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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, i dont know if this is the correct place to ask this, but my game for some reason has worse aliasing after some update. Ive been playing the game for about a month now and the game always looked very nice and clean when it came to anti-aliasing, but now something changed and i see shimmers in places i have never seen before and some of those shimmers are really disadvantagous. The fences shimmer really badly now, to a point where from a certain distance i can barely see through them, also today i discovered crazy shimmering on door frames in long hallways, thin stair railings only stop shimmering whenever i get REAL close to them. I could list more stuff, but i think you get the picture. This shimmering has only appeared recently and its driving me nuts, ive tried playing around with Nvidia Control Panel, Nvidia Inspector, various sharpness settings, forced different AA's, reinstalled the game, but nothing helps. Even supersampling barely helps, but that just kills my fps. Did anyone have something similar like this? Let me know, thanks.
  2. NiceFuture

    Anti-aliasing in EFT

    Hello everyone. In January Nikita said that they are going to use latest / next version of Unity where anti-aliasing in Unity is fixed and it will work well in the game. Ok, now they are using this "next version of Unity", but still there is no normal-working anti-aliasing. People, who use Unity and know it very well - say that anti-aliasing works fine in Unity. So, what's the problem? One user "hadron89" explained step by step what to do developers to enable anti-aliasing. I am not Unity user, I only try to understand, where is a problem - Unity problem or developers' "not enabling" it. Here are the steps: "- Create a new Unity project or open an existing one - Open the Asset Store window in Unity - Search for "postprocessing stack" - Download and import the postprocessing asset by Unity - In the project window, right click and choose "Create > Postprocessing Profile" - In the hierarchy window, select the main camera / any camera, in the inspector click "Add Component" and start typing "postprocessing" - When postprocessing behaviour is highlighted, hit enter (or click it) - Click on the dot next to the "Profile" field - Double click the profile you just created Now you can select the profile in the asset window or double click the Profile field in the Postprocessing Behaviour's inspector, expand the Anti Aliasing tab, enable it, choose "Temporal Anti-Aliasing" from the dropdown... And that's it." Where is a problem? Is he right or not? Lack of anti-aliasing makes the picture terrible. 1,5 years there is no AA in the game - thats not good.
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