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Found 4 results

  1. devast8r


    Damage Value system -Length Barrels and Damage values Stash Container -Unable to swap between bags when you do not wish set in empty square spaces and then swap Wallet issues -Unable to stack cash in Wallet when all square spaces occupied not exceeding 50,000 rubles value Weapon system issue -Unable to toggle sight between Carry Handle Top Scope mount and Iron Sights (AR-15 pattern Rifles/Platform) -Unable to toggle sight between Rail Side Mount System and Iron Sights (AK/SKS Pattern Rifles/Platform) -DSA SA58/FAL not able to fold with folding designated stock -SKS reloading animation need to redo and can be able to top it off with rounds with new animation -Kedr PP91 has two sights system Peephole and a U Notch -SKS, Mosin Nagant need to add Stripper Clips ammo -Smoke need to rework -Knife sounds need to rework when contacting with different materials stop reusing bullet ricochet sound -add animation of injured Scav and Players from other point of views After Action Review Replay system Division player skills tier system -prevents smurfing and able to equalize between expierence players and friendlier to non experience players
  2. Hello Devs, I've been in contact with Justin, the owner of JMac Customs LLC, and he liked the idea of his products in game. I asked and he said to post his products on his behalf. I can also get his contact info for the weapons department team should you decide to add any of his products. Their parts allow for significant muzzle climb or drift reduction in their brakes, sufficient flash suppression in their flash hiders, as well as some muzzle devices being suppressor adapters. Their stock adapters and gas blocks allow for many more options to modernize/customize your weapon to fit your needs as well. Photos of some of JMac's products with descriptions will follow. (Many parts have variants / sizes that will fit other non-AK firearms as well) Here is a link to their home page; https://www.jmac-customs.com -An example of their parts with M13 industries' work and a few 3rd party bits. -The RRD-4C muzzle brake in 14 or 24mm. -The GBC-13 gas block front sight combo. -The LAF (Loud as F**k) muzzle brake. -The EGFH flash hider. -And last but not least, the RSA / RSA4.5mm/5.5mm stock adapter to use Sig MPX/MCX style stocks (Attached via 1913 rail) on the AK platform, CZ EVO, MP5 and more. -Their logo, in case we need some swag in game.
  3. Hey guys i just wanted to post a topic of things i personally think should be added to the game just to make clear this is just my opinion and i would like to know what you guys think so listed below are some things i think should be added to the game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☢ AI are you sure you want to continue sign after depositing gear from a successful scav run to main inventory (you don't know how many times I wasn't paying attention to it a clicked through my gear transfer screen.) ☢ AI scav's that fire when in close proximity to you (I know this is a good thing I shouldn't complain about but I can easily sit corners and hatchet scavs and they try to back up to fire but of course its to late, IMO this is to easy to get gear from scav's and I know this isn't something i should complain about idk why i think it irritates me as it seems like lake luster coding but what do I know) ☢ HUD display for teammates you partied up with before entering match ( I know this has been talked about and the dev from my understanding want to keep it "realistic" as possible but again this topic is about what I think I want from his game) ☢ the old healing system back including the bleeding/status effects hud notifications (further explanation can be found below on my other forum post) ☢ Snow weather affects/dynamic weather (I know this is difficult from a CPU/GPU intensive coding stance but very few games have done a good snow effect including footprints such as the newest tomb raider did again i know this is PC intensive but even a rudimentary snow weather would be nice like re texture object with snow on them and replace rain with snow flakes would be good enough for me and even mid match weather changing like it starting to rain and clouds creating an overcast mid round would be nice side note: water on scope lenses and on gun would be a nice touch) ☢ renaming a lot of the in-game items (for example an AK-74N butt-stock is names something like "s8np06" and the civilian AK (Vepr) butt-stock is "s8np05" or something of the sort they should rename it to something like "AK-74N B. (s8np06)" again I don't have the game in front of me ATM so i don't know the exact name that is just an example) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all I can think of ATM if something else pops into my head ill be sure to post it in the replies below! Let me know what you guys think and any idea you have up vote this topic so the word can spread and more people can give there input as we have little power in the development process of the game and it practically end at the forum post level unless you know a guy who knows a guy kind of deal but up voting this topic will help hopefully in the hopes the right eyes see this topic and are willing to make a change.
  4. MP7 – H&K: It’s light, carries a light armor piercing round, and has a high rate of fire; all of which is perfect for countering those close quarter seeking, boomstick(shotgun) loving, armor wearing foes. I use to joke around with my guy friends explaining that the MP7 was like a dream girlfriend (or boyfriend to keep it all PC), cute but can pack a punch and take you for a ride along the way, I’m sure my girlfriend would love to hear that one now. Jokes aside this weapon is my all-time favorite. This SMG would be a perfect candidate for the game as it’s used by counter terrorism units, close protection agencies, and private military contracting organizations all over the world… For lore reasons reasons we could even say that it was used by the USEC as a primary close protection weapon while evacuating highly valuable people. And it’s my favorite so why not? Now I'm not a fan of apple so I'll use this video as an example of it's power.
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