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Found 1 result

  1. First off, All Hail the Tarkov. Thank you for the emotional discomfort your game causes me. Second off, your team is doing amazingly well. I have alot of suggestions though (besides the ones everyone else mentions). 1. Bayonet Mechanic: I think it would be great, minimal, and possible with the engine at hand to add a bayonet attachment. You can swing it overhead, or do a jabbing attack, much like from red orchestra. I think this would add a cool dimension to the game, and give some line of defense against a hatchet. If the hatchet gets too close, the bayonet is useless. I think some epic sh*t could go down lol. Certainly only if mechanics are smoothed out with the hatchet. 2. Gear Suggestions- Mounting Attachments: DUCT Taping attatchments to your rifle, be it a flashlight or something, and after a certain amount of stress (firing,sprinting,falling) it becomes loose and can fall off - much like weapon jamming. There will be SCAV's with cheap weapons with duck taped things they've found in crates. ALSO: Duct Taping two AK-74 mags together would be great. Faster reload for the second mag but can not be placed back in the vest without breaking them separate again.... or something. You don't even need a vest, but you only have 60 rounds worth of bullets! 3.) Magpul tabs for the bottom of M4 magazines - they would draw from the vest slightly faster! https://www.rainierarms.com/magpul-5-56-nato-mag-pull-assist/ 4.) New GEAR Suggestions! A) ANYTHING from this (Especially black SWAT gear) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21616 B) The second picture in this link -Chechen look (backpack especially) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27353 C) UN Blue Helmets, gear, insignias. 5.) Have the option of choosing a template of camo for your character. Pants and Shirt camouflage template in character Settings- this gear is un-loosable and is just part of your uniform. Inventory screen would not change. I think having many many options of camo would only be a good thing - BUT I do think BEAR and USEC should have designated camoflauge patterns for each. 6). PUBG Style Squad Screen: The invite/party system could definitely use some help. The lobby is good and all, but being able to see your teammates gear would be really epic before entering the raid, as well as staying grouped in a Party even when out of a raid. It'd be a dream if you could do this! I know PUBG is a different game, but that is an aspect of that game that makes it stand out. 7.) Random Events: AMBIENT AIRCRAFTS in the distance! A Russian Hind, flying in the distance...... every 15-20 minutes, a Russian frogfoot distantly roars overhead.... then every rare occasion (like 1 out of 7 games) a god daaamn airdrop comes in. Nothing cheesy - it drops water and food late game as a humanitarian care package. I think raids are rather static, and I think this along with my next point would help it greatly. Also, I think something like this should be able to be purchased from one of the traders. a BEACON that goes in your gamma, and you click it and drop it, and 3to 7 minutes later there is an airdrop of supplies. 8.) Random Scav Events: I hear talk of the boss scavs and I think it is great. There could be random SCAV patrols/assaults that cause SCAVs to basically insert mid raid (not spawn in, but insert from the boundary) and take control of an area randomly.... swarm the dorms, surround Construction site... Like a dynamic battle. And as I heard someone else suggest, the players could be tipped off to this via their RADIO in their Hideout. What a damn good idea is that? The props of having a RADIO in the hideout is to be given a small heads up on random events, that can easily shift the tied of the battle. - Can't you just picture, an armored vehicle like a BTR pulling up to the other side of one of the Custom gates (where you can't see them, only hear the BTR engine, and then yelling, like near Checkpoint, and then after a couple seconds, the gate slowly opens, and there is a decked out Russian SF Scav Boss team insertion... some aimbot SCAV's. Or even simply, SCAV bosses having a random fortified position. Extra sandbags, barbed wire, a guy with a pecheneg in the compound watching the courtyard I think it would be GRRREAT. I'm gonna keep adding here. Let me know if I'm breaking any rules. I love Tarkov, it would be a dream to work on a game like this. 9.) African Rebel themed faction, that only makes a very small and subtle appearance. Like Ethiopian corrupt PMC's, that show up to reclaim an item, as part of the TERRA war. Pan-African investors got involved, and needed to hire a Proxy to stimulate conflict/retrieve the briefcase....something. I could thing of a goooood one given the confirmation that you are interested in this. I think UN and African gear definitely belongs in Tarkov eventually. 10.) Hatchet Only Raids? Some type of gametype/Lobby system that allows lowly geared players, to play with other lowly geared players. Like rank 1's get in with Cap rank 15's maybe. Something along those lines.
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