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Found 8 results

  1. It's obvious that the devs have been notified of all the open cheating and abuse that takes place on EFT. It's hard enough for someone to get a start in this, made only exponentially worse by the fact that they have chosen one of the worst anti-cheat systems available. All games are susceptible to cheaters, yeah sure great, but DO something about them. Don't continue to let a broken system let those bums continue to slip through the cracks. Battleye always has been, and will always continue to be, hands down the worst program to handle cheaters. It doesn't have thorough anti-bypass checks, and what it is able to catch is so quickly modded by these cheat devs that they might as well not even try. Here's a bright idea; 3rd party peer review! When a player has submitted a cheating report against another player, have a system in place that logs the gameplay/footage, so it may be sent to a handful of respectable players, have them review it, and base their judgement upon their given perspectives. Do our loving Devs even care about their player base? If they really did, they would surely institute this sort of system. It has worked fantastically well on other games. Yes, that means we will continue to get (Head, Eyes)'d, but something EFFECTIVE AND USEFUL will be done about it. I'm tired of throwing away my hard-earned loot (And not to mention my valuable Real-Life time) on every expedition out, because some Momma's Boy basement slug used his allowance to buy $20 worth of hacks because he can't play a game for more than 10 minutes without having to go change his diaper. >Pic related
  2. I like this game and i like how realistic itr tries to be. Fun fact that in so many ways it cann do it but in other lacks a lot of common sense. -1st:The biggest issue you have with this game as a new player even if you know to play relalistic/tactical shooters is and without any trouble the veteran or advanced players abusing the spwan camp, every 8 of 10 raids i play as a pmc, i dont even show up walk two steps and get shot by the typical smart ass who has been camping all the spwan points in the area every 1 min, is just frustrating and is stupid to have in a game like this fixe spawn points that everybody knows and they can take advantage of if they have a better pc or connection which means shorter load times. -2nd:The matchmaking also needs to be fixed, tarkov has already a solid Playerbase already but you cannot put a newbie 1st level player in his first game with the virgin freaks that since the wipe are already level 30 to 50 in the same game, is insane and frustrating for them and is just a tutorial for the others, i would suggest to restrain the matchmakings not per skill or KDA cryteria, though sort them for level in 5 level or even 10 gaps. And so players from level 0 to 5(or 0 to 10) would be matchmaked together and everybody could enjoy the game without any doubst a lot more than if you just get in and a pro rat camps you the spwan and kills you in less than 15 seconds just because he can smell you 7 km away. -3rd: And less but not least, one of the most stupid issues that i can find in a game like this is even if a guys has a lot of armor, if you shoot someone with a shotgung or an assault rifle IN THE CHEST i dont care how much armor you have, you are gonna fly away at least 1 metre in the case of the shotgun or at least have some ribs broken in the assaults rifle cause because of the impact, it doesnt make any sense at all that you can bleed or have fractures because of a shot but o wait i got hit with sledge cartridges at 2 metres by a shotgun,my vest doesnt suffer at all and i have time to be back and hit him in the head like wtf. That would also make the Overbroken equipped players in such high levels to think it twice before rushing even a newbie in case he has a shotgun. Please reconsider this cases because are a very big problem in the state of the game right now, its very hard to try to do something if you know that every time a guy sees you you are almost insta dead and without any options to do nothing because their vest protects them almost from a nuclear bomb. A shotgun hit in a limb can almost rip it.
  3. I do most of my scav runs on reserve and it is really common for me to get shot by a PMC within the first few seconds of loading in. Shared of a picture of my most recent run. This has been happening a lot more this wipe. The scav spawns are too common out in the fenced off field between train and garages, where there are bunkers underneath the hills. It is extremely common for a PMC to be scoping out the area and camping to get free spawn kills on player scavs, farming them for the items they spawn with. This only happens on reserve as far as im aware, where player scav spawn killing is a legit strategy for PMCs. It is an annoying problem... and I believe the most obvious fix for this is to reduce the number of player scavs spawning on reserve while adding a couple more spawn points to randomize and make it less worthwhile for these cheesy PMCs to camp the field. No one likes the amount of player scavs that flood reserve anyways. For the record, I got shot at within the first 5 seconds. I just ran and survived 33 seconds in total. Fastest I have ever died as a player scav when spawning on reserve is maybe 2-3 seconds.. literally got off the loading screen and blinked, then got tapped by a PMC from a distance
  4. I have seen 3M Armour and other recent quest related items being abused time after time on this game threw-out the Flea Market either it be Lab access card keys or quest items you are forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 1 ITEM!! while the macro buyers get there items selected and go afk and come back to make mad bank. This has been like this since release of Flea Market and destroys and new players with standard editions money stack or meaning of using the flea market to get a upper-hand on other pmc who are higher level or have access to equipment we don't yet have. I would like to be able to purchase and item without knowing I have to reside to the macro buyers and forced to pay over 100K per item when it should only be half of that or less developers please look into this because I am tired of wasting money for someone using a program to abuse the system and nothing to be taken action towards them over 3 wipes and still marco buyers rules the fleamarket complete trash system imo.
  5. TheVonCleaver

    Ping Abusers

    What is the development teams plan to prevent people from editing the game files just so they can play outside the intended 150 ping limit? I feel like people who have feel cheated against in this game more times than not is probably just do to latency in that there are players playing out of their region.
  6. iEscapeTarkov

    STOP.. all the killing!

    ..... Sometimes you've just gotta stop the killing and admire the sunset
  7. J'ai croisé ça hier sur Shoreline, au départ je pensais qu'ils lagaient simplement, puis en voyant les sauts à répétition et leur manière d'en avoir rien à foutre de se déplacer en courant à découvert, j'me suis dit que c'était pour appâter les tirs sur eux. J'ai clairement mal joué en tentant de les traiter et j'aurais du arrêter et aller me coucher depuis bien longtemps.. ça ressemble à l'utilisation de macro pour sauter tout le temps, car je ne pense pas qu'il passent leur temps à appuyer sur espace pendant un raid de 30 min? J'aurais jamais dû non plus les engager avec une arme semi auto aussi... Pour les stats de fin de jeu j'avais juste tué un scav d'une balle dans la tête avant, donc on peut voir que j'ai bien mis 3 balles au mec que je filme. En conclusion c'est pas du cheat, même pas du glitch, seulement de la merde pour t'empêcher de viser convenablement tes premiers tirs? Cool Stuff
  8. Just strolling through shoreline heading to the customs exit and I hear some strange jumping sound over and over and can't figure it out.. Creep round the corner and what do I see... A hatchling standing jumping into a wall in a bush LOL. Please consider having some detection and ban or reset the strength level of these abusing punks. Macro jumping their way to high strength is clear abuse. Couldn't believe it when I seen it then realized what he was doing. Why can't people just play the game normally? SMH!
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