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Found 4 results

  1. 這次是第二輪的比賽,希望今次會比較簡單大家會有更大興趣參與 1位由全社群挑選(文章Reputation聲望最高)  1位由官方挑選 各得獎者可得Escape From Tarkov Alpha Test參加資格直至Beta前 有英文註解獲選或得到聲望的機會更大(非必要) 或將圖片中的文字寫在下面,可以用翻譯機翻譯 請大家盡力向朋友拉票吧! 希望未有Alpha及已在遊玩的大家盡情參與 請發揮你的創意吧!
  2. 相信大家應該都看過最新的Scav介紹以及其中一個幫派的背景 有見及此,特意舉辦今次活動希望大家可以多了解EFT的背景,及分享自己的故事,題目如下: 請盡情發揮創意,並在5月26日前以回覆提交文章 各位的故事會由官方評審並設有以下兩個獎項 最精彩故事 1名 最有創意獎 1名 各得獎者可得Escape From Tarkov Alpha Test參加資格直至Beta前 希望未有Alpha及已在遊玩的大家盡情參與 請發揮你的創意吧!
  3. Donc, le but de ce concours et de faire découvrir a ceux qui ne le connaissent pas le background du jeu Escape From Tarkov. Vous aller devoir lire l histoire de Tarkov des BEAR et des USEC et vous inventer un personnage en fonction de ce que vous aurez lu : http://www.escapefromtarkov.fr/apropos/ En gros je vous demande un peu de RP (Role Play) , mettez vous dans la peau de votre agent , qui etes vous ? D où venez vous ? Pourquoi vous battez vous ? Comment etes vous arrivé a Tarkov , etc... Votre immagination est votre seule limite ! Aller à vos plumes !
  4. The holidays are here and it is time to laugh and enjoy your time. And it is a time for gifts and presents. And I have 3 alpha keys ready to jump into your inbox. Let’s cut to the chase, this is a contest to win yourself into the alpha or win it to your friend; so the catch is simply as followed: 1. Make one comment in this thread that is not more than 200 words and not more than 3 pictures in total or 1 video but not more than 20 seconds. 2. Cannot have more than one comment/post. 3. Your comment needs to follow the above guideline and the forum rules. Anything else will disqualify you. 4. To be selected as the winner, your comment needs to be the most funny or entertaining one. 5. The winner will be 3 of the top most comments that have been given reputation by other members. 6. The members that give the comment a reputation must be either forum staff or owner of a pre-order pack (To insure not having alt fake accounts and fair ground). 7. If there are more than 3 that have the same amount of reputation given, then the winners will be the earliest one, the last one and one in the middle. (To give everyone a chance from any time zone) Let the fun begin and the rest of the members who give the rep, make sure to use your reps nicely and get us a true winner. Good Luck! Winners will be announced sometime on Sunday 25th of December.
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