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Found 8 results

  1. AKs can't compete with M4s: The AR platform weapons (M4, HK) etc. can be easily modified into literal laser beams at 800 RPM (M4) and 850 RPM (HK). It is relatively cheap and easy to make an M4 sit around 40 vertical recoil with max traders. Competitively viable ammo for the M4 is M855A1 or M995. M995 literally ignoring every armor, M855A1 having 43 penetration, being very effective against class 5 armor and relatively so against class 6. M855A1, a late game competitively viable ammo can be bought for 368₽ from level 4 Skier. All this makes the AK absolutely worthless to run due to the M4 platform being almost equally expensive while being strictly better in uses. Why the AK74 - 5.45x39, sucks late game: The AK although very cheap, at 600 RPM, best vertical recoil around 55 and a max bullet damage of 40 (51 pen) to be competitively viable (BS ammo) it is just strictly worse than the M4 and HK in every way. There is literally no reason to run an AK except on super budget runs, but then if you're running budget you have BT ammo which is almost useless except for head tapping at this point in wipe, and if you buy BS well at that point you might as well pick up an M4 and use M855A1 sold for 368₽ a round from the trader. As of right now BS ammo sits at 1,500₽ - 1,621₽ a round and trader sells it a little above 1,800₽. Strictly due to the price of running good ammo, the 200 lesser RPM, and the fact that you can significantly lower the recoil of an M4 compared to the AK, there is no reason to run AKs at all from a competitive stand point. Why the AKM - 7.62x39, sucks late game: Although the price for good ammunition is much better for the AKM (7.62 BP at ~1,100₽ market, 939₽ Prapor) the AKM recoil is absolutely trash. If you're running an AKM it's purely inefficient to run full auto unless you're within ~20 meters of your opponent, if that. The AKM is a bit better off compared to the AK74 due to the effectiveness of 7.62 BP and its cheaper price. The same issues fault it, ridiculously higher recoil compared to M4 platform, the price of BP being ~3x more expensive compared to M855A1, 200 RPM less than M4. Ways to make AKs viable while not manipulating real world values: Best option in my opinion: AK74 Bullet Price (5.45x39): If I can buy M855A1 for 368₽ at level 4 trader, there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to purchase BS ammo for no more than ~700₽, this alone, even if no other improvement would make it worth running the AK74. Why 700₽ and not less? Because I have to acknowledge the price of the AK74 being about 25,000₽ less than the M4. This roughly translates to one stock AK74 + 35 BS bullets = one stock M4. The AK should naturally be cheaper than the M4 being the setting of the game is in Russia and the AK is mass produced to much greater lengths in this regard compared to the M4. Secondary options: better recoil adjustment with attachments, cheaper meta attachments, better base recoil AKM Recoil Reduction (7.62x39): The price of the BP for AKMs is fair enough, although Prapor should sell a bit more, it could use a slight reduction in price though. The main thing however is the recoil. The base recoil on the AKM needs to be significantly lesser than what it is. I say the base recoil and not attachments because if the price for the AK74 BS ammo was lowered that would be sufficient, however, if you price was lowered and the attachments were given a bigger recoil adjustment it might be too good. Although a slight recoil reduction to the meta attachments would with the decreased price I think would still be balanced. Anyhow, The base recoil for AKMs in real life is actually very low, the compensators for AKMs can be so effective at siphoning the gas vertically that you can actually experience reverse recoil on an AKM when shooting full auto, meaning the muzzle of the gun actually fights you downwards and the shooter has to keep the muzzle up to be on target. Now, this would be awkward to implement in game and very broken, but I bring this up to make the point that not only is the ridiculously high recoil on AKMs absurd, it's also completely unrealistic. The AKMs in my opinion should be able to reach the mid 50s in recoil, like the current AK74s. An AKM should essentially be very similar to the AK74 in stats as regards to ergo and recoil, the primary difference should be the bullet price. 7.62 BP arguably being a better bullet option than 5.45 BS, should naturally be more expensive. The difference in the guns should mainly in price of ammunition. To summarize: If my primary suggestions come to light, the ideal scenario will be the the AK74 and AKM have similar recoil and ergo stats (being around the current AK74 recoil or preferably slightly lower), 5.45 BS should cost around 700₽ or a bit lower from level 4 Prapor, and 7.62 BP being around where it's at right now, perhaps slightly lower, with a slightly larger supply from Prapor before being sold out. Both ammunitions should be able to be bought at the same maximum quantity from the trader, whatever that may be.
  2. NoisyCosmos

    Why not to buy an AK...

    That's a good reason not to buy an AK I'd say.
  3. Theres two identical AK74 from Prapor level 2, everything seems the same (name and everything) only with a tiny difference in amount of roubles. Whats the catch here exactly? Are they identical?
  4. MitroPan

    Ελληνικό Meme

  5. I want to ask to the community how to understand better the bullet drop associate with Weapon range because Yesterday I was in raid with friend and from red building on left side of custom we tried to shoot at the scavs in the contruction site over the river. Now I perfectly now that the distance is 300 Meters between these 2 spot, so in theoretical line if I use AK74 with a range of 650M and HP ammo with a speed of 884M/s the bullet drop should be very low and this video demostrate that with Zenit Belomo you just need to adjust the scope like if it was a little hat for the scav: Well, my friend with M4 (Range 500Meters, Long Barrel and M995 with Leupold scope have to raise her scope more higher than mine! And that is the first strange thing. The second one we go on Woods and tried to shot at the scav on RUAF roadblock from South-V EX (pay to exit) with the same setup. My AK didnt reach at all that spot, while his M4 did and he got a scav kill though! So I dont understand how physics works in this game! There is air viscosity or there isn't? There is only bullet-drop? Or both of them? Thank you all!
  6. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  7. Klaus_Quarter

    AK74N Polymer Furnitures

    I think there is a lack of low tier customization option for the AK74N. We can have access to customized handguards and forehand grips relatively early, but for the buttstocks we have to reach the high tier traders levels. So in-game there are many customized AK74N with the original wood stock. I would like to suggest to let us have acces to the black polymer furnitures throught traders, so we can have more inline AK74N with it level of customization. By the way I thoug it's funny that a promotional picture for your game represent the AK-100 serie, aka the black ak, while it was not present in the game. I would love to see a AK-105/104 in the game.
  8. EnvakeoLugaria

    Show off your AK/AR!

    Whats everyone packing, are you going to re-create your rifle in EFT? Here's my '74, Magpul furniture, Krebs Custom extended safety, and a Kobra EKP-8, with a UTG side rail. I also have an OKP-77 to put on
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