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Found 8 results

  1. I know the argument of realism comes into play here, but I'd argue it's not even realistic (for aim changes less than 120 degrees). I did a "real life" test of this myself and used different weighted dumbbells and attempted to snap aim (or the irl equivalent at least) between two points in a room Crude IRL aim test using differently weighted dumbbells: 1. I could still easily and accurately line myself up between the two points regardless of weight 2. Weight effected not my accuracy but the level of effort I put into the aiming Try this yourself if you are curious. You may argue that you are still slower in the heavier weighted tests, but I argue that slowness and aiming in real life are separate factors. Whereas in a video game - slowness in aiming (dpi/sensitivity wise) directly impacts accuracy negatively so it is not an equal comparison. Also it's a video game, there are many semi unrealistic factors already in the game so why keep one that negatively impact's a users experience so drastically. Better options that I've seen or thought of is: 1. Increased weapon sway after large movements with heavier armor 2. stamina drain to mimic the tiredness after making a large movement with heavy equipment. I've seen previous threads that have addressed this but considering this is still a thing I feel I should bring it up again. I'm struggling to recommend this game to other players and even struggle to continue to play myself once I learned about this. Players spend a lot of time finding a sensitivity that works for them (Mine is a 360 in 10 inches) and having this changed to 13 inches in only medium quality armor is such a jarring experience.
  2. Hallo, ich hab ein massives Problem in Escape From Tarkov und zwar sterbe ich in den nächsten 3 Sekunden nach dem Spawn oder nachdem ich einem anderen Spieler begegnet bin durch einen Headshot. Ich bin extrem schlecht in diesem Spiel was aiming betrifft und dem movement, was ich nur teilweise nachvollziehen kann, in Spielen wie csgo mit knapp 4.000 Stunden oder R6 bin ich besser als in EFT. Woran liegt das!? auf dauer frustriert das Spiel einen nur LG Whiper
  3. Bashtati

    Aim Stutter

    Pretty self explanatory. When i aim down the sights there is always a sudden stutter and it makes my experience very uncomfortable. I have observed streamers and none of them seem to get the same problem. The general specs of my pc: Intel core i7-6700 3.4 ghz GeForce GTX Nvidia 6gb 16gb's of ram And also is it possible to put more ram into the game ?
  4. Hello. It is nice to be able to play a game that is both pvp oriented, realistic and with a nice difficulty. The weapons animations related to it are very well done. But some things seem strange or at least absent ... 1- The lateral movement of the weapon independently of the body, when we wish to orient our weapon to the left or right (up to ~ 45-60 °) the lower body is not obliged to turn. (Example from another game: Arma3 with the option "Aiming deadzone" enabled) 2- The fact that when targeting the weapon is centered on the screen, when we aim in reality we generally avoid putting the stock in the middle of the face. 3- Have the choice between right-handed or left-handed shooter, of course, it is an expensive improvement in development time, because it would be necessary to review in mirror all the animations of the characters, and see the compatibilté of the weapons for a use on the left. Points 1 and 2 would also make inoperative the crosshair systems that some players use. Thanks for reading me. Please escuse me for the many mistakes in my post, English is not my native language.
  5. p4miki

    Aim stabilization

    I would like to suggest a little more in depth aim stabilization in the game. When you stabilize your weapon, you don't hold your breath, you concentrate a little more to control your aim by stabilizing your muscle. I think that stabilizing your weapon should drain the energy of the soldier (the more effort you put into stabilizing your weapon, the less energy you will have at the end of the raid) instead of the stamina (not direcly). When you use energy, you become less and less effective. You become distracted, you have a kind of tunnel vision (fixating a wall for no reason), your vision becomes blurry when you stop moving (happens to me when I'm really tired) and you have less stamina. So, my suggestion is: -Don't drain stamina when stabilizing the weapon, use energy instead. -Implement fatigue effects (prevent people to carelessly hold their breath for 20 minutes while camping in a corner). -Maybe add a skill for weapon stabilization (concentration: lower the energy degration when stabilizing a weapon and fewer fatigue effects). Thanks you for your time. Best regards.
  6. Can you please make an option so that when you right click you aim down the site immdiately, ie stops the character running and aims down the site. I personally think that it makes makes it much quicker to lock on to a target. Many Thanks.
  7. Can you please make an option so that when you right click to aim down the site while running, the character immdiately stops running and aims down the site. I personally think that it makes makes it much quicker to lock on to a target. Many Thanks.
  8. X_on

    When climbing ladders

    I can already tell that players will get shot in the back a lot while climbing a ladder. I hope that players will be able to aim their primary weapon and switch to their pistol as well as being able to throw a grenade while on the ladder. Any action that requires two hands such as switching to weapon on back, reloading, applying 1st aid kit, etc. should not be possible while climbing a ladder. Also should mention that when player does perform these actions while on the ladder, it should freeze player movement.
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