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Found 10 results

  1. Hacker Confirmed:

    Dear BanHammer, has aimbot and a movement hack to quickly kill players. I died by him instantly got into another raid, and there he was again in a span of 3 minutes he's already in my raid once more. The first raid ended within 2 minutes of starting. Rsass and aimbot isn't a fun experience especially when you die to the same person multiple times. pre-aiming at my head, instantly killing me. Next raid same place same result death by one bullet to the head. Earlier today I was at Admin Gate behind the cart, while another buddy of mine was at the back entrance(having to open the door) of m4 building and we both died at the same time by the same person. Please ban this sack of poo so I can enjoy your game. Thank you, SOOOS
  2. Me and two of my friends have been running into numerous hackers over the last 2 days, I started recording the other day to catch proof but I can not see where we upload it. Before anyone says it is bs please keep in mind we are being open minded about just being out played but when a person teleports around the map head shooting entire crews it is obvious. I have video proof, where do I post it and report a hacker. Also BSG moderators, I ask you to please convey to the team that there must be a new toolset of aimbots and/or wallhacks as although I have only a month or two under my belt, I have never seen this level of crazy. Thank you for your time. Edit: I see threads are being locked when trying to report cheating, why that kind of response? My god you should not #locked a thread when paying customers are reporting to you that they are suffering from cheaters. Customer Service goes a LONG way and I will be curious to see how my thread is now handled. I have video proof and it has nothing to do with desync issues, it is a teleporting playing insta head shotting people.
  3. Is hacking a thing?

    Hello everyone. I will start off my saying I am new to the game, me and my friend just bought it today, and we have now slowly started to understand how the game works. I am enjoying the game a fair bit now. After finally getting my first extraction complete, it started to overshadow the times I've been killed by a sniper while being unarmed or the times I've had a teammate stab me in the back while I search a crate, just so he could get my pistol. My question is if hacking is a thing in this game? Me and my friend just died in a game, where we were hidden in a little wooden area, with atleast 3 meters between us, him laying down and me standing up. This guy must have sneaked up on us, and killed us both with an insane amount of accuracy and within an extremely short amount of time. I've attatched a few pictures for reference to what happened. I want to point out that I am not nameshaming anyone. This guy could just be really really skilled, I do not know. I guess I am also asking to learn. Then next time i will remember to be more careful due to the risk of being able to be killed like this. Thanks, In advande. Cya on the field! Regards.
  4. Scav Update

    Mahlzeit. Kommt es mir nur so vor ist es wirklich so. Ich weis das die Scav's nen update bekommen haben aber mir kommt es so vor als ob sie nen Wallhack und Aimbot laufen haben. Ich meine ich sitze seit ca 10 min regungslos in der Ecke da ich überall schritte höre. Aufeinmal spingt nen Scav um die Ecke drückt mir direkt und ich bin weg. Das ist auch nicht nur einmal passiert oder man killt nen Scav und es scheint das der gesamt Server plötzlich auf der Suche nach dir ist egal wer da noch so rum rennt. Habe einen Scav erschossen und es dauerte keine 10 sekunden dann war ich umzingelt.
  5. AI Spawn

    Apologies if this is already a topic, but couldn't see anything regarding this. My eg is on Shoreline, I made it to the gas station, a bot was stuck on the fence and shot at me, he missed me completely and i killed him no problem. I then got all the way to the end of the map and before the last patch of sand before the extraction i crouched by the boathouse on the left and check my view all around so not to be shot before extracting. A Bot SPAWNED 3 feet to my right in my FOV and one shot me in the head with a Makarov! This spawning out of thin air is a constant buzzkill for me and many others im sure. Please think about them spawning possible away from you then moving around for you to hear or see like other players. Its more realistic and doesnt discourage people to quit etc. I switched the game off after this BullSh*t and gave up on trying to get more gear to build my stash up again. I really really do appreciate the work and effort that has gone into this game and I am not against anyone but I just feel like this is something to raise as it's happened to many times this week. you guys have done a great job, im sure this is just a BETA bug and i apologise if this is already being looked into. thank you for giving us all the chance to voice ourselves. I also cannot record at the moment due to fps drops and lag therefore i dont have this on video.
  6. So, maybe some of you noticed that the bots recently got patched again and I don't know how you feel about this but since then literally 80% of my deaths are from scavs. I went offline factory to test it out and once they lock on to me and I walk around a corner, bäm instant headshot from 10-20 meters away. Sneaking up upon them doesn't always work aswell anymore which is completly fine but I even checked via shadowplay how they fire while they're looking in one direction but turn a milisecond afterwards and kill you. How do you guys deal with them? I honestly don't even bring out gear anymore after getting straigh up 360 noscoped through a forklift, walls etc. Maybe I'll upload a collection of shadowplay vids later on
  7. Cheater

    This guy hack on Woods,kill my entire squad with one single shot 2 times. at 10:25 pm / 28/08
  8. Nerf scavs plez (Crazy scav story)

    I was doing a raid in the woods when from nowhere i got suppresed by a scav. I saw that he was in a old wooden building but i couldnt exactly aim at him because he was in the building and shooting trough cracks of the walls. I only saw the muzzle flash trough the cracks. I took cover behind a tree and saw dust flying of the tree exactly where my head was. So he was shooting trough walls and trying to shoot my head behind a tree....seems fair. He managed to shoot my legs so now i couldn't run. I could only lie down and wait for him to run out of ammo....he never ran out of ammo and instead killed me by shooting one of my feet sticking out...The scavs are not fair. They are too Op.
  9. As i have seen the Ai in this game really lack of inteligence and real sens of tactical playstyle ... and seams to have been Artificially buff , to make them apear to be " hard " but it dosnt ... playing agains scavs is either super easy when they are totally acting dumb , or is insanely fustrating a " macarov " scavs , 1 shot you in the head trough a 2mm crack out of nowhere or does a 180 no scope in the head while you are been sneaky to stab him etc... It seams their is no reason for what they do , they simply randomly spot and start shooting at you even before they turn a corner or shoot trough Soft wall and kill you in one shot trough it ... Its not fun , neither chalenging , its furstrating and you as a player feel cheated , especially when you manage to survive almost all the round you have insanely good loot and then you are kill by a aimbot macarov scavs from across the map trough a soft wall or a 2mm crack ... its very bad ... 1: NPC shouldnt be able to Aimbot trough soft walls 2: NPC should have real Ai intelligence and not Aimbot to artificially buff their inteligence 3: Ai npc should have realistic level of accuracy 4: Ai noc should communicate and work as a cohesive groups like in the game F.E.A.R who didnt rely on Aimbot insanity to make it difficult where the player dosnt feel been cheated Here 5 minute 28 second in the video it sum up pretty much how the Ai was build in F.E.A.R and its the right way , Escape from tarcov should inspire themself from F.E.A.R Ai and make it less aimbotty and more tactical and have behavior who make sens ... it would greatly improove the gameplay and fun .... and players wont feel cheated like they do now
  10. NPC´s

    Hallo, gibt es von den Dev´s eigentlich ne aussage ob sie mal die Bots fixen oder so? :c 360 noscopes sind leider zu oft der fall oder 800 km schüsse insta headshot