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Found 4 results


    KARMA System Suggestion

    Dear Development Team, First, I want to thank you for the great work in regards the 0.12 Upgrade! The game became much more meaningful, and fun to play. 2 thumbs WAY-UP for the new version. Love it. *** Have 1 suggestion about the Karma system. This suggestion comes from LONG and EXTENSIVE brainstorming and common friendly fire situations I’ve experienced with my team. Due to “Lack of responsibility and paying attention”. SUGGESTION: Bind OR Combine the (Friendly Fire Penalty) with weapon jamming features. FOR EXAMPLE: When we’re playing with a team of PMCs or SCAVS… if a friendly SCAV shoots and kills another friendly SCAV, OR when a PMC in your group kills another PMC in your group… the “KILLER” should get negative Karma Points accumulated in the back of their character’s virtual profile. HOW IT WILL WORK: After “Killing a friend” nothing happens immediately… HOWEVER, any weapons the KILLER is using, starts to jam randomly in the same raid… maybe 10, 20, 30 minutes later possibly during extractions when there is a gunfight for extraction. So, the severity of the JAMs and Miss-Fires increase, based on the SCORE of the Negative Karma. ALSO, if they have HIGH-NEGATIVE-KARMA points for not paying attention or intentionally killing other SCAVS or PMCs which are either in a Group in a SCAV raid or PMC raid, OR SCAV game play more precisely. Then the gun basically explodes in their hand at one point or another in the same raid after maybe few shots in a gunfight, leaving the player with their pistol or secondary weapon ONLY… like it’s “Defective”. The damaged gun should be useless, or turn into pile of weapon parts later if it’s kept. A perfect example of this Gun-Jamming and Degradation Mechanic which causes guns to misfire and explode is (Far-Cry 2) It’s PERFECT! As it’s not taking away from the realism of the game by punishing the character immediately, but it punishes the character in a more “Natural” way, due to a delay and a “Variable Negative Event Effect” which is a strong possibility in any Combat situation. You can use this mechanic to also to have SCAV ambushes at the extract, if they have too many NEGATIVE KARMA points. SCAV ambushes with Weapon Jams and Weapon Explosion!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBBAM!!! You got yourselves a CRAZY Addictive game which requires exponentially more attention and responsibility for success. 💪💪 Thank You for ALL your great work and Effort Guys! Kind Regards, Vic.
  2. Agent_Drakius

    Warning to all players

    Survivors, If you want to keep this title, do not get complacent. If you do not check your corners, and your surroundings I will kill you. I have been stepped on and looked over time and again. If you think you've killed everyone and that you're safe, then I will show you how wrong you are. I will continue to set up my ambushes and punish those that do not move with purpose. This is not call of duty, so do not treat it as so, or you will be next...
  3. Im wanting to team up with some people for a better chance at getting some loot, lately I've found that people just wait and hide at the extraction zone for people to walk right into there ambush and I think that is just a bad way of playing, whats the point of going in alone being aware of all your surroundings and looting the whole way towards extraction zone if there are groups of 3 or 4 guys camping the extraction zone it is starting to make me mad, so if your in the same boat join my discord which i will link in the bottom and lets get some weapons together, good player, 24 years old, live in QLD Australia https://discord.gg/Vhdsjb
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