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Found 2 results

  1. LibertyLamb

    Scavs are too perfect (in some ways)

    I want to suggest that AI scav mechanics should be adjusted such that scavs behave more like players in firefights. I have been mildly frustrated lately because I have lost a good amount of gear to scavs. Tarkov is a game where one bullet can kill you. With that in mind, I think that some of the ways that scavs act make them the equivalent of "perfect" players. Most notable to me are the following: Scavs seem to (as I have heard said) "lock on" to targets. It feels like if a scav sees your toes, they black out your legs with a shotgun. Scavs seem to be 100% confident; they are programmed to be patient (they can camp behind cover), to react to threats (shooting at players), they don't have adrenaline or instincts (they cannot panic in a gunfight) and they don't second guess themselves (they can't? mistake an object for a player, a player for an object or a player for a scav). It should be said, of course, that I like scavs. I like that scavs are difficult and scavs must be accounted for. I don't think, however, that scavs should be quite as good as they are. To be honest, I can quote the following from the game: "... yesterday's civilians became scavs." I guess all of Tarkov's civvies were hardcore military. My point is that scavs shouldn't pose a greater threat [1 on 1] than players, but they really do. It can depend on what map you're playing on (I don't think this is AS big of a deal on factory as, for example, interchange), but I think that scavs are generally a bigger concern to me than players. I don't want this post to be too long, but I should also elaborate on my first argument, regarding "lock on". It is not so much the fact that scavs are accurate as it is that they are precise. Being shot at by a scav is one thing, but losing limbs every time that a scav shoots at me is another. Scavs should be accurate, and shoot pretty close to and at the player; however, scavs should not "lock on to limbs." Just my thoughts on the matter, I'm curious what other people think.
  2. XxLuciferxX

    Sort the ai out

    To all dev's your bots are currently ruining the game, we have paid for the privilege to *test* the game, and we have all been reporting your bots are making the game unfun to play, they are far to op, 1 shot killing people with makarovs from 20 miles away behind walls, why are we not getting the feedback we need? why is nothing being done? people are refunding the game..... isnt this enough to get you to sort the problem? please awnser posts!
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