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Found 8 results

  1. So going through most of the weapons with each scope i noticed a few issues/opinions: -Most scopes past 4x are extremely slow to move. Not that you should be flinging it around but its borderline useless when its moving 3ft in game left or right with my entire mouse pad. Extremely hard to even follow a target. -Most 1x-4x dont have a true 1x zoom to them. Meaning there is zoom added to something that is suppose to work as a red dot, then into a variable scope. (should work just as the hhs-1, though zoom is added again to the red dot not making it a 1x sight..) -This also happens to red dots when the entire screen is zoomed in, i have been told its to simulate the effect of IRL aiming. (This doesn't make sense because if you just made it how it looks irl you would gain the same effect, which really is just tunnel vision.) Along with this on red dots, the zooming also sacrifices much of the peripheral view around the character. This makes the reason of gaining a wide field of view by using a red dot redundant since it turns it into a roughly 2.5x taking away most peripheral vision. Having a wide peripheral is why red dots are so popular along with the easy aiming. -Again, this happens even on the variable scopes where the whole screen zooms into the scope, while the scope is zoomed in. Making whatever zoom it has increased. This makes some awkward face placements on rifles. Such as the M1a socom, where your face is going through the stock, rear sight, and almost inside the action of the rifle. This happens on many rifles. -Some scopes will clip into top rail lasers, such as the peq, when zoomed in or around 4x. Some of the rubber eye cups on some scopes also clip such as the NSPU-M and the PSO scopes. -The most annoying problem for me is eye relief on a scope. As mentioned with the zooming, i feel its distant from actual aiming of sights on firearms. The lack of being able to adjust stocks, that are adjustable, and the seemingly random cheek placement makes only a few scopes bearable to use in combat within the game. -Zeroing adjustments seem to ignore the height over bore. Another thing i find strange its all weapons can be zeroed at 50-100-150-200, 25 for some sights, but it doesn't really mention if that is in yards or meters. Though there are large differences from Russian and U.S. measurement systems and zeroing practices. (Could of missed what measurement it is but just seems arbitrary without any denotation of measurement.) My suggestions/preferences: -Having the option to set a eye relief towards or away from a scope. Helping with potential eye relief issues since there are so many rifles to work with and an equal amount of scopes/rds. This would be crucial to sniper rifles since each rifle has a different zoom added to them along with how long or short the stock could be. -Being able to adjust stocks can also work with the previous mention of eye relief. This could also be used to shorten or lengthen guns a bit if a player would be going from a long range to close quarters, adding a bit of dynamic to the game. -Being able to place a sight to manually on certain rails. I feel this could be a bit harder to accomplish but this could potentially fix many of these issues. -Removal of zoom added to scopes/rds. If it is a slight zoom, such as akm irons, this is fine since implies your are adjusting your face to see sights properly. I do understand every rifle is different, the placement of sights also dependent on the attachments and position. Im just trying to figure out a more natural and realistic approach of sight alignment compared to IRL. What do you guys think? Any other ideas for aiming?
  2. Margali

    Aiming problems?!

    some obvious questions: Are you gonna ban players for using additional software for aim dots? should not fire without aiming go at random directions? no for breath stopping and accurate shots without aiming?! i'm i only idiot in the game who is not using aim dot and play still better than many others?! i have to "waste" time to aim, hold breath and after push fire? its super advantage if fire without aiming + breath stop gives you accurate shots; Because when you aim your viewing perspective is changing and there is some delay too to get accurate shot... if you remove accurate shots without aiming, aim dots and cursors will do nothing to the game; Here's how you cant implement this feature: When player is not aiming, you can make some random patterns of theoretical "aim dot", that will travel out from center... holding breath will just lover hand shake but when we aim we have to merge pistol aiming lines, without that no 1 can get accurate shots; it's because of perspective and physics... Because optical illusion u may think that you have straight aim, but without real aiming none of the target will be hit. This feature solution will flatten all players to same level of aiming advantages; Don't worry you will not loose any player just you will lower aggression and angry filling of natural game users, like me; i know that you are testing many things how it will work and how players psychology will get used to that but i think its time to change it;
  3. Hi! My english is not so good. So sorry for this. But please separate the sprint and breath holding button be couse this is terrible combo. Many times i die when i wanna aim with breath holding. Becouse my character if a little bit moving and i aiming then use the shift start to sprint. And this is sooo anoying thing. So plese take 1-1 button for the sprint and for the breath holding. Thanks. If you agree with this one please do a +1 or reply something. I hope not i the only one with this problem. Ohhh its a different storry. But maybe check. I saw 1 guys who fly in the sky over 2-3 m my head. Then stop 4-5 m ahead then miss from the sky. 3-4 sec later come out from the wood pile and killed me 1 shotgun shoot. But i heard many empty bullets hit the ground not only one! I think this was a cheater. And he know where i am becouse immadietly shoot my way. Sorry for my bad english again. I hope you understand. But the main problem is separate the 2 button please!!
  4. Ryukenstein

    Combat Suggestion

    I was noticing that there are still some problems with smooth combat, im pretty much a fast and aggressive playstyle player, and i can say i really like this game, in many many ways. i can't wait to its actual release. So going straight, i have noticed that i cannot fast aim while i sprint, i have to completely stop sprinting and then right click to aim, which is something pretty slow in my opinion, and thats why i mention that i am a fast playstyle player, i like to sprint fast aim, rush etc. and i belive there are many other like me so... i was wondering if you guys can take my suggestion pretty much as a nice detail, and make me know if there is a way to manually fix this. if not my suggestion is: Please, make the Aiming possible while holding shift and sprinting and priorizing the aim over the sprint so the player can pause sprinting and aim automatically . i believe this will make controls something more intuitive instead of getting used to them in a pretty forced way. i took my time to make some ilustrations. (note: im not comparing this game, just making an example of a pretty universal control profile of a pretty good and old shooter)
  5. So, I bought this game as I rather enjoy games that, to the best of their ability mimic the general gunplay and tactics of reality. This was suggested to me, and based on how it was being advertised as Very realistic I thought, SURE why not. First I want to say BRAVO on the gun audio. The piercing metallic clang as the bolt on an AK slams home is both accurate and satisfying. All around good job there. My issues 1- Full auto recoil is too easy to manage. Very rarely is full AUTO used by professionals. (Our rifles did not even have full auto as an option because, we simply never use it) It is simply too hard to manage accurately from anything other than a supported position. Standing players should NOT be accurate on full auto (I have seen gameplay clips of players just sprinting around and shooting players at significant distances full auto, this should not be happening) 2- Aiming in general is too easy. Honestly, the weapon sway from a player with a shot arm, CURRENTLY, SHOULD be the weapon sway NORMALLY when standing. A wounded arm should, honestly make ADS impossible. 3- Healing should require a player to stop what they are doing entirely. Currently, a player can initiate a heal, and WHILE healing, run around perfectly normal, shoot, and perform every other task in game. In general, I like the direction you are going. Just these few issues right now, allow players to play in an almost comical way and, unfortunately, it often works.
  6. Hallo liebe Forumnutzer, sowie Dev´s, mir ist beim Spielen seit jeher aufgefallen, wenn man merkt man trifft nichts, dann kniet man sich hin oder legt sich hin. In dieser Lage ist es beinahe unmöglich in diesem Spiel nicht ein ganzes 60 Schuss Magazin zu Treffen. Das Aiming ist beinahe perfekt. Da es keine Aufsteh- hinlegeanimation gibt, (Siehe Squad) geht dies auch sehr schnell. Das sollte unbedingt verändert werden, da es schon fast gamebraking ist. Sollte man jedoch ein Zweibein- Dreibein dabei haben, dann würde sich das erklären mit der Präzision, doch momentan hält der Charakter die Waffe ÜBER dem Boden und es ist unmöglich, das das Aiming besser ist, da er die Waffe ja nichteinmal absetzt. Sagt alle gerne was dazu. MFG Dave
  7. EliteJarod

    Aiming strategy

    I was curious if people aim for legs more or center mass. My default is to aim center mass unless I come up on someone who’s still or unaware then I try for headshot. i have noticed most of my deaths are legs, so that’s why I ask, do people default to legs to skip any armored protection? i might need to do some tests but it seems like that’s the ticket if you can’t get a headshot in a gunfight where you’re both shooting at one another.
  8. When the player is holding shift and rmb (or toggled iron sights), the game should prioritize holding breath over sprinting. Many games already have this which have hold breath and sprint bound to the same key, Red Orchestra and Rising Storm 2 come to mind. I can not count the numerous gunfights I have lost due to the inability to both bind sprint and hold-breath to separate keys, or just the game refusing to allow forward movement while holding breath. I also have noticed that holding breath resets itself when you move at all. Any horizontal and vertical movement requires you to press shift again to regain accuracy. I think it's a little ridiculous considering the amount of weapon sway and inaccuracy you get if breath isn't being held.
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