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  1. thecautiousone

    List of Current Available Weapons

    This is to try and compile a list of weapons currently available to the Alpha User. I have run across quite a few people at this time, and am wondering if one could add to the comments of something maybe I have yet to see? If it something based upon your main characters level, then please let me know. (At this time, I am currently Level 21) Here you go. Pistols: Pm(t) 9x18 TT 7.62x25 Yargyin MP 443 P226 PB silenced pistol Shotguns: MR 133 MP 153 Saiga 12ga Rifles: SKS SV 98 AS VAL Aks 74u AK 7
  2. crush-rs

    Der Securecontainer

    Der Securecontainer ist ein hilfreiches Instrument um geliebte Items nicht der Gefahr eines Verlustes im Raid aussetzen zu müssen. So kann man sehr wertvolle Items garantiert mit aus dem Raid nehmen, ob man nun überlebt, oder nicht. Immerhin ein kleiner Trost im Falle des unerwarteten Ablebens. Gerade für den Feierabend-Gamer der zwischen Tür und Angel schnell mal ein Game macht eine Hilfe nicht direkt in Depressionen verfallen zu müssen. Auf der anderen Seite lässt es den "Hardcoreflair" von EFT bröckeln und wird als Lootbehälter für Farmrunner missbraucht.Ich denke es wäre interessant m
  3. lipezao

    My Alpha Container dropped!!!

    I was in a raid on factory like 10 minutes ago, and killed 3 PMCs. Then I was heading to the extraction point and my game disconnected in the middle of an open area (near extraction red doors) with a message: "Server Connection Lost". I thought it was just my internet, but I kept talking with my friend on Discord so it wasn't. So I closed the game (because I couldn't reconnect) and I realised my character was already dead, so I opened my inventory and my Alpha Container wasn't there!!! It still not there, I had 4 dogtags inside it in that raid, I was using it! How can my Pouch drop? Why did th
  4. Demccy

    ETV-Elite Tarkov Veteran

    Hello, are you looking for a group of experienced Tarkov players well look no further! We are only looking for players that dedicate time to the game and/or play with a serious mindset and have knowledge in Escape From Tarkov. We are ETV- Elite Tarkov Veterans looking for the best of the best to come and put the hammer down in our runs please fill out the application guidelines below ether pm me and/or leave a comment below and I will get back with you within 24 hours. How long you have been playing ? Age? Why should we accept you? What's your favorite gun in EFT?
  5. ObsidianCry


    In accordance with the admin of the italian steam group and the italian facebook page I call to arms all the future Italian players to join the steam group, which would be the first step for the creation of an Italian community. This is not a recruitement post but the chance to meet all the pioniers and to strengthen our vanguard. If you think you're up for the job, come and join us! Escape form Tarkov Italia (Steam group): http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EscTarkovITA Escape form Tarkov Italia (fb page): https://www.facebook.com/escapefromtarkovitalia/?fref=ts
  6. Gamerkey90

    Alpha noch am laufen ?

    Moin leute Wir ihr schon dem Thema entnehmen könnt frage ich mich wie lange die alpha noch gehen mag, und zu dem ob es sich lohnt das letzte Paket zu holen um jetzt schon zocken zu können . würde mich auf jedenfalls über antworten freuen mfg
  7. djdan

    Bug Tracking Process

    Hi! I was just wondering how we will report bugs once the alpha is released? Will there be a separate Bug Tracker, or will it be built into the game, or do we report via Forums? I really believe lots of constructive feedback from the community will make this the best game ever!
  8. MadMcardle

    Alpha Key Giveaway!

    Hey guys, So I was going to be giving a key away in my stream but unfortunately due to work I won't be able to stream for a while, so have decided the best way is to just get that key out there for someone to start playing right? Do not enter this giveaway if you already have a copy of EFT, lets get a fresh guy in here! So that is what I are doing now, first 10 people to comment will go in to a draw and BOOM who ever wins it wins it! Good luck!
  9. Kabbz

    No alpha invitation.

    Hello, i bought the game on following date : 27.01.16 and i have filled out the NDA form etc but i have yet to recieve a alpha invite. When can i expect to get the invite? Regards Kabbz @TarkovEscaper
  10. Cravez

    Closed Alpha Duration

    Hi Has there been any news on how long the duration of the closed alpha will be? Is it to be a few days, a week, few weeks? Also will the EOD and other selected players be brought on in waves? e.g 1000 people for wave 1, 1000 people for wave 2 etc. So if people are in Wave 1 they won't be able to play in Wave 2? Also how long will each wave be if it's the case? Thanks, Cravez
  11. NimoIstmeinName

    Alpha noch aktiv?

    Hallo zusammen, ich hätte mal eine kleine Frage . Kann es sein das ich nicht gecheckt habe, dass die Alpha nicht mehr aktiv ist? Da ich komischer Weise nicht mehr mein Spiel starten kann. Bedanke mich im Voraus über konstruktive antworten! Liebe Grüße, Nimo
  12. Hello Escapers, welcome to my first CONTEST! Prize: Alpha Keys I will pick TWO winners, and each will receive 1 key, and will be featured in a video, along with some honorable mentions, on my YouTube Channel. How To Win: Get some cosplay action going on, and dress up as B.E.A.R., USEC, or a Scav! Rules: Nothing profane, or pornographic please. This time we're going to do some Cosplay, and see who can pull off the best Tarkov fashion. You can choose from B.E.A.R., USEC, Scav, or even Prapor, The Nurse, or Pusher! Be creative, take photos, or video, and use whatever you can to
  13. Buongiorno Escapers, apro questo doppio thread felice di annunciarvi che ho attivato un contest sul sito Italiano per l'assegnazione di 8 Alpha key entro l' 8 di aprile: Si tratta di condividere, mettere mi piace, sottoscrivere e Twittare... niente di complicato, maggiori saranno le azioni effettuate, maggiori saranno i punti assegnati, maggiore la possibilità di vincere il giorno dell'estrazione. Potete partecipare al contest visitando questo indirizzo: http://www.escapefromtarkov.it/pre-scav-patch-giveaway-alpha-key-di-escape-from-tarkov/ Qualora incontraste difficoltà tecniche
  14. AgonyRanch

    Beta Timeline

    Does anyone know if there is a new timeline planned for beta? I know they just added new waves for Alpha testing, but I haven't seen a 2017 timeline for expected progress dates. There was a 2016 version but since then there has been no revised table. Would be nice
  15. fourskineater

    Just upgraded! NDA for alpha

    Just upgraded to the Left Behind Edition! Hopefully I get into the alpha :~)!!!!! My question is, if we do get into the alpha, do we get to at least talk about the alpha or is it completely mouth closed? Much love Thomas :~)
  16. RagnarSeven

    Noch mehr Alpha Tester...

    Laut Blackb1rd wird es noch mehr Alpha Tester geben. poo man kommt jetzt schon in den Abendstunden nicht mehr auf Custom drauf.
  17. NorwayGlobe

    Game question

    So i bought the game today and got alpha access and when i play multiplayer or offline mode there is my nickname and the date just roaming around on my screen all the time, just wondering if there is anyway to remove that? I could take a photo later when i go back on if you do not understand what i mean. Sry if this is the wrong place to post a question like this..
  18. bought this game as a gift for someone and they aren't getting anything about potentially being in the Alpha, since I bought it as a gift do they not get a chance to be in the Alpha since he did not actually buy it?
  19. PimPy_Butcher

    Bug Report

    I’ve searched the forum but I can’t find where to report bug in the Alpha stage of the game, does anyone know? Thx
  20. Hello guys! I'm glad to announce little contest: i would like you to make some projects where you will include two main subjects: EFT and upcoming Christmass. The way how you will do it is up to you, it could be: picture, video, animation, song (in polish or english language), narrative (also in polish or english language), or whatever you figure out. Now best part, awards! I will choose two best projects and give to authors access to apha test! Rules: Paste your projects here, in this topic, Contest ends: 27.11.201
  21. Bought the "Edge Of Darkness" Limited Edition. Been reading everywhere on how it's supposed to work but no solid answer yet. Profile Shows Transaction Date as well as the edition of the game i bought. I received my receipt for the purchase and have now been just waiting for Alpha access. It is very unclear as to what we are supposed to expect as some moderators have replied to some posts saying invitation to Alpha is instant through email while others have said you should have an option under your profile by transaction to sign the NDA. Neither of those are an option for me. Just curious as to
  22. E' quasi natale, quindi quale miglior momento per scartare i regali ? La Battlestate e i suoi emissari Italiani sono lieti di annunciarvi il concorso "Miglior Postazione di Gioco Escape from Tarkov a tema Natalizio". Per partecipare al contest sarà sufficiente cliccare sul tasto sotto, registrarsi sul forum ufficiale Escape from Tarkov sezione Italiana ( se non lo avete già fatto ) ed inviare la foto della vostra postazione personalizzata in tema Tarkov / Natalizio, lo sfondo del desktop dovrà essere Tarkov , un albero di natale, luci o palline o qualsiasi altra cosa pensate vi possa
  23. Hallo, habe mir eben meine Standart Edition auf auf die Edge of Darknes Edition geupgradet. Für den Alpha Zugang musste ich ein Formular ausfüllen. Nun steht in meinem Profil: "Wir bereiten Ihren Alpha-Zugang vor, bitte warten." Kann mir jemand sagen wie lange das dauern kann? Hatte nämlich gehofft das Game heute noch runterladen zu können. Viele Grüße
  24. The holidays are here and it is time to laugh and enjoy your time. And it is a time for gifts and presents. And I have 3 alpha keys ready to jump into your inbox. Let’s cut to the chase, this is a contest to win yourself into the alpha or win it to your friend; so the catch is simply as followed: 1. Make one comment in this thread that is not more than 200 words and not more than 3 pictures in total or 1 video but not more than 20 seconds. 2. Cannot have more than one comment/post. 3. Your comment needs to follow the above guideline and the forum rules.
  25. Hello guys, I am NuclearMessiah and I am one of the polish emissaries. Today I want to organize a contest for you. The task is simple, tell me how are you interpreting words "Tarkov - Collapse of the civilization". You can show your ideas with everything you want, from your stories to videos or artworks. You are free in the metods. The best work will win the alpha access ! You have time to 22.12.16. If you have any questions, feel free and text me ! Regards NuclearMessiah .............. Cześć jestem NuclearMessiah, i jestem jednym z polskich emisariuszy
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