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Found 4 results

  1. Irozar

    Co-op PvE Done Right Suggestion

    Hello, I understand you don't want to hinder the entire point of "Escape from Tarkov" and what it stands for / is. However, I do believe you should implement a "Limited Co-op Experience" what I mean by this is, players and their friends (People on friendslist, people they can trust to avoid toxic behavior) I think the way it should be done, should be how Scav runs work (That being on a timer). That you may do a simulation or something of the sort to be able to get used to certain guns, different situations and true teamwork communication. Helping players get better with call outs, guns they particularly are good at in prep for a real mission with high stakes. I believe it should be on a timer of 3 times a day, on a 1 hour cooldown and absolutely nothing carry over. (Like Offline Mode) I understand Scav runs are practically all of that, stepping into the arena to practice with your friends on a low stakes format and I dont want the game to be hurt by people who only want to play Co-op because that isnt the point. However, when I first started I wish I could have experienced the game with my squad and get used to how the game is played, where hot spot locations are, probable loot, where the exits are ect. Without needing to have anything else but the game up. Just a very minor thing, which is why it probably isnt being looked at, I know people want it. But lets be honest people.. there is a difference between being a baby and wanting a PvE mode where you can get loot, skill level ups, ect without worrying about other players... that would brutally affect everything about Tarkov and Tarkov is not that type of game and wanting a simple mode where you can practice with a friend or two by your side to get used to locals , exits and learn the mechanics with a squad you play in to get ready for the real gameplay. Limit it so it doesnt hurt what Tarkov stands by, but give something to help new players a chance. PS: Especially with how much they are advancing the AI in the game like recently, Im amazed to see what else they plan to do. Id love to be man hunted by enemy AI while also worrying about other players.
  2. Hello, i have experienced many times this kind of annoying game mechanics. It is probably due to desync, lag etc. but being killed by a headshot by a poorly equipped civilian, especially after he has been fatally hit is very frustrating. Here two example. I'm not saying to make the game easier, Escape from Tarkov MUST BE hardcore, but it doesn't have to turn into something ridiculous. Perhaps lowering the probability of headshot to the right point may be a temporary solution until improved AI arrives. For everyone who says "Use faceshield", I was doing The Punisher pt.5, I always use faceshield for this reason.
  3. I've tested this on my gs73vr 6rf, and it is equipped with i7-6700hq, gtx 1066, 8G*2 2400mhz ram, and a 120hz display. During the test, no thermo throttling occured (both the cpu and the gpu stayed below 80 degrees celcius. My graphics setting is all low OK, here's the case: I first started "customs" map offline, with pve mode off. The fps is good, at around 80 to 110 (depending on the location). The utilization rate of CPU hangs around 40~50%, and the GPU around 90~100%. Then I started the same map, offline, and with pve mode on. This time, the fps is around 40~60 fps, even if I'm not firing or taking shot. And the utilization rate of the CPU and GPU both fall to merely a half of that in the previous test. I got CPU utilization at about 20~30%, and GPU utilization at about 40~50%. And it is almost the same with the multiplayer mode. So my conclusion is that maybe the AI program is either not refined enough, or it is not getting the resource it need to keep up with the pace of image processing. Hope that this problem can be fixed as soon as possible, since it dramatically hinders the processing in GPU and CPU.
  4. Kedzie

    War on Legs 2018

    Every single Scav I encounter aims and shoots almost exclusively at my legs. What sense does that make in the game's setting? Why would scavengers aim at someone's legs with a shotgun? I understand that it is a reasonable choice given armour mechanics (as legs are unarmoured), but your everyday enemy won't prioritize lower body parts. They'll aim for centre mass! Every raid I go into my armour loses little to no points from damage, but legs are instantly blacked out from the first shot of some far away shotgun Scav with impeccable aim. Conversely, when I down a Scav, I manage to nearly destroy their armour. Why should the AI's behaviour be any different?
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