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Found 2 results

  1. JustBiased

    Rolling Onto Your Back While Prone

    Being able to roll onto your back while prone would further enhance the immersion into a real fire fight. As it currently stands in the game going prone is only beneficial if the enemy does not know where you are at. Going prone when the enemy knows your location immediately places you at a disadvantage with only a very select few options. One of the worst-case scenarios being, if the enemy is behind you when you go prone. To mitigate the drawback of going prone when coming into contact from the rear, I suggest implementing the ability to roll onto your back. This option will help level the odds of surviving such an encounter by creating more uncertainty; even if the approaching player thinks he/she has the drop on their target. You could even take it a step further and limit movement while on your back to strictly pushing with your feet; considering your hands will be occupied with your weapon and you are basically a turtle.
  2. JustBiased

    Using Wrist Watches In Game

    I have noticed that the player models generally have wrist watches on them and it led me to wonder about the plausibility of using them for the purpose of tracking time, position, and direction. Instead of having the time appear in the corner of the map you could create an animation to look down at your watch and get information such as the three previously mentioned. It would add a new market into the game as there could be simple watches that just tell time; all the way up to watches that tack your GPS location and let you know which cardinal direction you are facing.
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