" Клан для игроков Escape from Tarkov Требования: адекватность и надежность. Требований по онлайну пока нет, но в дальнейшем будет по мск примерно 19-23:00 . Ограничений по региона нет. Цель: собрать людей, с которыми можно сходить в рейд и не получить от них же пулю Начинаем с альфы, но можно присоединиться позднее. Общаться собираемся в RaidCall или Тим спик Писать мне в профиль.