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Found 9 results

  1. Sventrapaperine

    codice email non inviato

    Sono più di due giorni che non riesco ad accedere al mio account perché non mi viene inviato per email il codice di autentificazione. Ho provato di tutto: reinstallato il launcher, ho disattivato il firewall e l'antivirus, ho controllato che non fosse in spam e ho messo nei mittenti fidati le 3 email relative al sito di EFT, ho cancellato su %appdata% la cartella del launcher, ho provato a cambiare il mio ip con un VPN o il proxy, ho provato con proprietà a testarlo su windows 8 (io ho 10 pro). Vorrei giocare al gioco per cui ho pagato, e a dirla onestamente mi sento truffato dato che non posso nemmeno richiedere il reso. Il gioco è veramente bello ma non posso letteralmente giocarci per colpa di questo codice che non mi inviano, l'avrò spammato all'infinito fino al blocco la richiesta dell'invio di email. Ho guardato sui forum e molti, indipendentemente dalla mail, hanno questo problema e le soluzioni consigliati non mi sono state d'aiuto. non mi rimane altro che aspettare una risposta alle 10 email inviate. Qualcuno ha consigli?
  2. Testoviron

    Can't log in

    Hello there. My friend lost possibility to access his account recently. He is logged in on the main site, but he can't change email or anything else. He was playing the game the same day that he lost the access. What should he do? Two days ago he started procedure for changing email. Now both his emails are inactive.
  3. Chbingle

    Access Denied

    I played the game last night and everything went fine and smooth. I'm trying to start the launcher tonight and a pop up saying "Access Denied" has popped up. Anyone else experiencing this? Servers down?
  4. LukaTheSlav

    Error: Access is denied

    Well I got a problem, my game was laggy and I exited the normal way, and since it froze my entire PC I had to reset my PC by pressing the reset button on my case, and now that I tried starting up Escape From Tarkov, when I open the launcher a pop up appears say: Error: Access is denied. Any help? Please?
  5. What to do if you aren't granted access to the launcher after a week of playing?
  6. Push2F4il

    7-day access Keys

    Hallo Tarkov Communtiy ! Folgendes Problem und zwar kam ein Kollege vor kurzem auf mich zu und meinte das ich doch 7-day access keys hätte weil ich im Neujahr 2017 Escape from Tarkov erworben habe! Ich kann diese Keys jedoch nicht finden! MfG Push
  7. Cezary

    Klucz Tymczasowy

    Cześć. Miałby może ktoś na zbyciu klucz tymczasowy na tydzień w związku z eventem ? Chciałbym przekazać znajomemu. Byłbym wdzięczny ! PRV
  8. Cudzy696


    Does anyone have the message "access denied" when they start up the launcher? Its been three days since i tried to get on and nothing...i've tried manually checking for updates etc but this doesn't help. Also tried running as admin but again to no avail...? Help please.
  9. Rodger_Rodger

    Access is Denied

    https://gyazo.com/18b614a9f50668124df12a28c4bfcdf0 https://gyazo.com/c18bbead94c565baab70a3c7c73bcb5b https://gyazo.com/69f533975d182c138b6827a7bc7b24f1 Downloaded the Update, Opened the game fine yesterday. Went to bed, woke up, now it says its not installed, but i cant even install it or anything because im access denied. How could my access be denied if I payed 150 dollars for the game though?
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