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Found 4 results

  1. twixsvk

    OTs-12 Tiss

    OTs-12 Tiss ("Yew Tree") (Russian:ОЦ-12 Тисс) is a Russian fully automatic compact assault rifle. It is chambered for the subsonic 9x39mm round primarily made for police forces. This rifle is a stepping stone between aks-74u and Ots-14 Groza. It could be a cheap way to shoot 9x39. No. built : Few hundred
  2. ComradeBurris

    AK-9 9x39

    The AK-9 is a Russian 9×39mm compact assault rifle. Its development began when Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant (IZHMASH), now known as Kalashnikov Concern started working on a new silent, flame-less, compact AK rifle in the early 2000s. When creating the new weapon, the manufacturers have tried to surpass all available competitors, such as the AS Val and SR-3M. The basis for the silent, flame-less shooting complex rifle was designated as the AK-9, where it uses a quick-detachable suppressor. It uses the 9×39mm subsonic cartridge. The AK-9 is primarily designed for special units of the Interior Ministry and the Russian Army.[1] It is one of the latest models of the popular Kalashnikov rifle series. It is based on the AK-100 series, which is a modernization series of Kalashnikov assault rifles. A unique feature of the rifle is the use of the special subsonic cartridge 9×39mm SP-5, SP-6. According to its characteristics it competes against the 9A-91, AS Val and SR-3M, but has seen limited use compared to these counterparts, which have already seen service in Russian military and police units. Weight 3.8 kg (8.38 lb) (empty) Length881 mm (34.7 in) (with suppressor) Barrel length200 mm (7.9 in) Cartridge 9×39mm SP5, SP6, SPP, BP Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire 700–750 RPM Effective firing range400 Meters Maximum firing range424 Meters Feed system 20-round detachable box magazine SightsIron sights and various optical sights by the use of Picatinny rail or Warsaw Pact rail. Contacts: https://kalashnikov.com/contacts/ 8-800-200-1807
  3. If I may, I would like to make what I feel is an objective suggestion regarding improved access to the 9x39 ammo for the AS Val. Here's why: I recently managed to "snipe-buy" an AS Val from Fence's inventory a few days ago--felt very fortunate about it, actually, seeing as it's a highly-sought after gun. But at level 21, no ammo is available from Prapor for it. Yes, I'm working on my leveling, but it takes a fair amount of time--that some players don't always have a lot of, but still want to enjoy the game and what they've legitimately acquired (esp. before stash wipes, etc.). I managed to snag 30 rounds of ammo for it (again, from Fence), but it's taken two days (read: many hours of Fence camping) since 9x39 ammo crate loot spawn is so rare, it's practically non-existent. Now, just last night, while playing as a Scav, I was doubly lucky and found an AS Val sitting on the desk in the gas station extraction room. This isn't a sob story, but again, no ammo for it. My point is: I don't think it's an unreasonable request to make the 9x39 ammo a little more accessible somehow for players who legitimately obtain one or more of this weapon (or VSS) and yet are not yet at level 29. What point is there in a new player who gets lucky and finds an AS Val via player Scav run only to let the gun sit there and collect dust until weeks or months later when he manages to get to level 29? If the AS Val's damage level is such that it's too high for new players to have much usable access to via ammo, then remove it completely from ever being sold via Fence, and don't spawn it on the table in the gas station extraction room. Or, make ammo access easier, but slightly reduce the damage it does, since many players consider it an OP gun anyway. IMO, it could still be adequately powerful and fun for everyone without limiting usable access to it via its ammo availability.
  4. Protodead

    9X39 ammo for the VSS

    I found the VSS silenced sniper rifle, but i cannot find any of the required ammo type. i believe to needs the 9X39, but i have yet to find any. How can i get my hands on this? i am currently lvl 14...
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