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Found 3 results

  1. Copy of my reddit suggestion: https://old.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gc5ecv/it_would_make_my_world_if_there_were_20rnd_mags/ Truth be told, I'm a rat player which always takes cheap but good enough (for self defense) rifles in battle. This usually means I am a big fan of the 762 VEPR and AKMs. My setup is a Sainsbury "basic" range 1x spec'd rifle, 1x bag, some first-aid & with nothing more. Good enough to defend against scavs, pistolings, mosinlings and hatchlings. Enough to 1 tap any unsuspecting chads. But a big crux has forced me to take the ADARs instead. The issue is that the AK rifles have no 20 round mags for 7.62 and 5.56 rifles. 10rnd mags are too little for a firefight. Essentially useless. 30rnd mags while useful, take up 2 slots, meaning you need chest rigs. I consider 30+rnds mags as dead weight as extended firefights mean that something has gone wrong in my ambush equation. Rats have no staying power, which chads have. The main reason why I take ADAR is for that 20rnd pmag which is not too little, not too much, perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I'm not a chad player so anything above 20rnds is usually useless as I'm not gonna survive any extended slugging match where armour comes in play. Would a dev or someone else let me know if there are plans for a 20rnd mags for AK small arms? I would rather take the VEPR/AK than the ADAR if possible. Note: I don't like the SKS as it's not very modular and awkward without expensive mods.
  2. 1. Probably pointed out alot in the past but 7.62x39mm doesn't really have ammo that can easily defeat higher tier armor so add this finnish tungsten core armor piercing round with stat (44 damage and 57 pen ?) Some where between 7N39 and M955 ap round. one good suggestion would be to add in Finnish tungsten core round. 2.Make it more accessible Ak103,104 to prapor level 2 instead of 3 AKMSN, AKMN to prapor 2 from 3 AK101,102 to prapor 3 along with mechanic 2 AKS74UB and UN to be sold by prapor after task Debut without any requirements at L1 (i mean 74u is kind of early level gun so why lock it behind such task and levels) 3.Give more attachment options 75 rd drum magazine or 60 rd quad stack magazines for 7.62x39mm ak give stanag adapter for 5.56mm aks or give large mags for them aswell.. 4.Some base recoil reduction to carbine and 5.56,7.62 aks to be more effective with or without any attachments 74u,ub,un 150 vertical -> 115 vertical 350 horizontal -> 320 horizontal Ak101,102 120,130 vertical -> 105 vertical 320, 315 horizontal -> 300 horizontal Ak103,104 140,155 vertical -> 120 vertical 340 horizontal -> 325 horizontal AkM,MS,MN,MSN 160 vertical -> 130 vertical 360 horizontal -> 330 horizontal 4.drop prices AK103 48265 rub -> 43265 rub AK104 54382 rub -> 44000 rub AKM 43464 rub -> 36000 rub AKMS 40000 rub -> 38000 rub AKS-74UB 73533 rub (wtf?) -> 35332 rub AKS-74UN 35387 rub -> 31000 rub AK101 49613 rub -> 44000 rub Ak102 67154 rub (srsly ?) -> 42000 rub what you guys think ?
  3. PachiiAxe

    Create your go to ideal rifle!

    Ok guys.. We have seen plenty of posts about posting your "ultimate loadout" and I have found a great website where you can create your custom LMG - SMG - AR - Sniper Rifle. I created my own Battle Rifle and it goes as follow: My rifle: - Knight Armaments SR-25 -16 inch barrel -M80 Ball 165 grain 7.62x51mm cartridge -Generic true 1x6x24mm scope with a Larue Optics Mount -Flash Hider My brothers rifle: Some SBR ish setup in 5.56x45mm This are not ultimate weapon loadouts but just something we had fun with and created rifles and configurations from the many we currently like. Please go ahead and share your configs! The link to where we created such beauties: http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php P.D: Keep in mind this models could be able to be recreated in-game because such attachments have appeared in the recent EFT public game trailers. Props to @ivantherussian @Natalino @kwahamoT @Stalk1988 @BlackBird_ @dev-george @CleanCharley @Ozymandias @KleanupGuy @Kleanuppguy
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