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Found 5 results

  1. Hi BSG Just an idea to identify/remove cheaters. See if you can get your team to scan for players using third-party clients/launchers to play EFT. This technique has been used by other companies' games. Example OSRS uses this to catch bots and cheaters. For OSRS example they are able to see when their game is launched by third-party software. If BSG is able to have a scanner/antivirus/ or something etc. to read and analyze the back-end code when eft gets launched or when a player gets put into a match something like battle eye but better to catch the different codes getting injected into the client. To do this successfully would be by analyzing how all these new hacks works then figure out what gets injected that makes them different from a regular account then automatic flag that account. If the bad code is caught have like a if- else implemented that causes only negative effects on the cheater like no damage 0 energy etc or just instantly kill them then the account gets banned. By having something like this implemented this would make the cheaters/rwt people alot harder to time to cheat in these games and would cause them to be doing it alot less. I understand this can not been done instantly but I would think this would be a good way to get to prevent hackers/cheaters to play EFT. PS: Just saying I am always willing to work for BSG KEK. I do have a cybersecurity degree with 1 year work experience, and I am passionate about seeing this game to be successful. If asked what position I specialize in Security/Network Analyst. Thanks, to anyone that reads
  2. joesiris

    Proper REST API anytime soon?

    Would love to see this, like with Eve Online and Destiny 2. It would spawn a whole industry of Android/iOS/Webpage apps and tools etc. like destiny has Ishtar Collective, timewastedondestiny, destiny item manager, destiny tracker, then for eve you got neocom 2 and the eve online portal app, etc etc. pretty pretty please
  3. Kanssa-pakenijat, Olemme jo hetken aikaa olleet tietoisia kolmansien osapuolten sovelluksista, jotka mahdollistavat pelitiedostojen muokkaamisen ja pelin pelaamisen tavalla johon sitä ei ole tarkoitettu. Mainitunlaiset sovellukset ovat vastoin lisenssisopimusta. Tahdomme muistuttaa käyttäjiä seuraavista: 1. Ennakkotilatessasi Escape from Tarkov pelin, ostat lisenssin asentaa sovelluksen, sekä suostut käyttämään sovellusta lisenssisopimuksen mukaisesti. 2. Kolmansien osapuolten sovellusten käyttäminen, jotka mahdollistavat pelin alkuperäisten tiedostojen tai muistissa olevan datan muokkaamisen tai korvaamisen ovat lisenssisopimuksen rikkomista. Lisenssisopimuksen osio 4.2. 3. Escape from Tarkovissa ei ole olemassa hyväksyttyjä 'modeja' tai 'yksinpelimuotoja'. Emme voi varmentaa 'modien' turvallisuutta, päinvastoin niiden käyttäminen voi asettaa pelitilisi vaaraan. On myös mahdollista, että 'modi' on tehty pelin laittomaan jakamiseen ja/tai auttamaan huijaussovellusten kehittämisessä. 4. Kyseisten sovellusten, tai muiden sovellusten mainostaminen, jotka rikkovat BSGn tekijänoikeuksia käyttämällä esimerkiksi audio-visuaalisia elementtejä, kuvia tai rikkovat muita immateriaalioikeuksia Escape from Tarkovissa, voi johtaa pelitilisi sulkemiseen. Kertaa lisenssisopimuksen sisältö ja vältä kolmansien osapuolten sovellusten käyttämistä Escape from Tarkovissa. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/legal/license_agreement_en.html Pidä tilisi turvassa ja Onnea raideihin!
  4. justDreamless

    Escape from Tarkov Database

    Hey there, I am always looking for new side projects and since I really enjoy this game I thought about building an database containing all the information about the items in EFT. I saw the thread from and since he was banned ( I assume he reversed the network traffic in order to fetch the items from files / official eft database which is ofc against ToS ) I thought if you guys are still interested in a database service that is not automated / breaking the ToS. All items would have to be added by hand. Purpose of this thread is to get some feedback if you guys would like a new database website. And I also would appreciate a feedback from the Devs if something like this would be allowed because I really like my EoD Edition and dont want to end on the ban board aswell. I wont start anything before I get the official go from the devs tho because ... reasons ... Best regards, Dreamless
  5. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Escape From Tarkov and Steam Overlay

    Can using steam to launch EFT get me banned? I personally like having the steam overlay and FPS counter on EFT but I don't want to risk getting banned as I have seen some people say they were wrongly banned for using overlays like Discord and Steam, I simply don't have enough money to buy a new copy if I do get banned. Also... What is the final verdict on the use of Nvidia's new shader injector Nvidia Freestyle? I am unsure whether or not it can be used in EFT but if it has/gets support, how will the devs justify it being used? I myself don't use stuff like ReShade and Gammapanel on EFT but I see a multitude of players use it to get a big advantage over other players that aren't and while I don't mind that, it makes me wonder if Nvidia Freestyle will be treated the same as any other third party software or first party since it comes with the 390.65 driver updates.
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