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Found 4 results

  1. I was killed after unloading a 10 round clip with bp in someone and they lived and i died because i ran out of ammo fair, i needed more bullets. The thing that makes no sense is 270 was to body and 1 was to armor 5 shots hit. He lost a arm, a leg, a stomach and a thorax, and was able to shoot back. This is the main problem i have is you saying realistic game and people can not be put down in a realistic way. What man could get shot that many times and live?
  2. Axiom_Lock

    Arm Stamina Rework

    I'm sure Tarkov developers got a lot to work on. However, I would like the game to be better by seeing these things: 1. Slings added to the game and sling holds to compliment them to reduce recoil and reduce arm stamina usage by a slight amount For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HtaLUbTwZM 2. Addition of bipods and functional use to them (I.e) mounting bipods or magazines to sandbags and solid cover and reduce arm stamina usage by a moderate amount 3. Thumb/finger holds around corners and increase arm stamina usage by a slight amount For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdY1UaSMXoI The game already has a lot on the plate but I believe the game should at least have a way to mount weapons or prop them onto walls in order to rework the arm stamina mechanic. I personally feel it is not feasible for my character to run out of arm stamina within the 30 seconds after holding a weapon sighted in. Most of us can say this from experience.
  3. Kennedy

    Labs Adjustment

    While labs is great, it by far made the economy unstable, and made end game tier loot just too common since people make a lot of money or get the end game loot. The maps is amazing, but to make it more balanced my suggestions are: 1. Make the player pay a certain amount. For example i make around 200-300 k per raid on labs, when running as a naked with a pistol, if the fine for example was 100 k rubles this would make the layer more cautious in labs, thus improving the tactical experience. 2. The second way i can see this issue resolved is by adding a timer for raid, like 20 mins , so people can't spam and farm in labs. This way there will be almost no naked people and they will more likely take better gear to profit the most. This would increase the endgame value of labs and the fact that you can't farm from it constantly. 3. Third option is to make a keycard to enter labs, for example like a quest. You go to lets say for this example Shoreline Health Resort, you go to room like 214 or something and you find a terra group card. You get it, you survive, now you have the option to put the keycard in the of raid items, thus not being able to access labs, but having it in your quest items allows you to do a raid in labs. This would just make labs and even more so End Game place, making sense that items can't be recovered by insurance and etc. Oh and if you die, you lose the card, so you gotta go get it again. This is a minor fix for a major issue in my opinion, cause while it is fun to run with a fort ant altyn, the gear becomes less and less worth due to this. These are just ideas, and hopefully valid ones Have a good day, Reader -James Kennedy
  4. I just saw the videos of the game today it looks phenomenal the light, the environment detail by the shock wave it's more than awesome and the gun modify to me is almost perfect reason of why only "almost" is because, i dont know about real life soilder, but to an airsofter, we all put the sights and laser pointer or anything else at the place we like on the rail i assume this is going to be PC only, if it is, i hope we can adjust the sight on the rail back and forward by using the scroll of the mouse please do and i really looking forward to the game
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