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Found 1 result

  1. The translation of almost all questions from air of radio station with Nikita Buyanov's participation. You can actually trust me, you can isn't present, but I ask @trainfender to confirm transfer. It is possible also to ask to check @Guga the text. I tried to keep everything as is, but same the translator. Q:At what stage there is a project on a percentage ratio now? A:Now we actively test fundamental factors of game. Namely: network loading, load of the hard drive, load of memory and other other. That is now there is such stressful testing which defines fundamental factors as far as we can seriously leave in respect of total of players on a location, in respect of the same graphics as we will realize those or other aspects further. Now we generally carry out Play-test in office. These are actually test platforms some specially prepared locations. In parallel we do content. Content actually is a lot of, and now we had to detain a little an alpha because we understand that people from us wait, and we don't want to make game for show. We want to make such alpha which on all of feeling will be similar to a beta. Therefore better we will make more content, we will fix more bugs and we will make better that more the declared opportunities were already in an alpha, but not to do as some companies which let out an alpha in which there is nothing. In a percentage ratio game on functionality is already ready for 90%. There were final many any bugs, defects which we will correct. There is a lot of content and we do it. We have now employed people for work with Outsource to accelerate process. Content for us now rather high priority and it: weapon, location, equipment, Loot. Now we are focused on it. Content is ready approximately for 30%. Q:What difficulties were when testing in office? A:Difficulties they and now are. The main difficulty is in finding room for all beauty, all speed, all together. In spite of the fact that we already had many tests and for pre-alpha at us already there were working prototypes which we combined. We have faced the mass of new absolutely game aspects which we didn't even represent. When we have begun to adapt game under the protected code, we have understood that we need to rewrite much everything, and on special. All this within protection against cheaters, against breaking and other. If to speak about any other things, then we have now graduated from atmospheric system. Earlier we had her in the form of a prototype, and now she has quality of NearFinal, that is almost final quality which we conceived directly at release. while we realized it to us it was necessary to rewrite some aspects, to write something new and will face absolutely new things which for example are realized in modern games on the last DirectX. Everything was necessary to think out and use much knowledge in programming of graphic effects and visual components. It is hard and laborious work. We don't face what we can't realize. Q:Whether you plan to realize practically all declared opportunities to release or will appear soon after release in a patch what strongly not to pull release of the project? A:The most part of what we have declared will be in release, but we will transfer something. Here it is necessary to be realists, we already do something new and essentially innovative. there are such things which demand this content. It is our such long-playing record which we have underestimated. We need to understand that we need to do a lot of things. for example the same DLC which we plnirut generally it will be expansion of a location. That is it will be addition of new locations to already available, that is now for example at us the top of our card game is southwest part of the city of Tarkov directly. There the ring and behind it a piece of a location the area approximately square kilometer of dense urban development will be. And in order that this piece of a location hasn't been simply made up we model all city. At least we have made it in the form of the model. We have a station, office of Tarbank and so on, and all this demands realization of content. We do hospital, it is necessary to realize content for hospital. And here in the trailer all DLC and will be. The city will be will extend we won't open all city yet. It for 90% a problem of production of content. Game opportunities, they will be already realized, the sandbox will be realized, just it needs to be filled. Q:There will be at first content patches and then already DLC? A:The content patches will be anyway. new Loot will be added, the new weapon will be added. Our list of the weapon doesn't hold on our huge board. People understand that they need videos, is necessary to them stry. Therefore we adhere to it now. We in fact have a ready working interface with system of abilities. We have a working trade system. We actually won't show it. We want to complete video, then to make stry and to try to do video more often. Generally at first there will be content patches and patches on mistakes, and then through some time we will realize new pieces of a location, new Loot. By the way we will have through Loot that is if you have no DLC that all of you exactly will be able to use the weapon found in DLC locations (From the author of a topic I will give an example of Arma3 marksman in which it is impossible to use the weapon or helicopters without having DLC.) . There will be a location the Central Hospital in which will be Loot who won't be spawn at all anywhere. And you will be able not to buy DLC, to send the friends which have DLC and to ask to bring from there Loot. You can not buy DLC, but you will be able to feel that they are. There will be quests on these locations and other. It will be possible to get a way on DLC cards without buying DLC. But you should run all over up and down any collateral quest. But about it so far definitely we can't tell, it will be possible, and perhaps and isn't present. Q:Whether you plan farther to remove diaries of developers? A:Yes, there will be diaries of developers. I can even announce the following diary. He will be devoted to visual effects and special effects. And now we are focused on the main thing, we prepare alphas, we prepare stream. Therefore we now temporarily don't remove diaries. just actually diaries of developers take a lot of time. For example the last with modeller for five days has completely beaten out from work of heads of modeller. It is bad actually, and we have thought of it. It is long process which demands not that rehearsals, it is just necessary to give material beautifully and interestingly as others don't give it. In general we will have diaries, there will be many diaries. sooner or later we will begin to show the diaries connected with a setting and a gameplay. We will tell about Tarkov, about a plot and to comment as we developed it. Still now we conduct negotiations with Twitch. Guys, it will be something. Q:When approximately to wait for a strim? A:Honestly we wanted to make stream at the end of February, but at us it hasn't turned out because of what I have told earlier. Now we are guided for March. Why we can't call concrete terms? We will go to GDC which will be in San Francisco and there we will have some actions which will specify a format of carrying out strim. Something can already be shown, but we hocht to make it on special. We understand that people worry about it. We ask you a little bit will calm down and everything will be, we work on it. We divide these emotions of people who monitor development of the project. During strim there can be draws. If you saw the last draw of the copy of game, then there will be one more soon. In these quests the subject iformation, and it actually interesting, all plot interesting is put. And we want that people have begun to plunge into him. Q:What happens to the character if he has no food and the indicator of satiety approaches zero? A:The character will begin to suffer from it very strongly, namely there will come exhaustion. At the same time the whole series of symptoms which will spoil feeling from game begins and then will die. We won't need to eat each 5 minutes. We have a game not about eating of food, we have a game about severe fights in the most severe conditions. Is it will be necessary approximately as in real life, approximately in such ratio. Q:How the character will catch radiation and other diseases? A:The question of course sounds ridiculously. Заражатся radiation... It will be possible will catch radiation sickness, such opportunity as an obluchennost is provided in our case. We have entered her in advance and we will realize it later. On a plot at us it is applied nothing radiaktivny. It occurs a lawlessness later and by that you will get this radiation sickness. So far it is made in order that was. Q:Whether there will be female characters in game? A:Female characters won't be. Q:Interest bullet-proof vests. How they will work? A:We have absolutely realistic approach. Different types of bullet-proof vests and different properties of a penetration depending on ammunition type you will be to receive those or other injuries in yourself. Everything will depend on bullet indicators, on the speed transferred to energy to a vest, the principle of creation of a bullet-proof vest and its characteristic. Yes, bullet-proof vests will have the unique indicator of Armor Points. He will be used only abstractly to repair a bullet-proof vest. Now repair of bullet-proof vests will be realized in the form of transfer of Armor points from a repair kit, replacement of the plates shot to armor in vests is planned further for whole. Q:You are going to force players to use handheld transceivers? A:Much everything is discussed at our forum, there the whole subject was about it and I have answered so there: We can't force people to use our handheld transceivers. We have no right to block the third-party software. In this plan we will count on those players who want will plunge into game. In a handheld transceiver there will be many any various interesting pieces, for example: in a handheld transceiver it will be possible to listen to frequencies of NPC characters, it will be possible to intercept a signal, it will be possible to muffle a signal. You can use Skype or other means of communication. We can't rigidly limit you in this plan. We can only recommend to you to use handheld transceivers for full immersion in game. Q:Whether there will be in game such factors as strong wind, but whether will do amendments to an aim grid when firing? A:We will have strong wind. In principle we now plan various categories of wind, his direction. Now we have such difficult task, in reality the sniper corrects the firing at natural fluctuations of the environment, that is tags which fluctuate on wind and determine the speed and the direction of wind. In our case that to embody it in virtual space those tools which we possess it a difficult task. So far we don't know whether we will be able to make for 100% truly. But the direction of wind can be defined because clouds will go to the passing party. We plan that wind will influence ammunition, here I only am not sure that it awaking in an alpha, most likely it will be in a beta. Q:How the clan system will be arranged? A:The clan system is in a stage of a pre production now and it was realized in what look yet, but by sight it will be a certain group with the head and there will be pluses in it. Q:Whether there will be a support of UltraWide of permission? A:Well - at why is also not present. Yes, will be. Possibly and Oculus will be supported. Q:what time intervals of tests will be? A:This question very good because usually do one or couple of days of an alpha. In our case it is necessary to test and develop game listening to community much and we precisely will longer have a testing. A beta we will have not one-two days and not week. The alpha will be time intervals. On an alpha we will test certain aspects of game. Have come - have tested-left. There will be several intervals. Q:How often you plan to let out DLC? A:1-2 in a year. Big, large DLC with locations will be 1-2 times a year. Q:What weapon will be given at the very beginning of game? A:Depending on the chosen fraction there will be that or another set. It won't be the automatic weapon, it will be the gun, a lot of ammo for him and cold weapon. Such here starting set with which you will begin the way. Q:What is the time it is required for playing the game? Perhaps he meant the subject line. A:Periodically to pass raid it is necessary to earn a lot of money and to give someone. To earn a lot of money you have to sell accurate Loot from raids which you have already passed. To pass quests collateral or additional locations. We plan that long and interestingly. In a day you won't pass precisely, perhaps and in a week you won't pass. We will tie a plot on the maximum immersion in all aspects of game. Q:Whether fighters of different PMC (BEAR,USEC) in a lobby before sending to raid will be able to gather? A:If it is your friends that is possible, with random selection of players it is impossible. Q:Whether it will be possible to remove the fighter completely? A:This question at us is still open in order to avoid rounds. For example if your account was stolen, taken and have removed a character. We think over this question. Perhaps we realize an opportunity to remove the fighter to the 10th level or after the 60th. Meanwhile we think over this protection. In release we will have an opportunity to create to three characters on one account. Q:How the system of reputation works? A:It will be more system of a karma than reputation. For the actions, bad or good, you will receive a karma. For example on a plot in a reda it is impossible to kill the team mate if you kill him, you receives minus in a karma. There is a lot of options and we don't want to open them all. If you behaved absolutely badly, then you get to BounyList in which to you won't be cheerful at all. Players will be able hunts for you, it will generally not be absolutely pleasant. Q:Whether there will be opportunity at a meeting of other party of the conflict to disperse peacefully and not to shoot at each other? A:In general the choice for the player. As a rule, it is better to kill of course. In such games when tell "friendly" that and you gets a bullet. In our case we will try to change the course in this plan. It will be favorable to you to have the workmate, it will be favorable obyedenitsya with other players in raid, they will be difficult. Q:How people in an alpha the test will be taken? A:Only those with guarantee will get to an alpha who I preordered the most expensive package. We won't call anyone in an alpha. Even if you streamer well-known for the whole world. This closed technical testing for those who has supported us financially. All with guarantee will get to a beta who preordered. And all others will be played on a subscription to the website. Will be played both from streamers, and from competitions. Why we have made so with an alpha? On an alpha of 95% of players just play, and we need feedback. Q:Whether it will be possible to play on an exchange of money from rubles for dollars and back and to forget about campaigns in raid? A:It is possible, but such dealer opens on the eighth raid. In general you can do so but in game so much interesting is. Perhaps we will make the hint for players, perhaps some will learn Economy or to save. Will perhaps learn to change bulbs for CONDENSED MILK. Q:A certain olichestvo of time is allocated for passing of a task. what will occur if doesn't keep within at this time? A:If the person isn't in time will keep within the allowed time, then it turns out a status "Missed in Action" (M.I.A). It is better than to die in fight. You are given more experience but lose all Loot. We weren't defined still, but most likely will remain the pumped-over abilities and experience. Q:How will be will cause a stir a plot depending on the chosen party of the conflict? A:In any way. A plot at us one, the story-teller from the future also tells it. You will be told as all this was, and we already live these events. But we will have quests not available to other fractions. Q:What will you tell concerning a game exit in a steam? A:On GDC we plan to communicate to Steam and to resolve some issues. At first we release game on our platform, and then we realize downloading of game in a steam. The main objective to connect accounts, and we plan to consider this question at conference. Meanwhile I can tell nothing concrete. Q:Whether there will be in game an explosive? Whether I will be able to mine the house and to depart to observe the new victim? Whether there will be a grenade launcher in game? A:I don't know as about the grenade launcher, but FSS will precisely call a door. Explosive is planned, isn't sure that on release. Q:What will be with the character and his property if there is a loss Internet connection? A:Our player fades, you lose over him control on the server, but you can back enter to him depending on certain time of 10-15 minutes. But if you went, have lost connection and you were killed, then everything, you were killed. The player doesn't take off for a lobby with all Loot as it is done in DayZ round the corner of a fence. Q:Whether the friend visually will be marked out? A:No. We don't give the chance to cheaters. We don't want to legalize wallhack. Q:After game release, its price will change? A:She will definitely not become dearer. Q:What will be to the price of a box of condensed milk? Whether it will be possible to put a certain number of cans in a box? A:Frankly speaking, for some reason all players have thought that condensed milk the most valuable. The most valuable is what will help you to survive. If you in a backpack have a condensed milk and the enemy has RPK, then it to you won't help to survive, you won't even be able will pay off from him, he will just kill you and will take away condensed milk. The most valuable in game is balm the Vietnamese asterisk, it is more valuable. You will be exhausted her to look for, she small, you should look for her with a magnifying glass. but if you have found her and were smeared that you will gain positive effects cool . In an occasion to put a certain number of cans in a box - yes. Q:How many will be servers and as players will be located on the card. Beginners will run with skilled? A:There is an editor who selects questions, in general about what game probably doesn't understand There will be a lot of servers, different :). Worldwide the scattered servers, players will be located on them:) all. Roughly telling raid it is server session, it will be limited by the number of players. The number of players will depend on session and a location. The hostel that has been shown in video she really big, you will search her an hour and a half, and it is only the small hostel. The first raids will be limited. There skilled won't be able to come. Q: Any radio in game? A: No. Q:Whether can kill me at once as soon as I appear in a location? A:Who thinks out these questions? Yes, can. We will specially put you to the special place, you will be able to look round, but as soon as you go beyond a corner, you will be at once killed. Actually it will be very difficult to find somebody in the city at once. Very active discussions go concerning the area of free-roam of a location. Consider several things dear friends: 1. All on foot, no cars, no holding of the button W a mug or a pencil as in Dayz. 2. Consider the passable area legs, at us practically buildings will be passable everything. The area of the working planes increases the sizes of locations several times. It is very important. We test now rather small raids in which there is a lot of space and it really enough for Escape From Tarkov. Yes, of course abruptly to realize the huge world, but we to it will go. Q:Whether it will be possible to shift the weapon in the left hand? A:No. Because it is necessary to do a new cycle of animations. At us them will be much as Kiba told them there will be under 100 pieces and to do it under the second hand... We will go crazy. It is abrupt tactical piece. Perhaps in the future. Q:Whether the character will faint and whether it will be possible to take out him from a location? A:We want to realize it. Q:How will be the hidden locations much? A:Directly on a location there will be any branches and they will be available. And full-fledged locations and their raids will be not much. To get on them it will be necessary to look for any codes and so forth. Q:Whether there will be scripting rollers opening a plot? A:Before each raid we plan to show such rollers made on a game engine. Q:On video we saw animation of an examination of a corpse from the first person whether there will be animations will repeat from the third party? A:Yes will be, a lock distortion, examination of corpses. All animations will be will repeat. Q:Whether developers will enter the good, thought-over, qualitative content from players? A:We will enter neither suitable, nor qualitative and bad content of players purely on a trick Frankly speaking, we will seriously do content with workshop. It precisely will be not at once, it precisely will be not with release, I think will in a year we will be able to open a possibility of creation of content which will be accepted by us, us to be estimated and be inserted into game. There is such idea. Q:Whether there will be a dumping of freights? A:If we realize dumping of freights, all will tell that we have taken idea from Rust. We most likely will have escorts. We think over it so far. Q:Whether it will be possible to establish traps? A:We want to make such piece that it was possible to mine the safe for example. Q:Whether there will be in game Molotov cocktails and stun grenades? A:Cocktails aren't present, stun grenades yes. Q:Whether there will be in game cash-in-transit vehicles which can be opened with special objects? A:He in PayDay has changed? We will have no drills. If we have such cars, then they will be closed on locks to which it will be necessary to find a key. I think in this way will be limited. Well to blow up if only. Q:How many samples of the weapon are planned to enter into game to the CBT? A:Definitely I can't tell, likely 20 samples, can more. Now we have new people in team, think everything will go quicker. We will look. Q:Whether you will show a screenshot of the card of Tarkov? And when? A:We will show. When? Definitely I don't know, is closer to release. Q:Whether there will be a book across Tarkov? A:Will be, we already work with screenwriters. Q:How many once a day it will be possible to come for Wild? A:We will limit several times in day. It will be tested still and can will change. Q:To what game on dynamics Escape From Tarkov will be similar? A:It is difficult to tell. Maybe it will be a little bit similar to Arma3 but it is more live and more interesting. Dynamics of fight one, Loot's search has other dynamics, quests other dynamics. It is difficult to tell very much. Guys, i am really tired for all of this. Hope you enjoyed. almost 4hours left.
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