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Found 17 results

  1. Richieh89

    Upgrading Account

    I've upgraded my account but haven't received any additional content such as increased Alpha bag slots, Inventory slots and any other additional feature. Is there a period of time you need to wait or bugged out?
  2. Verdurius

    I cant get into my account

    I few day i was trying to make the launcher work... i still trying tho, but now i can't get into my account, everytime i place both name and password it ask me for an authorization, but it didn't send me any email or anything, just keep telling me authorization, i try writing my name and password over and over and still the same. Please help.
  3. Testoviron

    Can't log in

    Hello there. My friend lost possibility to access his account recently. He is logged in on the main site, but he can't change email or anything else. He was playing the game the same day that he lost the access. What should he do? Two days ago he started procedure for changing email. Now both his emails are inactive.
  4. dalimbardo

    I cant log in

    Hi i bought the game a while ago played on a different pc now on my new pc i cant even log into the website everytime i click log in it just stays on the same page i cant login to reinstall the game so plz someone help me
  5. Timoha2112

    This account got Hacked, Help

    Hello, this is my account, its supposed to be Named Flemma, but since yesterday i cant login with my Email and neither with my login, and now my account has the name Timoha2112, i need help please.. already opened a support ticket (i have no idea why i was still logged in)
  6. GCuzza01

    Can I upgrade my account

    I currently have the standard edition but I want to upgrade to the full package is there any option to do this or do I have to buy the complete game again? Cheers !
  7. hallo und zwar wurde mein Account gehackt, habe dennoch zugriff durch den Auto-Login, Passwort und Login Name sind geändert worden, sowie die email... Habe das so an den Support weiter gegeben und ja, Sende denen die Zahlungsinformationen und alles was in dieser Email drin stand die ziemlich automatisiert aussah und dennoch erst nach einer stunde kam, wie auch immer, alles gesendet und KEINE ANTWORT seit 30 stunden, habe ein zweites Ticket eröffnet wo ich nochmal darauf aufmerksam gemacht habe das mein account gehackt wurde und die bitte mein Ticket weiter beachten sollen aber nein, die gleiche email mit den anforderungen kam nur in einer anderen sprache, langsam regt es mich auf! https://gyazo.com/7cb89e761ebb56d546c59161da262dfc https://gyazo.com/6c96886d574566c8dd84d43b5215b48a
  8. Goodnoob

    Problem with the EoD Edition

    Hello Bears and Usec! I bought yesterday the Edge Of Darkness limited edition (thanks for the 20% off ) but I still doesn't have my extended stash, my bonus stuff, like the pouch or the weapons... And I don't know why. On my account on the website, it's okay, and in my launcher, too..! I tried to reinstall the game, witheout success. Nothing changed. Somebody know why? Thanks by advence for your help!
  9. sanjana51

    account upgrade

    hi, ich wollte mein account upgraden von der standart auf die höchste stufe... da steht 75€... sobald ich auf zahlen per pay pal gehe stehen da fast 100€... mach ich was falsch? danke schon mal
  10. Twan-NL

    Irgendwie Seltsam

    Ich weiss nciht wie ich es beschreiben soll, da ich nicht genau weiss wo der Fehler lag! Ich kaufte die Standard Version auf meinen Acocunt! Spielte ein paar Runden und war sichtlich begeistert. Somit wollte ich meine Spiel auf die Darkness Edition upgraden! Habe dann das SPiel für 104€ mit MwSt gekauft, dort wunderte ich mich ein wenig weil es doch noch teuer war. Aber OK dachte ich mir, das Spiel ist das Geld wert. Jetzt kommt mein Problem. Habe Auf meinen Account nun die Standard Edition und auf einem 2ten Account, wo auch immer der her kommt, die Darkness Edition. Wenn ich nun mit dem "neuen Account" mich einloggen will, soll ich eine ID eingeben die mir per Mail zugeschickt wird! Da kommt nix! Wenn ich auf der Page mich einlogge klappt alles und wenn ich dort auf Passwort Change gehe und die E-Mail eingebe, bekomme ich auch eine E-Mail aber dort steht drin, dass ich das PW von dem Account mit der Standard Edition ändern will? WTF ??? Ich verstehe es nicht? Hoffe es war verständlich geschrieben. Vllt. hat von euch einer eine Lösung! Vielen Dank im Vorraus. MfG Benjamin
  11. Hi guys, sorry for my english. I tried to use "Search" but i didn't find any answer to my question: exactly, what i will lose when, after a big patch relase, there will be a wipe? I saw that wiping is a really common thing, and since this game have a great part of grinding and farming, start to farm thinking that i will lose everything "tomorrow" is not a great deal. So, what i would like to know, if there is an ETA of when developers will stop to wipe accounts (i read somewhere that when the game will go on open beta stage, there will be no more wipes, but i don't know if is true or not) and what i will lose with a wipe (only weapons, or weapons and market levels, or weapons market levels and skill etc.)? Thanks in advice
  12. Malsumis

    Account reset and gifts

    I recently upgraded my account to an upgraded version of the game. I had already claimed the Christmas/new year gift and i was wondering if i would be able to reclaim it once i reset my account to get access to my new inventory? Thank you, keep making this game great.
  13. bradleytwin01

    The Coming Wipe

    I had a few questions about the upcoming wipe. I know it's going to reset my account and I'll lose all of my CURRENT items. However, does my PMC level also go back down to 1? And do I get back all the items that I got for buying my version of the game? Or am I just at nothing?
  14. Im thinking about buying another game copy, just for fun to play the char up and in far future when it will be possible to swap direct items between chars as a kind of stash. Couldnt find anything about if it is allowed / forbidden / unwanted I know some online MMO's dont allow or like this, so are there things i should know before i do? Greetz PIK
  15. Actella

    play EU account in US

    i was wondering if it's possible to play with an account that is registered in eu in the us?
  16. Aufgrund von Spielfehlern und Serverproblemen habe ich Items aus dem globalen Inventar verloren! Ich wollte mal nachfragen ob es möglich ist mein Account wieder bis zum Anfang an zurückzusetzen?
  17. UpperCloud

    Pre-order and Account questions

    I have some questions that are probably somewhere in the forums but i cant find them. 1. What will be my username/name in game? Is it my login or is it something else? 2. When the game comes to Steam (and i pre-ordered it) will i be able to start my game with Steam like ive already purchased the game on steam? Or need i to purchase the game again in Steam? 3. When i pre-order the game do i get notification in my EFT profile so i can know anything did not go wrong with the purchase? 4. If i purchase game in Steam too and i already pre-ordered it can i use my same account where i did get my pre-order bonuses? So theres all questions i hope i get anserws soon. (I was planning to buy Left Behind edition of this game)