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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, I'm going to try to keep this short (didn't seem to happen, oh well). This post is coming mainly from the rage of the previous raid I was in, so let me explain what happened. I join a raid on interchange bringing with me a Paca, WTrig, Mbss and an AKS-74N and about 120-180 rounds of ammo (5.45x39 Tracer or PRS I can't remember) plus some assorted meds. I spawn outside "IDEA" and run inside and up the escalator. I hear footsteps and can't quite make out where they are coming from so I move towards some cover to the left of the escalator. I see two hatchlings sprint up the stairs and head right, shooting one in the back twice and missing a few shots as they run between cover. Both end up fleeing into the office area to the right of the escalator where the double bathrooms are. I see one immediately poking his head from behind the double doors with the circular windows and shoot him in the head and move into the dead end room he was in which is a stairwell that is blocked off. Take his tags, and hear the other guy run out from the bathroom and towards the exit, and he is lit up by two players who are now waiting outside. They now move into the office/hall area and do not see me watching them from the window I killed the first guy in. I shoot one of them once and he desyncs across the room behind some boxes. They now know where I am so I fall back to the staircase which is full of garbage bags and other trash and take up a position covering the only entrance. They start to move in on me. Now at this point I have fired around 5-10 rounds (and know that exactly 4 shots have counted as hits. This is important.) and make the choice not to reload as to not give away my position in the room as they do not know I am on the stairs yet. They open both doors, and the left door acts as cover for them. One walks straight into the room too far to my left and the staircase obscures him and he cannot see me yet. Now, my gun is on full auto so i have to make my remaining ~20 shots count as there are two of them. So at this moment I have my irons on his center mass and I open fire straight at him... and keep firing... and keep firing... and run dry. halfway through my mag he returns fire and his me about 2-3 times I would guess. I try to fall back into the corner to get some cover to attempt to reload and he just walks up the stairs firing non stop until I am dead. Before I died however, i was able to see what he had for gear which was a PACA, Blackrock, the new camo covered helmet (cant remember the name) and an ak of some kind, most likely 5.45x39 as it was full auto and most people I have encountered at this stage of the new update have not had a single AKM, oh and the fact that I ate about 5 shots before dying. Now that I am dead I check my hit count because was utterly stunned I didn't kill him and see ((((12)))) hits... 4 of which were prior to my death, leaving 8 hit that were on him(or 9 if he had been the same guy I had shot before rushing me). How on earth is this reasonable? 8 shots from a full length assault rifle firing 5.45 and he doesn't go down? I've played EFT quite a lot and this isn't the first time this kind of crap has happened. Maybe I'm just unlucky since the game seems to revolve around damage RNG with occasional instant death from loss of limb or body part (which I don't agree with at all, I've died plenty of times instantly from being shot in the leg or arm once or twice.. makes no sense at ALL) But the point im trying to make is that while 7.62 to the chest will 1-3 shot almost everyone, and 5.56 usually killing in 1-4 to the chest, 5.45 seems to be around 3-6..7..8..9+? and as far as I know... 5.45 goes straight through Pacas no questions asked. Oh and as an added bonus to this on factory the other day I brought an AKS-74U and a paca and was up near the office rooms on the 3rd floor and shot a scav a handful of times, didn't die and 1 shot me with a grach or p226. Where did the shot land you might ask? Probably the head with the way the scavs are now but ohhhh nooo... Chest. While wearing a Paca. So 5.45 has the stopping power of a .22 apparently and standard scav 9mm is armor piercing .500 magnum or something Personally I think a lot of this comes down to fundamental flaws with the health system that just don't translate to "realism" in the sense of actually being realistic. Its a kind of pseudo realism that sounds good on paper and can work sometimes, but not all the time. I just don't know anymore. Well if you read this far what do you think? is 8+ shots to the torso/ possibly arms without healing all in about 2 seconds reasonable? Because I don't.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv6BTyVZmNU
  3. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  4. massiach

    Best AK-74N Accessories?

    Hy Guys! What are the best accessories for AK-74N? Which makes it better, more accurate and stronger. Thank you for your answers!
  5. JacksonBarret

    Ak-74N No Stock and Random Camo

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