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Found 7 results

  1. heyasiankid

    help or hiatus?

    Hello to whoever is reading this. I read around the forums every now and then just to check in on the community but never actually posted before. This post is a small vent and ask for advice for whoever wants to read and reply otherwise I dont think youll want to waste your time reading this. To start off, I am in no way close to being a moderate or decent player, I dont have too much time on hand to "play to get better". I also mainly am solo and rarely play with others, and I guess I would categorize myself as a casual gamer? I enjoyed playing Tarkov for the longest time and didnt mind looting, dying, getting some kills here and there and slowly climbing up in level and funds. Sadly, ever since the latest update and wipe I cant find myself to enjoy the game anymore. I feel like its all risk and little to no rewards anymore and more competitive based. For example, I would enter raids in Reserve and spend approximately 8 minutes or up to get in and die in less than 5. Ive tried everything to make the game enjoyable and survivable from trying to just rat, run, exit camp, to waiting to the last moments of the raid to loot and leave, and just trying to make friends with people in raid. Like I said, im not great at the game and it punishes me a lot for that. I've noticed a lot more people are going in groups and it makes it extremely difficult to fight again and loot against groups as there either nothing felt or Im forced to leave as I know its a fight I cant win. Before Found in Raid, at the very least if I lose my scav I could at least go in with my PMC geared or ungeared and if i lose it all at least i could keep something in the secure container that may be sold to recoup some of the cost. Im currently level 14 with approximately 1mil in roubles and its been extremely hard to bring it up. I feel the encounter with high level and high geared players are a automatic lose for me since I cant afford gear to contest. If anyone has any advice I'm just looking for a way to earn money and at least have a decent fighting chance without just camping a corner or the exit. I love the game but I'm just not enjoying playing it anymore. Especially after entering 4 raids and waiting for the que times to end up dying and come out with nothing or barely anything in the span of 2 hours. I cant find myself to be able to reach the point of where I was before the wipe where I was sitting over 7 mil roubles with a finished hideout and decent levels where money for gear wasnt an issue. I might just take a hiatus from the game but I wanted to reach out to the Tarkov community before then. Maybe this game at this time just isnt for me? If you reached to the end of this, thanks for reading my rant, I appreciate you, and if you respond I appreciate your feedback.
  2. I started playing EFT earlier this year and this is my second wipe. I am trying to get better at the game and I need some advice. Btw, I play solo. I am looking for a viable loadout - map - playstyle combo so that I don't run out of money and have to resort to loot runs. Last wipe, I was doing a lot of boring hatchet runs and spending money on expensive loadouts with meta M4s. This wipe I am trying to avoid loot runs since they don't help me get any better at the game. The problem is I can't find the right loadout - map - playstyle balance for my average skill level and aim. I have tried: Factory, MP5, cheap ammo, lvl4 rig, no helmet. Too much action, not much loot and I rarely survive. Labs, Reserve, Dorms, Resort with lvl4 armor and helmet, a decent M4 and good ammo. I find these maps/areas to be too Chad-heavy. I have tried playing aggressive, slow and really slow and careful with not much success. So, anyone have any advice?
  3. Agent_Ice

    Technical Advice

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or has any advice for me. I have been playing this game since the end of January. Until today, I had a couple of instances where I would be in the game and my computer would suddenly restart on me. I play several other games and have not had that issue. Today, It happened to me once in a raid and twice in my stash. Now, pretty much as soon as the game launches, (not even getting to the main menu) my computer restarts on me. I know a lot has been going on with the game, especially with this trader event going on (which I think was a great idea). I am not sure if it is a patch or something that could be making my machine unstable when playing this particular game or what. If anyone else has experienced this let me know. If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to share it. I have tried unplugging and removing any extra hard drives and devices from my machine, cleaned all the dust out, turned up the fan speeds, checked connectors and made sure all the cards were in the slots tight. Tried different outlet for the computer. Updated Windows and installed updated video card drivers, and tried running it without other applications up. Not sure what to think of this. Guess I will wait for another patch or something. My event logs don't show anything useful either.
  4. Hello, I've had the game for about 2 weeks now and just hit level 9. Been loving this game so far but since were close to a wipe I been dealing with a lot more players who have been going fully geared out and it's been tough to keep up with just a SKS or Mosin. It feels great to kill someone and take their gear but I am still at a disadvantage since my traders are level 1 and I don't have that much Roubles for the flea market to buy good ammo, armor, guns etc. I been feeling like their no point of playing since I'm new and trying to progress is a waste of time with a wipe just around the corner. Looting just doesn't feel as good since it doesn't matter in a couple of weeks and I can't go full Chad when I lack resources. It sucks getting an amazing gun from a player and i can't even buy ammo, mags and attachments for it. Do you guys believe I should just wait till wipe or should I still play just to learn? Any advice is helpful, Thanks!
  5. canoztrk24

    I need advice

    So, I just spared a guy on factory (hatchling) and he gave me three wallets full of 50K dollars each cell (600K $). Is this duped? Could I be banned for having duped money?
  6. NigelSmith

    New to Tarkov

    Hello, I am new to Tarkov (I have just pre-paid to play the closed beta). Do you have any advice for a complete N00B? Where to start, what to use etc. If someone has already posted this question, I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of a concise and detailed guide. I will be playing this evening to start testing! Thanks, Nicolai
  7. Hi all. Im in a need for a microphone for this game, want to coop with somebody some time and being able to speak norenglish. Im from norway. Im in the situation i use my pc as one of the component on my homecinema. Unfortunately after getting used to this i can see im going back to headphones, etc. Still tho, i really need a microphone for this game. After some research, going back and fourth on what solution that suits my need a clip on mic. looks to be the most ideal for me. Problem is, i have no idea what to buy...I dont want to spend to much money just to be able to communicate in this game , but i want something that works so people can hear me without issues. I also have to consider that there are ingame sounds in the background when i use this setup. Not sure what solutions i need to look at to minimize this potensial issue.. At the moment this looks interesting. https://www.cnet.com/products/sony-ecm-cs3-microphone-ecmcs3/ It sounds ok on youtube reviews, and not to pricy. Not sure if its gonna fork on a pc tho..And im not sure who sells it where i live, iv only done a googlesearch.. Is there anyone here that knows more about microphones that can guide me to a ok microphone of this type and that works on a pc directly with or without some sort of powersupply or what ever you call it. Im only after something that will work good enough to be able to communicate with other player and that does not cost to much. Thanks for any help, im a supernoob when it comes to this...
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