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Found 12 results

  1. Mischa

    Server Down Code 605

    i cant join server now i played from 2clock pm to 4clock and now server down code 605 how yesterday at the evening whats happend or im the only one with this problem???
  2. Archangel45

    605 no servers available

    Repeated issue connecting to games click to get into a raid loads for like 1-2 seconds then errors out with "605 no servers available" restarted game, reinstalled no change. sometimes can get into a game sometimes stuck on 605 no servers available.
  3. Silverhaze5X

    Error: Matching loop

    After bypassing the Error 605 by creating a group, i keep beeing stuck at matching... and sometime it joins, after a while, but then game is desync and unplayable, and kick me and tell me that i deserted. Hoping those infos can help devs to fix those issues..
  4. Daedthedk

    Constant 605 error

    Every time I try to join a match it says 605 error no servers available. Usually this error is solved by trying to rejoin or simply restarting the game. This is not the case recently. I've tried restarting the game and what not, joined different areas, all to no avail. Is there currently problems with the servers? Is there an error with the cache (or other) files? Is this a common issue? Edit/Update: Tried runing as scav + multiple locations, still no luck. Attempting to verify files. update2: Verifying files seems to fix this error. You may close this thread or u
  5. seanlsy

    Dear developers, about 605

    Hi Devs. First of all, Escape from tarkov is a great game, me and my hommies have been playing EFT for a long time. But recently due to the lack of servers, sooo many times the 605 and connection issues showed up on every players' screen. I dont know why its so had for u guys to have a clear number of players in coming CBT, and how can a group of devs have no estimate about their servers' capabilities, plus, I jus dont understand how difficult it is to add more servers or manage the servers in nearly 2 weeks. Players are not paying money for that '605' on the screen, neith
  6. RAFiredog

    Error 605 Server issues?

    Whenever I try to join a match I receive the error 605 "No servers available", any ideas why I can't join? doesn't look like anyone else is having issues.
  7. You need to stop the 605 error taking you back to the main start screen. It's annoying enough not being able to get into a server without having to go through selecting your character, map and insurance every time you fail to get in (which seems to me 95%+ of the time). Just have it take you back to the lobby or take you to the last insurance screen e.t.c.
  8. ok so i dont know what this is but everytime i play one martch i will try to go into another ad no matter what map or pmc or scav it wont let me join any of them and says 605 no servers found. if anyone has a fix or something i would really appreciate it
  9. i cant play on any servers atm
  10. Hazel


    大家好 我們目前意識到服務器中斷問題,正在努力修正它。 抱歉因此造成您的不便,我們將在更多信息時更新此主題。 有關伺服器情況的統計
  11. Hi fellow escapers, I want to know if there is an actual post/statement by a dev regarding to total amount of actual running servers for the EU-region right know. I've searched the forum and did not found the specific topic (only the interview posted by blackbird on the 8th of June "4500-5000 servers (Servers, not players)"). It's regarding to the beta waves (flooding rather). While the second and third wave launched I've experienced multiple times the error 605 - no servers available. This quickly returned normal (after 10mins or so). Now the fourth wave (20 hrs after wave three) i
  12. Every time I try to load into a game, Or even play tarkov, it starts to load me in and then kicks me out along with a message saying, 605 - No servers available. What is this? I've waited 7 months to play this game, I get it, and I can't even play it! What's going on? anyone else?
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