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Found 40 results

  1. Title basically says it. I forgot to update my tarkov account email before i migrated from gmail to outlook. Couldnt remember my password after an update asked me to log back in. I tried to reset password and realized i dont have access to that email anymore. Ive sent in emails to support and done plenty of research on what info they would need, and sent it all in. Its been a few days and no response. I understand a big patch is coming and the team is probably as slammed as ever with much more important issues than my account. Im just looking for any way or anyone that can help at this point. Appericiate it in advance if anyone can. If not i understand. Thanks. Also, i made this account so i could access this forum and play on a standard acxount atleast while i work on retrieving my main account.
  2. Morning, I haven't logged into EFT in a pretty long time, and got the email about the free gifts and such so I attempted to login to the website to apply such gifts to my account. Seems No matter how long I wait or which browser I use, I am still stuck on the Security Check/Captcha. No recaptcha generates, and it stuck at saying, "Please stand by , while we are checking your browser". Never had this issue before, any solutions/workaround known? I can log into the forums, but not the website itself which is a bit interesting.
  3. Hello, Has anyone else had this issue with BSG? I contacted them about 2 weeks ago wanting help with updating my account email address, as without access to my previous email address, I was unable to change it. They asked me for additional details such as the transaction details and such, I provided that information, and since then, total silence. Perhaps they hope I will repurchase the game again, as I can't play the game without verifying my account using the old email with the launcher. Well, I won't repurchase the game.
  4. I contacted the Dev Support via the website a month ago and I have not received a response. Attached is a series of screenshots of my problem. Since the current update I cannot access my game. I was forced to re-download the launcher and upon downloading it I was met with this So I uninstalled the entire game and redownloaded the installer and was met with this error again. After contacting support and having not heard anything else I tried the forum and found nothing. I tried to trouble shoot threads that appeared to be similiar and things like cleaning my %appdata% and installation directory out and also checking .NET framework versions etc all were fine. Assuming my computer is now entirely clean from broken registry files and left overs from BSG I created a new installation. I met the same error message. Please help me. I have owned this game in EOD since it was available in Factory only on Pre-Alpha. I cant even install the game and I am very disappointed.
  5. scalingsun

    Getting hacked. Followup of a followup.

    So.. Here I am, for the third time. A while ago, I posted this: This still has not been solved. BSG doesnt seem to respond to emails at all. Its now been over a MONTH of no proper contact, and all the contact we had was telling us to provide information, which we instantly did, and just ghosted right afterwards. TLDR; A buddy of mine has his account stolen, its been over a month now, still no response. byebye 150,- I honestly cant recommend this game anymore just due to this. the game itself is lovely, but this is just absolutely bullshit. Also: If the top comment is gonna be "send an email to BSG, they'll fix it" save it. We've done that even before my FIRST post, and they havent done poo for over a month.
  6. Hallo zusammen, Nach 5 Wöchigem hin und her schreiben mit einem Supporter der sich "Ignat Roshin" nennt , habe ich einen punkt erlangt wo ich keine Nerven mehr habe um sachlich auf english mit ihm zu kommunizieren. Ich habe den Zugang zu meinen Emailadressen verloren und wollte sie demnach ändern da beide verifikation´s email´s auf diejenigen laufen, auf denen ich keinen zugriff mehr habe. Der Supporter hat meine email nach 5 wochen bitteln und betteln genau auf so eine adresse geändert... Nun geht das spiel wieder von vorne los und ich bekomme es langsam mit den nerven zu tun.. Er wusste in 3 Emails darüber bescheid das er die email auf meine Hauptadresse ändern soll. - hat er nicht gemacht. Nun bitte ich nen anderen Supporter zu bekommen bzw. einen Mod zu bekommen der mir endlich meinen 133 Euro account zurück gibt bzw. unlockt. Ich halt es nicht mehr aus hier über wochen hinweg getrollt zu werden obwohl alles klar und deutlich beschrieben wurde. Meine Daten dafür kann ich in ner PN an einen Mod weiter geben. Bitte helft mir irgendwie. Mit freundlichem Gruß MC_BLEED
  7. Timoha2112

    This account got Hacked, Help

    Hello, this is my account, its supposed to be Named Flemma, but since yesterday i cant login with my Email and neither with my login, and now my account has the name Timoha2112, i need help please.. already opened a support ticket (i have no idea why i was still logged in)
  8. scalingsun

    Getting hacked. Followup.

    So.. I created this Topic a while ago: My friend's ticket got simply closed, and emailing "[email protected]" has not responded at all. This is rather ridiculous. My buddy (as I stated in previous post) got the EoD version of the game, and got simply his account stolen with no support or even a response at all. Is there really nothing we can do? This is insane, paying 150,- for a game, to just get it taken away without any help at all. for all we know, the account could be banned already, we have no clue.
  9. yxcvb01

    Email Adresse hacked

    Hallo! Ich brauche Unterstützung vom Support von EFT; meine Email-Adresse, mit welcher dieser Account verknüpft ist, wurde gehacked und geloescht; auf Grund dessen kann ich keinerlei Accountdaten umändern noch mich an meinem Computer authentifizieren per Code. ich habe bereits vor 4 Tagen Tickets eroeffnet, sowie vor 2 Tagen Emails mit allen Informationen inklusive meines Kaufs von Tarkov+EOD + Personalausweis geschickt und bisher noch keine Antwort erhalten; ich würde sehr gerne in meiner freizeit Tarkov spielen, jedoch bin ich dadurch, dass meine Email nicht mehr aktuell ist, gehindert. Es wäre fantastisch, wenn ich adäquat hilfe erhalten würde. Mfg
  10. stealthysneaky

    Stolen account

    Hello everyone, i know this topic is something different ... (i am sorry for my english level, i hope you will understand me) So, here we are, making tickets to support about stolen account. How did that even happend ? Easily, i've got breached by some shi**y online game. Anyway what happend at the support ? I just wrote them about it, make it clear and give them information about my purchase (paypal details, bill, email with key) all screenshots. They reply was ... *Hello! We understand your frustration, but unfortunately, we don't restore any of the Keys.* The thing is, i don't care about key, i care about my account and i am pretty much sure that they can link it to new email. I paid over 40e (46,50e) and this is their support for that ? First of all i know, 2 factor ver. exist, i didnt really even think about that. Cuz this is first time ... I already make 2factor on every damm acc i have over the internet. But back to the support thing. Is this even normal ? I mean you pay for account in beta, to support battle state games and help them. And when you need help from them they are like "nah we're good, we've got the money" I just want my account back, it's not like refund they dont loose anything. Have anyone else same experience? Or can someone help me out with some advice ?
  11. _Breadsticks

    My account seems to be broken

    My account seems to be broken. I bought EOD on the 22nd of Febuary while it was on sale. I got most of the stuff that you are supposed to get, like the upgraded stash, the gamma container, and I might have gotten some of the items too. My issue started maybe a week ago. For some reason, my account on the bsg website, and the launcher both say that I only have the standard edition, when I clearly bought the EOD edition. This has just been brought to my attention when I was trying to play with some friends and they didn't see the crown icon next to my name. (You get the crown icon if you have EOD.) I figured it was just a bug and it would be taken care of soon, but it's been like this for about a week. I'm very worried, as I don't want to spend another 90 dollars to get the upgrade. Someone please help. My stash and my gamma container. My account on the website saying I don't have it. If someone could please take the time to try to help me, I would be so appreciative. Thanks.
  12. So, I just got logged into someone's account called x-ploder or something dodgy.... This usually an occurrence with a Bad Account 205-205 error on the Launcher?
  13. Chaseaway7_TTV

    Upgrading Account

    I wanted to upgrade my account from standard to EOD.. Would I have to reset my current ranking and lose all my stash items to get the EOD version? Or is there a way that I can keep everything I have and carry it over to the EOD stash.
  14. Testoviron

    Can't log in

    Hello there. My friend lost possibility to access his account recently. He is logged in on the main site, but he can't change email or anything else. He was playing the game the same day that he lost the access. What should he do? Two days ago he started procedure for changing email. Now both his emails are inactive.
  15. LARRYREN22

    Verification Email not sending

    Hey! I am seasoned EFT player. I tried to log into my account from my newly built PC. I built it today. and when I went to log on, it said that it had sent me an email verification (no where to be found) so I clicked change password (got that email immediately). so I changed password, am able to log into forum and the website. but it still needs verification for the launcher. I have tried many times and changed my password twice. both times emails sent to the account I have been waiting for the email verification. and nothing. PLEASE HELP. -larry. PS: I have gotten the congrats for registering for this forum. still waiting for the code.
  16. o0OstormwolfO0o

    reset youre account

    i want to reset my account because i want to buy the darkness edition. do i need to wait or can i reset it when i purchased it? ( i need to wait till 25 febuary ) can i reset it then when i purchased the new edition ?
  17. dalimbardo

    I cant log in

    Hi i bought the game a while ago played on a different pc now on my new pc i cant even log into the website everytime i click log in it just stays on the same page i cant login to reinstall the game so plz someone help me
  18. I want to upgrade my account from the standard version but dont want to reset my account to get the items/stash increase/trader rep. I've seen people saying yes and no, so I'm not sure now. If I upgrade do I have to reset to receive these new items/stash ect?
  19. Hi, as the title says I can not get into my account because every time I tried I did not receive the email with the security code. This problem is driving me nuts, anyone knows how to fix it? I have a gmail account.
  20. Hi, so i just purchased EOD and after a few min got all of the stuff with it, decided i wanted to start again with this stuff extra space etc, so i reset my game profile but after that i lost all of my EOD stuff and gamma i assumed i would of started with it again but nothing is there a way to activate it or is it a mistake in the system i dont know, anyone got any ideas?
  21. Hello admin, I want to log out of an account without a pre-ordered game and change the email address of this account to another account with a pre-ordered game.Because the email address of the account where I pre-ordered the game cannot receive the login verification code sent by the official.
  22. GCuzza01

    Can I upgrade my account

    I currently have the standard edition but I want to upgrade to the full package is there any option to do this or do I have to buy the complete game again? Cheers !
  23. GhostFR

    Question about account change

    Hello, I would like to know if when i transfer an account to another pc, do i keep the progress, the statistics and the equipment that i have in the inventory ?
  24. LoganTeamPop


    So my friend Crypticzz Moved from Canada to Europe, he states his game cant update and he can only play on Europe Servers due to his launcher being American. or Something? anything that can be done to fix it? Like he cannot Physically Update Tarkov From a while ago, after installing new launcher. but cant install game because his launcher is American? or something. please help!
  25. DingustheWingus

    My friend was locked out for a day.

    Why was my friend locked out of his account after 1 attempt on trying to login. He even got both the password and the username right and it still locked him out. Could it be someone trying to log into his account and should he change his email to fix the problem. It has happened twice to him now and it's getting kinda annoying. He has changed the password and now he is going to change the email and we hope it fixes it. Just wondering if anyone knew how to stop it and if it's maybe just a bug or something. Thanks.
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