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Found 8 results

  1. residentony

    Drop fps significativo durante la mira

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi scrivo sul forum perchè sono esasperato. Non ho un pc fisso esagerato ma i suoi 80 fps medi (mappe grande) mi fanno comodo. Il problema è quando MIRO. Quando clicco il tasto destro il gioco va male: cali fps , sluttering, quando muovo il cursore a destra o sinistra la riposta non è immediata e a volte si frezza per quel millesimo di secondo che costa la vita del raider. Non so cosa fare. Ho già messo la spunta in "esegui override bla bla bla" che danno come aiuto per questi casi... ma nulla, non riesco più a giocare decentemente. Per scrivere qui sul forum significa che per me è diventato insopportabile e ingestibile... non 2 3 fps in meno che non fanno nulla . Se qualcuno mi sapesse dare una mano ne sarei grato perchè amo questo gioco. Buona giornata a tutti.
  2. Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on this.
  3. Hi team, I love the game, but one gripe I have with it is the stamina bar. When I'm ADSing and holding an angle, I can't see my stamina bar because it fades away after a few seconds. Can this please be changed? Yes, I know that the HUD can be enabled, but I like everything else about the immersive HUD except this. If the stamina bar just stayed up when your stamina bar isn't full it would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. By the way, apologies if this has been submitted before, I did try searching. Cheers.
  4. Hi all, Just trying to bring more attention to an issue I keep running into; it was adjusted recently where the interact menu would no longer be centre of screen when ADS (very happy with this!), however it's still a pain to have it sporadically pop up when trying to peek a corner and point shoot for example. I feel as though the interact menu would benefit from always popping up in the same place (just low of the centre, as it is when ADS) in order for players to not be distracted and/or maintain a central point on potential enemy positions (heads )
  5. sxrry

    ADS lag/fps drop

    I run the game at a constant 60-80 fps but when i ads my fps jumps down to 40-50 until i unzoom. Ive looked around and can't find anything on it. Thanks!
  6. fillman86

    Aiming whilst prone

    A few times my gun aiming has jumped all around because the game things I can't aim down enough, and it's gotten me killed a few times. The scenario: Prone looting, notice something, but don't want to move too much because it'll give me away, so the first thing I do is aim down sights. The target sees my gun flipping out for a few seconds. Or I have to strafe to correct the issue, and they see the movement and shoot me. luckily this has only happened during scav runs, so I'm not too annoyed. But either allow us to accidentally aim at the ground, or like other games just don't let there be a boarder where you physically can't pass. The theory is that if I'm aiming and a wall or ground gets in the way, it's fine because I'd rather aim at nothing instead of not knowing where I'm actually aiming. On a similar note, when going through something like a doorway, maybe have the gun move back, like you're shooting from the hip, less accurate, instead of having the gun flip up (though I know some guns are physically too wide to strafe through a doorway)
  7. Whenever i see through my 4X scope my fps drop from 144 to 59-60, and i really hate these when playing games, i have intel i7-7700k + 16G ram+ GTX1070 and i run the game at medium quality, i still have fps issues under certain circumstances and that is really annoying! I just upgrade my pre-order to EOD edition because i like your idea and hard work into the game and i hope you can make the game run smoothly when players actually have a *not bad* desktop setup
  8. Will we be able to set our own prefered FOV via the game options? What about the FOV of the weapon itself and the Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV, some people like their weapon to be further away/smaller - What I guess is that if there is a FOV slider that the weapon will scale accordingly.
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